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UK Newswire Archive

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(A-Radio) Interview: Reclaim the fields, food sovereignity and the prison system

05-08-2015 15:28

In the following interview the Anarchist Radio Berlin ( made with an UK-based organizer from the Reclaim the fields initiative, we talk about the planned international camp in North-Wales, the relationship of food sovereignty and the prison system, and the topic of prison abolition as such.

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The Time-Proved President for a Tired Country

05-08-2015 11:15

Just one look at today’s Ukrainian reality leaves no room for doubt that acting President Poroshenko at least has no chances to be re-elected anymore. Indeed he’s more likely to resign long before his first term is over. In such situation the main question starts not with ‘when’, but with ‘who’. Who will become his successor?

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Todhunter's response to Professor Trewavas exposes a prominent fault in the GMO

04-08-2015 10:52

The problem of GMO growth and import is making headlines in British newspapers yet again. Prompted by the publication of an open letter by a pro-GMO researcher, Tony Trewavas, the British public instantly saw a heated response issued by Colin Todhunter, who famously criticised a speech made by a former UK Environment Minister, Owen Paterson, in Pretoria at the beginning of this year. Following the exchange of Trewavas, Todhunter and Paterson, it becomes clear that the debate is still lacking and that the language all parties use to talk about GMO doesn’t allow the public opinion develop proper tools to assess the value or danger of introducing GMOs to any market in the world.

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7/7 led to wars & loss of freedoms ... but do we know what really happened that

04-08-2015 10:20

For the London media 7/7 is 'done and dusted', but for Tony Gosling, who helped cover the IRA London bombing campaign for the BBC, nothing could be further from the truth - Audio - 30mins

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Syriza, Podemos, Left Front… May Capital’s Far Left Die!

03-08-2015 14:04

“Communists supposed it… but Syriza surpassed their expectations…”

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Anonymous: Israeli Haaretz removes article about plans to assassinate President

03-08-2015 12:32

Israeli newspaper Haaretz web-site published an article on July 30, 2015 9:12 a.m. confirming that Right Sector nationalists plan to assassinate Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.
Haaretz removed the article within an hour of its posting with the following explanation:
‘The article has been removed for breaching Haaretz editorial guidelines’
Fortunately, screenshots have been timely made.

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The Big Deception

03-08-2015 08:17

On Syriza, the recent referendum in Greece and the continuation of the politics of devaluation, by TPTG

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Press Release

31-07-2015 07:09

Map showing the Handley Rail alignment in red at Olney
Press Release on a supermarket threat to a realignment route to enable a new Bedford-Olney-Northampton railway link at Olney in North Buckinghamshire, England.
ERTA is concerned about it's impact blighting the realignment route for a railway and being a drain on existing smaller shops in the area.

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John Pilger to appear at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on August 9th.

30-07-2015 14:53

Journalist, film-maker and author, John Pilger is one of only two to win British journalism’s highest award twice. For his documentary films, he has won an Emmy and a BAFTA. His epic Cambodia Year Zero is ranked by the BFI as one of the ten most important documentaries of the 20th century. "John Pilger unearths, with steely attention to facts, the filthy truth and tells it as it is" (Harold Pinter). "Pilger’s work has truly been a beacon of light in dark times" (Noam Chomsky).

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Fantasy Politics - a Media Lens analysis

30-07-2015 14:29

An analysis by Media Lens of the concerted attempts to smear and discredit Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn who is currently the front runner in the race to be the new Labour Party leader.

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An Oz in Room at the Top

30-07-2015 14:19

A look at a bygone Britain as seen through the eyes of an Oscar winning film. Britain at all levels is depicted as desperately holding on to class as a means of self-belief. Joe's relatives tell him to stick to his own kind, yet the toughs that beat him up don't see him as of their own class. The rank-pulling of Jack Wales tells him that it is just a different kind of war now.

