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UK Newswire Archive

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Chicago Factory Occupiers Face 'Serious' Challenge

24-02-2012 21:27

Workers and supporters rallying outside the factory last night
In 2008, two hundred and sixty workers at Chicago's Republic Windows and Doors occupied their factory, after the company sacked them at the moment's notice, and offered no redundancy payments. Over a week, the Republic case became emblematic of blue collar workers paying for others' mistakes, and the occupation became a media cause célèbre. Then President Elect Barack Obama was embarrassed into raising the issue, and Michael Moore later highlighted their action in his film Capitalism: A Love Story. The workers eventually won significant severance packages, and the new owners - Serious Materials - pledged to rehire them.

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Historical moment for the welfare of fish

24-02-2012 18:18

International organisations merge to tackle issues of fish sentience and cruelty

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Anonymous & Antisec Take Down GEO Group

24-02-2012 18:05

Anonymous have struck a blow against the Prison-Industrial Complex and eliminated the online presence of prison for profit scumbags GEO group from the face of the internet...

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Hinkley Barnstormers need you!!

24-02-2012 17:28

Image credit: D. Viesnik
Apparently, the Occupy Hinkley Barnstormers could be evicted as soon as next Tuesday, after which EDF Energy and its contractors could begin their massive land trash in earnest at any time!!

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Great British Circus drag tigers back on the road

24-02-2012 16:55

The Great British Circus are now calling themselves 'Big Top Productions', with a different website and are the only circus to still use tigers in their shows. They are likely to be in Nottingham soon.

The 'great' british circus opens today in Louth, Lincolnshire with demonstrations at 4.30pm and 7.00pm.

Protests continue on Saturday and Sunday - check times and see [MapLink] on the Animal Rights Calendar at

We urge the public to choose cruelty-free circuses rather than this circus based on animal captivity. Cameras hidden inside the elephant tent of the Great British Circus in 2009 showed animals being hit with a metal hook, a broom and a pitchfork. A groom is seen deliberately twisting an animal's tail and the elephants are shown crying out in distress and retreating in fear from their handlers. See

Martin Lacey, the owner and ringmaster of the Great British Circus, assaulted a BBC Radio Nottingham reporter, during an interview at the circus which was in Newark at the time. The unprovoked verbal and physical onslaught began after the reporter referred to a camel being tethered. It's amazing - see

After Louth they may be in Grimsby; then possibly Newark, Skegness, Leicester, Nottingham, Sutton Coldfield, then down to London, projected from last years tour dates at . When they arrive in Nottingham details will be posted at where pictures from previous demos may be found.

It is interesting to note that for the first time they are not giving advance notice of venues, so it is even more important that if you spot circus posters that you contact and Tweet @AnimalRightsUK

Naturally we are all concerned about the dangerous flyposting of the Great British Circus, however if you see any, do not be tempted to take them down, instead, let us know of their exact location, so that planning enforcement action may be taken, forcing them to be removed at the circus's expense.

For more information please contact: or call Emily at CAPS on 0845 330 3911 / 0161 869 0020
or the AR Calendar./ Veggies/NottmAR on 07870 861837

Circus adaptation of story is in bad taste says CAPS
Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Natalie Haynes: They call it the Great British Circus but other adjectives came to my mind
Watching tigers jump through a hoop or clamber on to a stool isn't exciting, it's just unpleasant


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SDL claiming St Enoch Square Glasgow Saturday 24th afternoon

24-02-2012 16:17

SDL claiming St Enoch Square Glasgow Saturday 24th afternoon:

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Smash EDO's Summer of Resistance: some confirmed dates

24-02-2012 13:44

We have got quite a few things coming up, including some confirmed dates for the Summer of Resistance so read on and get involved!

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Reminder: Target Barclays tomorrow, 1pm, Brighton

24-02-2012 13:31

Target Barclays, Saturday 25th February, 1pm, 139-142 North Street, Brighton

For enquiries contact or

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Rare habitat under attack, Forest of Dean.

24-02-2012 13:22

Rare habitat under attack, Forest of Dean.
Join us for a nature walk, Saturday 25th from the Wilderness Centre Car park!

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Ministry of Defence HQ marked on Ash Wednesday in resistance to Nuclear Weapons

24-02-2012 12:53

Seven Catholic Workers, a Quaker, a doctor and a priest were detained and searched following the marking of the M.O.D. Buiding in Whitehall in an anti-nuclear weapons action on Ash Wenesday

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Occupy London Stock Exchange, not Palestine - School of Ideas today @4

24-02-2012 12:39

‘Existence is Resistance’ – The ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley with Fathe Kdirat and Itaf Njoum Karma

School of ideas - 4 - 6pm

more info at

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Clegg OFF!

