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UK Newswire Archive

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Women and Austerity - Peoples Assembly Nottingham

20-06-2013 08:55

Concerns over the organisation of the People's Assembly Nottm - lack of creche facilities

Please see the attached letter which has been sent to the Notts TUC setting out concerns raised at the Women and Austerity Workshop over the failure to provide a creche at the Nottingham Peoples Assembly event on Saturday 18 May.

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Refugee Week Exibition in Nttm Library

20-06-2013 08:55

June 2013

Refugee Week is a UK-wide programme of arts. Part of Nottingham's contribution, was an Exhibition in the City Library, Nottingham.

It is an exhibition by, for and about refugees comprising photographic work, completed in workshops led by Gaylan Nazhad in partnership with City Arts, and a series of hand-painted banners. The banners were produced during workshops at Nottingham Refugee Forum and were facilitated by artists Anna Wels and Jeffer Garib. This three part exhibition also features work by the internationally acclaimed Brian Sokol. 

All of the artwork is connected by the shared themes of migration, displacement and identity.

Refugee Week is a UK-wide programme of arts, cultural and educational events and activities that celebrates the contribution of refugees to the UK and promotes better understanding of why people seek sanctuary. Anyone can take part by organising, attending or taking part in activities.

Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum (NNRF) is an independent, voluntary organisation set up to work with and for asylum seekers and refugees in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. For a copy of our Statment of Values and Aims, click here.

The Refugee Forum is a volunteer led organization, run by a volunteer management committee. The Centre has a number of paid staff, but relies heavily on the time, dedication and enthusiasm of volunteers from refugee, asylum seeking and host community backgrounds.

We offer advice, practical assitance and friendship to all refugees and asylum seekers regardless of race, religion or political opinion.

Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum (NNRF)

Refugee Week National



Got a room to help and an asylum seeker?

Accommodation for Destitute Asylum Seekers

If you could offer a spare room to a destitiute asylum seeker for a few days, weeks or even months, please consider being a host. Initially, we are looking for hosts who live within two miles iof the city.

HOST Nottingham has been set up jointly by Nottingham Arimathea Trust, NNRF, Refugee Action, the Rainbow Project and the British Red Cross, to coordinate the provision of hosting in Nottingham.

They provide training and support for those who are able to provide temporary accommodation in Nottingham, and their guests.

The scheme is flexible, fitting to our host families' needs. Some hosts do emergency hosting for a few days, others for a few weeks or longer.

If you've looked at any of the stuff on this web site, you will already realise that destitute asylum seekers have been forced to flee their own countries, having experienced severe persecution because of their political opinions, faith or sexuality. They will have suffered further trauma and abuse on the hazardous journey that brought them to Britain, where they find that the main aim of the British legal process is to return them to the danger from which they have been trying to escape. Once turned down, asylum seekers may try further legal processes to be allowed to remain here but have no support while doing so, and nowhere to live. Some sleep rough or on friend's floors. This is where HOST is needed.

Hosts are checked for their suitability and matched with appropriate guests. Hosts and guests agree the ground rules for a placement in advance. the guest might need to leaveinthe morning when the host does and return for a set time to an evening meal, or perhaps the guest stays at home during the day. The guest might prepare meals independently, or take turns cooking the main meal, help out with household jobs, &c.



Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"



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Anti bedroom tax groups demand justice for Margaret

20-06-2013 00:55

Edinburgh Council tenant Margaret has been denied an exemption for bedroom tax by City of Edinburgh Council despite being clearly entitled - she has overnight carers stay every night.  She wrote to the CEC as early as February applying for an exemption.  Instead of granting the exemption the Council have been phoning her up threatening she could be evicted if she didn't pay her rent.&

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Fascists in Burnley this Saturday J22

19-06-2013 18:51

Diddyfiddler aka Shane Calvert latest revamp of his ailing group of nazi tossers that got lost in time "the Northwest Frontline Firm" (fleas anyone?) and jimmy savile clones calling themselves "Casuals United" are having a pissup and a shout at the locals to get some attention in Burnley Sat June 22nd. Details from the jimmy savile fanclub's website below.

