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UK Newswire Archive

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Celias Decides To Stop Selling Fur

01-04-2011 18:23


Vintage clothing and fancy dress outlet Celias on Derby road has now decided to no longer sell real fur.

There had been protests by animal rights activists outside the shop in previous weeks, see:

Well done to the management of Celias for making the only ethical choice!
Yet another clear message to the fur trade that animal cruelty has no place on our high streets.

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Flash mob Trafalgar Square Saturday April 2nd 6:30pm

01-04-2011 17:49

Hundreds of flash mobbers will be gathering in Trafalgar Square on Saturday the 2nd of April at 6:30pm. This event has been inspired by last weeks occupation of the square by anti-cuts protesters. Unlike the anti-cuts protesters though we aim to be totally peaceful.

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The law is not being enforced impartially

01-04-2011 17:05

Politicians, the mainstream media, and the Police all dismiss serious crimes against ordinary people as mere “anti-social behaviour”, but think that trivial crimes against the rich and influential are shocking and should be treated as serious crimes.

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This Week in Palestine week 13 011

01-04-2011 16:23

Welcome to this Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for March 26 through April 1st 2011

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HIV positive victim of sex trafficking and rape faces imminent deportation from

01-04-2011 16:03

Felicia Adjei, a vulnerable woman who was trafficked into the UK and brutally exploited in forced prostitution is facing removal to Ghana TONIGHT, 1 April 2011 on Virgin Airlines Flight VS657 at 10.20pm from Heathrow Airport. She is currently waiting in an immigration detention centre.

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Lying Brent Council

01-04-2011 15:37

Charteris sports centre in Kilburn NW London stolen from the people by Brent council

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G8 is everywhere, so are we!

01-04-2011 15:06

International call for decentralized actions on 26 and 27 May 2011

Deauville and Cannes are casino-cities in which the scammers of the G8 \ G20 will decide on the wealth and poverty of humanity. But this time we won’t be attending the party.
Because it’s not just there, it’s everywhere we’re confronted with facades or images that glorify the capitalist arrogance. Profits from the premade crisis are shamelessely shown despite their systematic use for delinquency and social control

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Bobby Roberts shite circus hits Halifax

01-04-2011 14:27

Bobby Roberts sick show will be attracting an extremist minority of morally corrupt individuals to gawp at the continued torment of the animals in their possession. As we know government regulation gives the all clear through cursory inspections, whilst animals are abused behind closed doors, and dragged around the country in the furthest abstraction from their natural lives.

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Bobby Roberts sick circus cancelled at showground.

01-04-2011 14:14

Bobby Roberts show has been cancelled from the Great Yorkshire Showground, Harrogate, West Yorkshire.

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Nazi paraphernalia on sale in London's West End

01-04-2011 14:12

Nazi paraphernalia on sale in London's West End

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Public Meeting: The Case for Secularism

01-04-2011 14:06

Terry Sanderson will make the case for our tradition of secularism as the foundation of a good society. Human rights, equality under the law, freedom of religion and of expression all need a firm secular base and not domination by or conflicts between religions and sects.

Friday 8 Apr 2011, 7:30pm, Lecture Theater 6, The Arts Tower, The University of Sheffield

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BP and Culture: Time To Break It Off!

01-04-2011 13:22

A week of action to kick BP out of our cultural spaces

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From SchNEWS

01-04-2011 12:29


Deep in the heart of the Dorset countryside this July- it’s a festival with a twist. No need to worry about licensing requirements or expensive security this time round, it’s Bluelight- the police only festival.

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Tescos to replace Thali

01-04-2011 11:22

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Lansley’s office targeted on day of action to defend NHS

01-04-2011 09:32

Activists have targeted the Secretary of State for Health’s constituency office, on the eve of today’s national day of action to defend the NHS. Andrew Lansley’s office, in Cambridgeshire, was broken in to, with ‘Hands Off Our NHS’ spraypainted on the building.

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London & Crown's overseas tax havens as world financial nexus of crooked capital

01-04-2011 09:07

We are told the UK cannot act alone on financial reform, and that other nations stand in the way of global financial stability. But, a new report says different.

The new report by think-tank the New Economics Foundation entitled "Subverting Safer Finance" reveals that the UK is holding back urgently needed regulation in areas ranging from: potentially damaging speculation in food, energy and minerals, to the Alternative Investment Market, ‘naked short-selling’ and the operations of British tax havens.

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Ann Summers Hit Again

01-04-2011 09:00

Profits from objectification of womens' bodies hit again.

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Anti-fur Activists Target Derby Road Horror Shop

31-03-2011 21:23



At least a dozen animal lovers attended protests outside Celias, a fancy dress and vintage clothing outlet on Derby road.
Celias is one of the last shops in the country, dealing in real fur garments (from trim to full coats and jackets).

Armed with placards and leaflets, the protester's message to weekend shoppers was clear: killing animals for fashion is wrong, wearing fur is a throwback to caveman days that society has evolved beyond.

More than 45 million animals worldwide, including raccoons, dogs, rabbits, foxes, mink, and chinchillas, are raised in cages and killed each year for their fur. Not only are cage-raised animals killed inhumanely, but they suffer from numerous physical and behavioural abnormalities induced by the stress of caging conditions. After spending their short lives in squalid conditions, animals raised on fur farms are killed by cruel methods that preserve their pelt, such as gassing, neck-breaking and anal electrocution.

Some are even skinned alive..

Fur farming is illegal in the UK and unfashionable in most of the world but there are still a number of enterprises that will do anything to make money regardless of the suffering caused.

The Vintage Argument:

Some people consider that vintage fur is somehow "alright" on the grounds that it is not directly funding the fur trade.

This is a flawed argument however as the acceptance of ANY fur creates demand for fur, normalizes and fuels the general market and desensitizes our reasonable disgust.

To say that second hand fur is alright because money doesn't directly go to fur farmers is a bit like saying second hand child pornography is alright because money doesn't directly go to paedophiles.

Some economists predict that the vintage market will act as a life line to the fur trade which is looking for ANY way back onto our high streets.
Already, some garments sold as vintage are simply re-branded fresh fur...

Of course the people that make their money from the harrowing cruelty of the fur trade love vintage fur.. - it's fur!

Not surprisingly then, the non-violent activists whose only agenda is to end animal suffering will continue to protest outside vintage shops which sell fur..

For more information see:

To lend your support to anti fur campaigning in any way, contact your local animal rights group! :)

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Palestine Today 03 31 2011

31-03-2011 19:39

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