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Greece after five years in recession. Accelerated poverty in Greece

30-07-2015 11:18

10 January 2015 (the date that this article was written): Greece’s problem is more complicated than austerity, is mainly about poverty, more poverty, accelerated poverty, and then SHAME . 30 July 2015: Greece’s problem is mainly about poverty. A third Greek bailout can help, but the question will stay the same / SHAME: Has Grexit been avoided?

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Antifa Call-out: Protect Folkestone From Nazis 1/8/15 @slatedl @AntiFascistNetw

30-07-2015 10:26


The violent fascist thugs of the EDL are linking up with their Hitler-loving chums in the National Front this Saturday to intimidate attendees of the refugee solidarity event happening this Saturday in Folkestone. Despite continued denials that the EDL have become a full-blown neo-nazi organisation, they have agreed to participate in a joint protest with the 14 words Southern branch of the National Front, their aim to violently confront Folkestone United campaigners. Antifascists, turn up to defend them from fascist thugs!

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ANTIFA ALERTA: NAZIS TARGET REFUGEE DEMO @misscheeky666 @slatukip @edlnews #edl

30-07-2015 10:16


The violent fascist thugs of the EDL are linking up with their Hitler-loving nazis in the National Front this Saturday to intimidate attendees of the refugee solidarity event happening this Saturday in Folkestone. Despite continued denials that the EDL have become a full-blown neo-nazi organisation, they have agreed to participate in a joint protest with Southern branch of the fourteen words National Front to confront Folkestone United campaigners. Antifascists need turn up in numbers to defend Folkestone from violent fascist thugs!

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Beware Dangerous BNPaedos @edlnews @slatedl @slatukip @slatfascists #antifa #edl

29-07-2015 11:46

The horrific murder and sexual abuse of Paige Chivers sends a chill down the spine of the nation. Rest in peace, Paige.

The horrific details of the Blackpool abuse case, and the belief amongst social workers that Charlene Downes had been visited by sixteen middle aged white men known to her father, mean the BNP should be duly investigated by the authorities. One thing is for sure, the BNP were renowned for years amongst antifascists for their cliquishness and rumoured sexual improprieties.

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East London Rising, August 2015

29-07-2015 10:52

From Monday 3rd to Sunday 9th August 2015 Anarchist Action Network is holding a free week of events at LARC (London Action Resource Centre) in East London.

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EDL RACIST SAYS MUSLIMS STEAL NHS JOBS @misscheeky666 @slatukip @edlnews ANTIFA

28-07-2015 17:28

Horrific young fascist, and budding nightclub DJ, EDL supporter Ryann Bateman, a from North Wales, has had a racist hissy fit since learning their are hardworking British Asian staff keeping hospitals, health clinics, emergency ambulances and other sectors of the NHS staffed 24/7, blaming David Cameron for employing them. He links lifesaving health workers with brown skins to the murderers of ISIS.

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UG# #711 - Facing The Failing Culture Of Control - 4 (Sickening Modern Medicine)

28-07-2015 14:23

We review the infamous Tuskeegee syphilis experiment and its even more murderous offshore equivalent, noting that the US government's apology to those affected did not stop it using "sovereign immunity" to block their class action lawsuit - since the deeds occurred outside of the USA. The lead attorney, Piper Hendricks shares her frustration. We conclude with an interview of Toni Bark, host of "Bought, The Movie" on regulatory capture by big pharma of CDC and the difficulty of assessment of the health risks of vaccines in light of the huge amounts of money involved.

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Fuck Parade needs you!

27-07-2015 13:46

Stand up to gentrification!

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NEO NAZI LEGACY OF THE EDL: - @edlnews @slatukip @slatedl @misscheeky666 #ANTIFA

27-07-2015 12:00

We knew it all along, but finally it has happened. The EDL have finally given way to an openly neo-nazi resurgence they themselves helped propagate through their violent, racist street protests. National Action, the National Front and the NWI are the main beneficiaries, the nazi SDL sweeping up the NE EDL. Members of minorities who participated in the EDL have let their communities down, selling out safety for the sake of a few racist piss-ups.
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