24-02-2012 12:16

Liberal Democrat Conference

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SYRIA: “Human Rights” Warriors for Empire

24-02-2012 12:16

The largest imperial offensive since the Iraq invasion of March, 2003, is in full swing, under the banner of “humanitarian” intervention – Barack Obama’s fiendishly clever upgrade of George Bush’s “dumb” wars. Having failed to obtain a Libyan-style United Nations Security Council fig leaf for a “humanitarian” military strike against Syria, the United States shifts effortlessly to a global campaign “outside the U.N. system” to expand its NATO/Persian Gulf royalty/Jihadi coalition.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are swigging the ale with their fellow buccaneers. These “human rights” warriors, headquartered in the bellies of empires past and present, their chests shiny with medals of propagandistic service to superpower aggression in Libya, contribute “left” legitimacy to the imperial project.

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EDF Energy attempts to shut down peaceful protest

24-02-2012 10:55

The Stop New Nuclear alliance [1] has reacted with outrage at EDF Energy’s attempts to restrict peaceful protest against a proposed new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point in Somerset.

The French firm is seeking an injunction which would limit current and future protests at the controversial site, which has faced fierce local and national opposition. The move comes ahead of major demonstrations planned for 10-11th March, which Stop New Nuclear have said will still be going ahead.

For the last eleven days anti-nuclear activists have occupied a barn on the site proposed for two new mega-reactors. This injunction is being sought to remove these campaigners, but it is simultaneously designed to restrict future demonstrations. The Orwellian language even prohibits campaigning groups from ‘encouraging other persons’ to protest at the site.

The Fukushima catastrophe is just the most recent example of the dangers of nuclear power, and public opposition to nuclear new builds is on the rise. While the UK and France are planning the next generation of nuclear power stations, states like Germany are leading the way in forging a nuclear-free future.

Speaking on behalf of the Stop New Nuclear alliance, Kate Hudson from CND stated “It should be inconceivable that private companies could restrict basic civil liberties in this way. They are not the arbiters of the nuclear debate, nor the guarantors of our freedoms. We will fight to ensure the rights of future generations to peaceful protest and to preserve essential democratic principles.

“In November last year two EDF executives went to jail for spying on anti-nuclear activists and the company had to pay £1.3m in compensation. Then they were accused of trying to influence government policy through civil service secondments and high-level lobbying. If all of that wasn’t enough, now they are trying to dismantle the right to peaceful protest.”

These criticisms were shared by Katy Attwater, a spokesperson for Stop Hinkley Campaign in Somerset, who stated: “It’s extraordinary that a French company with senior executives in prison for criminal activity is using British law to try and limit the right of British people to protest against their company’s activity.

Nancy Birch from Kick Nuclear added: “EDF has already started to trash land when it hasn’t even got permission to start construction. This is wanton vandalism and shows that the new power station has been given tacit consent by the government even though a huge amount of taxpayers’ money is being spent on a public consultation.

Protestors will be assembling at 10am on Monday 27th February outside the High Court of Justice (Chancery Division) [2] prior to the injunction hearing at 10.30am.

For further information please contact:
Kate Hudson – 07739 184335
Nancy Birch – 07980 509 986

- ends -

Notes to Editor:
[1] Stop New Nuclear - - is an alliance of anti-nuclear organisations including: Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, CND Cymru, Stop Nuclear Power Network UK, Kick Nuclear, South West Against Nuclear, Shutdown Sizewell, Sizewell Blockaders, Trident Ploughshares, Stop Hinkley, and Rising Tide UK
[2] High Court of Justice Chancery Division, Court 10, 7 Rolls Building, Fetter Lane, London EC4A 1NL, (map)

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Clampdown on sacred ritual as Vedanta mine appeal approaches

24-02-2012 03:38


February 24, 2012

Security forces are cracking down on the Dongria Kondh tribe as they prepare for a religious festival this weekend at the top of India’s most contentious mountain.

Hundreds are determined to attend the Niyamraja ritual in the sacred Niyamgiri Hills, which are at the center of a controversial mining project involving UK company Vedanta Resources.

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Occupy gets Serious: Chicago Factory (re)occupied!

24-02-2012 03:35

Workers have re-occupied the 'Republic Windows and Doors' factory that was occupied in 2008. The factory is now owned by 'Serious Materials', and so the occupation has earned the amusing and appropriate title #seriousoccupation on twitter. Circa 65 workers occupying the factory following threat of closure and loss of jobs, eerily reminiscent of situation...