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Police powers finally kettled by High Court

19-06-2013 10:49

Photographer in action.

For years it has been common practice for protesters held in a kettle (police containment) to be forced to submit to police filming and/or provide their details as a condition of leaving. There have been countless incidents in which protesters who have tried (lawfully) to refuse these demands have been threatened with arrest, or told they could not leave the kettle.

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Call for signatures in support of the Week of Worldwide Action

18-06-2013 20:31


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Bilderberg and the G8 summit: The global board meeting for the worlds elite.

18-06-2013 19:41

Meetings behind closed doors have no place in a 21st century society.
Statement by the Socialist Labour Party - East of England Region

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Obama has a Rape Room in Europe

18-06-2013 15:44

Kelley Barracks Moehringen
While the war criminals meeting in Northern Ireland are trying to get their failed currencies together to harass a terminally ill world a little longer, every human being is counting down for the total and immediate disarmament that will need to be mercilessly pushed upon the kleptocratic entity. As the greed and hypocrisy of the regime cabal is peaking in ever more unfertile absurdities, it remains of utmost importance to point at the most probable breaking point in the so-called "Atlantic relationship."

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Calais : open letter from No Border squat

18-06-2013 14:07

A letter to the court from the occupants of an overcrowded squat, housing 50+ people from Sudan, Chad, Somalia, Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Albania and from countries across Europe...

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Calais : squatting court case adjourned

18-06-2013 13:38

Today the court hearing for a squat housing 50+ people from Africa & the Middle East in Calais is adjourned until 2nd July 2013... see call out :

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Class struggles in global supply chains

18-06-2013 12:55


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Canada: Native struggles against dangerous tar sands oil continues

18-06-2013 11:12

On the 1st June, there was a 60,000 barrel spill of toxic industrial waste water in NW Alberta. 9.5 million litres, soaked into wetlands, and tributaries near Zama City in Northwestern Alberta. The spill was first spotted on June 1. But not until Wednesday 12th did Houston-based Apache Corp. release estimates of its size, which exceeds all of the major recent spills in North America. A recent Global TV investigative report said Alberta averages 2-spills everyday.

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Congo: Oil exploration in Virunga National Park condemned

18-06-2013 10:54

Located in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Virunga is Africa’s oldest national park, is one of the continent’s first World Heritage Sites and is home to more species than any other place in the continent. The World Heritage Committee - the body that oversee World Heritage Sites - today requested the cancellation of oil exploration permits in Virunga, some of which are currently held by international petroleum conglomerates, including UK-based Soco International PLC and French oil giant Total SA.

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Celebrate 2years of active solidarity by Bristol Defendant Solidarity

18-06-2013 08:57

Benefit flyer
Bristol Defendant Solidarity (BDS) was formed in the aftermath of the street resistance in Stokes Croft in late April 2011. That resistance occurred when the state acted to defend a newly opened Tesco shop on Cheltenham Rd which had been the focus of widespread community opposition.

Now after 2 years of active solidarity work since its formation, Bristol Defendant Solidarity, with a little help from Kebele Sound Collective, present a benefit night of international radical hip hop, rap and conscious beats.

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Starved of Justice in Iraq: American Prisoner on Hunger Strike

18-06-2013 08:57

This is an article written by Narmeen Al Rubaye about an Iraqi man who remains in prison in Baghdad for the last 10 years who is currently on hunger strike, and whose wife who gained asylum in the UK in 2006 remains with their child separated from him. It includes a letter writing action at the end.

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UG#648 - The Monoculture of Modernity (Reflections on The Many Ways To Live)

17-06-2013 20:50

We hear a variety of alternatives to the ideas and practices of modern materialist monoculture, noting that historically speaking, it has existed only for the blink of an eye. Our main speakers are author academics Jared Diamond and Augustin Fuentes and we hear a compilation of research on spanking put together by Stefan Molyneux.

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A Brief History of the West: Gold, Land, Autonomy, and Rebellion

17-06-2013 18:36

A exposition on struggles in Istanbul, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, and Athens
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