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UK Newswire Archive

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successful samba caterpillar protest in camden this afternoon

09-11-2003 17:57

rhythms of resistance banner
rhythms of resistance samba band and several pro-palestinian groups scored a victory against caterpillar in a protest in camden this afternoon. the manager of a chain of shoe shops agreed not to stock caterpillar boots anymore after he was made aware of the issues.
caterpillar is the company that also supplies bulldozers and tanks to the israeli army for use against palestinian people.

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09-11-2003 17:53

According to data from 30-year-old government records given lately in public a secret plot was formed back then by developed countries in an attempt to limit first UN’s project concerning environment and pollution control. Reason? Simply would damage their economic development…

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Solidarity actions with homeless and destitute asylum seekers

09-11-2003 17:50

Audio solidarity sleep-out with refugees

In Liverpool, campaigners slept out in the streets in solidarity with asylum seekers. On Friday 7th November at 12 noon, people started a 24 hour vigil in solidarity with those asylum seekers left homeless and destitute by the current government policy. [pics, call.]

Participants in the action report in the Liverpool feature:"Well, we spent out twenty four hours out. There were twenty six of us at three this morning (including about 8 asylum seekers), and it was freezing. By five, some people had to go, too cold and fed up about abuse by passing drunks spitting on us and threatening us. It was an eye-opening experience when people assumed that we were all asylum seekers and told us to 'go back to where we came from'. It made us realise how terrifying, and cold, and miserable it would be for those asylum seekers with no choice but to be on the streets, and it's not even really winter yet."

Meanwhile in Scotland, Glasgow City Council prepares to evict 200 refugees from their accomodation. A demonstration has been announced for Monday, 10th of november, 5pm in front of the Court Chambers. [ImcScotland feature]. Scotlands inhumane treatment of asylum seekers was just recently highlighted, when over 1000 protesters made their way to the remote and isolated Dungavel Detention Centre to express their opposition of the imprisonment of refugee children.

Destitute women asylum seekers joined up with the Global Women Strike Campaign in an antiwar protest in London, simultaneously highlighting the ongoing breeches of human rights by Section 55. (see past feature and audio reports about the introduction of Section 55). For more information, read Amnesty International Afghanistan report- 'No one listens to us and no one treats us as human beings': Justice denied to women.

For up to date information on asylum and refugee issues, see:
Asylum Rights
Asylum Support
Asylum Policy

For information on campaigning against deportations, get in touch with the National Coalition for Anti-Deportation Campaigns and read the No One Is Illegal manifesto.

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Two comrades detained for sabotage in Metro Barcelona set free

09-11-2003 17:44

Two comrades that wrer arrested early in the morning of 3rd of November accused for participating in sabotage in Metro Barcelona that broke down barcelona metro system until 7-8 a.m. of the same day , done in solidarity with Thessaloniki hunger strikers ,are set free until the trial

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Save Charles

09-11-2003 14:23

Can Indimedia run a central column article to counter this homphobia surrounding Prince Charles.
Already many foreign news papers and web sites have screamed words like gay or faggot.
This is the case with most local news papers too. This attitude of being gay is wrong is not acceptable.
We need a voice of reason.

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Film screening at Spitz - Argentina

09-11-2003 13:35

This month In a continuation of the popular screenings at the Spitz – INDYMEDIA in collaboration with the ARGENTINA SOLIDARITY CAMPAIGN are showing four films based around the struggles that have taken place in recent times. Argentina may be economically deprived - Yet as these films show, the country is rich in human ingenuity, passion and resistance, as they unite in there struggles to overcome there recent trauma’s and search for a better way.

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National Day of Action 21-11-03 Legal Action Against War

09-11-2003 13:20

LAAW will be launching a National Day of Action on the 21st November. LAAW is calling for an investigation of the British Prime Minister T. Blair for War crimes, and its activists will be presenting a petition to Scotland Yard.

We would like to invite all other activists throughout the world to present petitions as well, on Friday 21-11-03 at 12 noon in their respective countries. Copies of Downloadable Petitions can be found under the events drop down heading of this website. Please feel free to amend the main title to suit your Group/ Organisation Name.

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09-11-2003 12:33

This website urgently requires your comments of revulsion sent to it.

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Aborigines are visiting german anti-nuclear movement

09-11-2003 10:16

Aborigines solidarity in germans Wendland
See some picture from the resistance against nuclear transports in Germany (region: Wendland) from yesterday

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CBC the fifth estate Conspiracy Theories 9.11 VIDEO

09-11-2003 01:51

a canadian public TV documentary exposes links between the bushes, the bin ladens, and the saudi monarchy -- now available for download

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Fifth Manchester Radical Bookfair

09-11-2003 01:31

Manchester Radical Bookfair Poster
The fifth Manchester Radical Bookfair takes place from 11.00am until 5.00pm on Saturday 6th December at Bridge 5 Mill, 22A Beswick Street in Ancoats, Manchester.

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Public Meeting - British Politics at the Crossroads

09-11-2003 01:10

After being expelled from New Labour, George Galloway MP will speak in Leeds.

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Galloway speaks at "Anti-war Movement at the Crossroads" raly in Manchester

09-11-2003 00:40

View the video clips from this meeting.

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Saloniki 7: demo in Athens

08-11-2003 23:46

Saloniki 7: demo in Athens

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'The American-led Invasion'

08-11-2003 23:34

Spin for the revolution & the language of the BBC

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Bonnie Prince Charlie

08-11-2003 23:33

Bonnie Prince Charlie

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Incident of Torture in the US

08-11-2003 23:05

Account of torture, i.e, gassing, amputation, abuse by police, building,
training of police officers in these activities

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"Saloniki 7" Support Demonstration in Thessaloniki, Friday 7th Nov

08-11-2003 19:44

W.O.M.B.L.E.S Presence in Thessaloniki's Demonstration
On Friday 7th November, around 2000 people demonstrated in downtown Thessaloniki insupport of the 7 anti-capilatist protesters that have been in jail since the Thessaloniki EU Summit of June 2003. Here there are some photos of the demonstration.

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The Ambassadors Reception - SalonikiSolidarity Report

08-11-2003 19:39

the ambassadors reception
Picket of Greek Ambassador in Support of Saloniki hunger strikers after week of action.
Interim report:)
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