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26-06-2003 10:25


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US soldier killed near Baghdad airport

26-06-2003 09:23

At least one US soldier killed on morning of June 26 in an ambush near Baghdad airport, according to AP. The aftermath of the deaths of British troops in Majar is reported, as is a claim of responsibility for attacks by a previously unknown Iraqi group.

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Tonight!! Indymedia Cinema Screening @ The Other Cinema, London.

26-06-2003 09:15

Indymedia Cinema Screening - Tonight, Thursday 26 June @ 9pm

An ongoing showcase of contemporary filmmakers who are finding new forms of cinema to show resistance to globalization throughout the world.

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Thessaloniki prisoners - protest

26-06-2003 09:03

Saturday 28th June 2003 at 2PM
1A Holland Park, London W11
(nearest tube Holland Park - Central Line)

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and the struggle comtinues (pirate zine)

26-06-2003 05:55

please help print and distribute. cheers from the country run by a bush, a dick, and a colin

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Bremer Cool as Temperatures Soar in Iraq

26-06-2003 04:49

Reporting from Baghdad, The Independent's Patrick Cockburn wrote that the situation became so unbearable last week that people in one decrepit neighborhood threatened to shoot Bassim Arman, manager of the al-Thawra substation. Arman said he told the hostile group that the station itself was not receiving power. He was not harmed, but had to close the substation after employees, fearing for their safety, refused to return to work.

Civil Administrator L. Paul Bremer contradicted complaints of failing electricity, stating that generally Baghdad received power 20 hours a day.

"It simply isn't true," Cockburn reported one incredulous Iraqi responding. "Everyone in Baghdad knows it."

"He and his staff don't really know what it is like, because if they go out at all, it is in air-conditioned cars," Kurdish politician Mahmoud Othman told Cockburn. "But I've walked the streets, and I know what it is like. They are ill-informed and ill-advised."

Knight Ridder correspondent, Tom Lasseter, noted that electricity is unevenly distributed, with some areas of the city receiving the stated 20 hours of electricity, while other have power for only two or three hours.

The Coalition Provisional Authority operates from the generator-backed Republican Palace compound in the center of Baghdad.

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Geneva G8: At least 5 journalists wounded by police!

26-06-2003 03:47

1. Head wounds after IMC-raid
3 other international independent journalists and 1 reporter of Radio Swiss Romande apart from english IMC-photographer Guy Smallman gravely wounded by a "concussion grenade" (see ), were in the main intentionally wounded by the police on the 1st and 3rd June - in the majority with considerable risk of long-term damages.

Several clearly marked independent journalists only just escaped from another intentional "concussion grenade" - attack.

Spokesman of Geneva police: «Occupational hazard»

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100 since the Global Warming theory became fact

26-06-2003 02:41

What globalisation of western industailized acheivements means.

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Detention of families at Dungavel Detention centre

26-06-2003 00:29

Scottish MPs/ Amnesty International/Refugee and Faith groups Voice Concerns over detention of families at Dungavel Removal/detention centre.
Press release of the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC),

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Wrexham Race Riots

25-06-2003 23:47

The riots in Wrexham were stirred up by racists and members of the Nazi BNP.

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Solidarity Message from Vancouver Anarchists to the EU Prisoners

25-06-2003 23:33

We send a message of solidarity to the comrades who are imprisoned in Thessaloniki by the State of Greece , in connection to the insurgency in the streets during the summit of the elite of the European ruling class.

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summer solstice

25-06-2003 21:37

any reports from the summer solstice last saturday
heard there was a gathering of sorts @ port meadow, any pix?

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No to the M74 Northern Extension in Glasgow

25-06-2003 18:11

The Scottish Executive plans to build a 6-lane elevated motorway through the southern suburbs of Glasgow. The M74 Northern Extension, would cost about £375-500 million and would be the most expensive transport project in Scotland.
JAM74, a coalition of community, environmental and sustainable transport groups, believes this 1960s-style road planning will cause pollution, health problems, community breakdown and won't free up traffic or bring the jobs that are promised and calls for a halt to the road plans and independant research on alternative transport options.

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Early! Islamic History Beyond Arabia

25-06-2003 17:18

From Slavery to Leadership: Muslim Minorities in North America
Imam Khalid Griggs - Imam and National Community Leader, North Carolina
Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali, and Jameel Al-Ameen are perhaps a few names that cross our minds when we think of the evolution of Muslim identity and community in North America. However, what often escapes our
notice is the exemplary model of sacrifice, dedication, discipline, dignity, generosity, and cooperation exercised by innumerable common Muslims, beginning with the civil rights movement led by thousands of Muslim
African slaves and their descendents, the struggle of First Nations' indigenous Muslims, as well as the presence of millions of Arab and South Asian Muslims immigrants to North America.

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Ireland's Carrickmines Castle Public Meeting in Dublin

25-06-2003 17:08

spread the word...

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Day of action about unexploded bombs in Iraq

25-06-2003 16:11

Tell the UK Government: Clear up your deadly litter.
Day of action in London, Friday 11th July.

Join us in London on the 11th July to campaign (non-violently) against the use of cluster bombs by coalition forces, and to show the British Government that we expect them to clear up their deadly litter ASAP, and to agree never to use such weapons again.

Meet at 10 am in Parliament Square.

- cover Whitehall and the surrounding area with paper cluster bombs,
- balloon ‘cluster bomb’ release at midday outside the Houses of Parliament,
- followed by a demonstration outside Parliament.

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Oxford Canal Festival

25-06-2003 15:41

canal festival
Oxford Canal Festival - Sunday 29th June 2003 at 12.00pm to 7.00pm

To be held at: Aristotle Lane Recreation Ground. This event is free.

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Indymedia Cinema Screening @ The Other Cinema, London. Thursday 26

25-06-2003 15:39

Indymedia Cinema Screening - Thursday 26 June @ 9pm

An ongoing showcase of contemporary filmmakers who are finding new forms of cinema to show resistance to globalization throughout the world.

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What's Free Communication got to do with Free Movement?

25-06-2003 15:07

During the protests against the Evian G8 Summit, the noborder demo in Geneva on May 30 2003 highlighted the connections between free communication and free movement: through the choice of places visited, the speeches, and the chosen forms of articulation. See the Imc Uk Full Feature for a report on the demo, the issues, the targets.

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Sussex road protest walk on Sunday

25-06-2003 14:23

A walk in support of the new protest camp against the planned Arundel bypass-bypass in West Sussex is being held on Sunday June 29.
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