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UK Newswire Archive

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Reflections on Peaceful Protest and Constitutional Dialogue in San Pedro Sula, H

30-08-2009 22:09

"As a result, the political demand of the protest is simple: reinstate Zelaya as the legitimate president and permit the constitutional referendum."

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Zippos Circus Campaign Continues

30-08-2009 22:03

SARC activists are determined to keep the campaign going against Zippos for the duration of the time that they are in our town. It is not enough to show up a few times and then carry on with our lives. Those horses have no choice, they cannot leave their prison cells. We must defend them.

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Support the Decommissioners Booklet

30-08-2009 20:28

A booklet titled 'If I had a Hammer' has been released in support of the EDO decommissioners.

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Calais roundup - ongoing support needed

30-08-2009 17:32

Round up from last few days in Calais

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O2 Dropping Faster than CO2 Rising

30-08-2009 11:50

New research shows oxygen depletion in the atmosphere accelerating since 2003, coinciding with the biofuels boom; climate policies that focus exclusively on carbon sequestration could be disastrous for all oxygen-breathing organisms including humans -- Dr. Mae-Wan Ho

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Bristol Co-Mutiny - What's Happening!

30-08-2009 09:46

In Bristol and surrounds, a diverse bunch of enraged creative, dreamers and schemers, builders and gardeners, workers, students and unemployed have been drawn together by the common threads of our indignation at how a combination of corporate greed, social injustice and environmental degradation is leading us all towards climate chaos and financial collapse.

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English slaughterhouses exposed

30-08-2009 00:24

A pig who fell from the slaughter line is re-shackled and hoisted
National campaigning group Animal Aid has today released footage taken secretly at three randomly chosen abattoirs, which offers an unprecedented close-up of the true inner workings of typical British slaughterhouses that kill pigs, sheep and cattle. The film convincingly disposes of the myth of stress- and pain-free ‘humane slaughter’. The 40 hours of footage shows more than 1,500 animals being stunned and more than 1,000 being killed. Animal Aid anticipates the revelations will provoke a plain-speaking debate involving consumers, politicians, regulators and the industry.

Watch the 10-minute compilation film:

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Bristol anarchist bookfair - programme now online

29-08-2009 23:22

programme cover
The programme for the 2009 Bristol Anarchist Bookfair is now available in print, and online. With 35 tables filled by some 30 local and national groups/networks/distributors, 17 workshops/meetings/debates, plus films and an all day cafe, you'll find something for everyone at the bookfair, including you!

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New Labour, the market state, and the end of welfare

29-08-2009 21:00

With the increasing vilification of those claiming benefits this article investigates claims that the insurance industry and New Labour at the head of the table of a carbuncle of rightwing advocates of welfare reform proactively sought to dismember the allowances to incapacity & disabled claimants.

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Today in Pagani - report from the noborder lesvos 09 mediacentre

29-08-2009 20:32

Refugees detained in Pagani have broken the locks of the gates and are out in the yard, so still inside Pagani. They refuse to get back into their cells and demand their immediate release. Some 100 people were released today, and altogether, the local authorities bought 500 ferry tickets for Tuesday. During the day, noborder activists managed to enter the yard of Pagani, uniting with the refugees.

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Another day, another demo for Zippos Circus

29-08-2009 18:11

SARC made sure that Friday nights punters at Zippos Circus knew that with all the tricks and lights was a much darker and more abusive side.

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Noam Chomsky Meets with Chavez in Venezuela

29-08-2009 16:02

"Chomsky said the growing disappointment with the Obama administration in the U.S. was predictable because the corporate media marketed Obama's presidential candidacy on the slogan of "Change We Can Believe In" but omitted concrete proposals for effective changes, and the Obama administration has since shown an incapacity to institute such changes."

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NOborder Camp Lesvos BREAKING NEWS

29-08-2009 15:36

This is happening right now (14pm greek time): Refugees detained in Pagani have broken the locks of the gates and are out in the yard, so still inside Pagani. They refuse to get back into their cells and demand their immediate release. Outside are 50 noborders and counting. We’ll keep you updated.

The passion for freedom is stronger than any prison!

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Inglorious Bastards (US)

29-08-2009 12:39

This machine kills children
In 2005 US marines were hit by a roadside bomb. The marines went on a crazed rampage and massacred 24 local civilians. The commanding officer Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani was the only person who was charged with any crime relating to the massacre and yesterday the charges against him were quietly dropped.

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Inglorious Bastards (UK)

29-08-2009 12:37

There is a damnable war-propaganda article in the Times today, an extract of a war-porn book called 'Desperate Glory: At War in Helmand with Britain's 16 Air Assault Brigade'. Before I link to the article, I'll give a brief synopsis of the facts I can extract from it.

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The 300-350 Show: The Bonn Informals

29-08-2009 12:09

A report on the UN climate change talks in Bonn earlier this month. Where do the talks stand now there are just 100 days to go to Copenhagen?

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Student abducted on International Day of Disappeared

29-08-2009 11:20

Western Sahara campaigners marking of the International Day of the Disappeared is particularly poignant as one of the Oxford Six student is abducted by Moroccan police

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Israeli PM Netanyahu: Threats to our existence must be nipped in the bud

29-08-2009 11:18

Israeli Prime Minister examines blueprints of the Auschwitz concentration camp
This week the leaders of Israel, UK, Germany and US launched yet another joint propaganda campaign against Iran. The aim is to get the UN Security Council to impose “crippling sanctions” on Iran, a step that would ultimately facilitate their next brutal invasion.

Actually, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that it is possible for “the coalition of the willing” to impose these sanctions “even without a UN Security Council decision”.

Meanwhile, the 118 member countries of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) (about two thirds of UN member states) have “reaffirmed the basic and inalienable right of all states to develop research, production and use of atomic energy for peaceful purposes, without any discrimination and in conformity with their respective legal obligations”.

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Climate Camp Radio - shows 1 & 2 ready for download

29-08-2009 10:38

Our shows from the 27th and 28th of August are now available for your listening pleasure

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BNP councillor defends party after members burn gollywog at festival

29-08-2009 09:42

A BNP councillor has defended the party after members were filmed burning a gollywog and making racist comments during a festival.

Paul Golding, British National Party councillor for the St Mary’s ward in Swanley, has condemned members who were shown performing the mock trial of the gollywog.
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