Repost from libcom plus additional links below

Full article

Protest against Notts County Council budget

23-02-2012 22:55

On Thursday 23rd February, Nottinghamshire County Council met to debate and vote on its budget for 2012-13. Following from previous years, this will see millions slashed from the budget and further job cuts.

The council meeting began at 10am, while the protest commenced at 12.30pm.

The demonstration had been organised by Unison who'd asked people to come in purple. In practice most people had dismissed this, but the union were able to dish out a number of purple tabards which did give the event a fairly uniform appearance.

I had a go at counting people and am fairly confident there were about 40 people there, although I'm not so confident they were all actually protesters.

This isn't a massive turnout, but recall that this is the third year the council has pushed through massive cuts. There were protests at budget meetings in 2010 and 2011 (which coincided with a strike by Unison members) with little obvious effect.

The Tories have a majority. With the "independents" essentially indistinguishable from them on almost every issue and the LibDems no more principled than they are in central government the outcome of the day was always inevitable. The Labour group's vocal opposition was always largely symbolic (and to my mind cyncially orientated towards electioneering.)

Locally, as nationally, what is needed to defeat the cuts is a major increase in resistance, which moves beyond the limited confines of the dissent endorsed by Unison. Unfortunately, it appears that things need to get a lot worse (as they very well might) before many people are prepared to take that step.

In the meantime, we're left with a large number of people who feel uncomfortable with what's happening, but unable to do anything. How and whether these people can be mobilised by the anti-cuts movement is an open question, but I suspect we'll need to offer them something more than just standing around outside County Hall.

The demonstration attracted a handful of non-council protesters - including some from Notts SOS, Occupy Nottingham and local Trots - but not as many as in past years. This perhaps suggests a need to look at how publicity is distributed to the local community.

Probably the largest contingent on the demo was from Sherwood Industries, a council owned company that builds and sells furniture. Most workers there have a physical or learning disability. This is one of the services which the council voted to cut.

Hoping to attract council workers on their lunch, the protest was kept mercifully short. There were a couple of speakers on behalf of Unison, one from Sherwood Industries, a representative of the Nottinghamshire Disabled People's Movement and (inevitably) Alan Rhodes, leader of the Labour group on the county council. When speakers finished sooner than appeared to be accepted, the megaphone was made available for anybody who wanted to speak and another Labour councillor, wasted no time in putting himself forward.

With the speakers over, the protest wound up with some chanting, before people drifted off. This reminded me of the most pressing need facing the anti-cuts movement: to find some new, better chants than the tired cliches that we seem to rely on. This alone might not bring down Kay Cutts, but it would certainly make these sorts of events more enjoyable.

Full article | 14 comments

Urgent, Racial Violence Erupts In Heywood

23-02-2012 22:06

major violence in Rochdale

Full article

Covered in Oil at Waitrose in Protest over Shell

23-02-2012 20:55

A member of eco-activist group Climate Rush has had oil poured over her today at London's largest branch of Waitrose to protest against a new partnership between Waitrose and Shell that has seen two Waitrose stores open on Shell forecourts as well as joint marketing campaigns. Campaigner Anne Schulthess wore an intricate shell-themed white dress as the oil-like concoction was poured over her in front of a crowd of shoppers at lunchtime today.

Shell and Waitrose announced the partnership last Autumn, which so far has seen two Little Waitrose convenience branches open on existing Shell forecourts. John Bullock, Executive Vice President of Shell Global Retail Business describes the partnership as “the beginning of a strong relationship”. Shell and Waitrose have also embarked on joint marketing campaigns.

Anne Schulthess, a spokeswoman for Climate Rush said, “It’s unacceptable for a company branded on its ethical framework to profit from a partnership with Shell – the most carbon intensive oil company in the world. I shop at Waitrose because I want my lifestyle to reflect my commitment to tackling climate change, but this partnership makes meaningless the reasons I choose to shop here and it must end.”

Shell has come under criticism from environmental and human rights groups for human rights abuses and repeated oil spills in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. A 2009 report by Friends of the Earth found Shell to be the world's most carbon intensive oil company.

Last week activists handed out Valentine's day cookies to customers, asking them to tweet the hashtag #dumpshell to the Waitrose twitter account. Climate Rush's campaign continues with another action planned in the Brunswick Centre store on Tuesday 6th March. At 6.30pm customers will occupy the oil aisle and demand an end to the partnership with Shell.

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