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UK Newswire Archive

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Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre Protest

18-11-2010 21:34

Interviews with protestors at the Queens visit to the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre ((Nuclear AMRC) in Rotherham on 18th November 2010.

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Bank of scotland in glasgow currently under occupation

18-11-2010 18:23

Bank of scotland on gordon st, glasgow currently occupied as part of ongoing civil disobedience actions against the cuts. Bank is closed and we have folk outside giving information to those outside about why the bank is closed and what's going on.

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HBOS Glasgow's Head Branch closed down as Citizens' Group strikes, again.

18-11-2010 18:23

This morning the Gordon Street Branch of the Bank of Scotland (HBOS) was occupied and closed down by Citizens United.


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Scottish Parliament Condemns "heartless" UKBA

18-11-2010 18:23

In an unusual show of cross-party unity, today, the Scottish Parliament gave unqualified support to the hundreds of Glasgow asylum-seekers whose lives have been turned upside down by the recent unilateral decision of the United Kingdom Border Agency to terminate its contract with Glasgow City Council.

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Freeskilling next week - Russian, French & Welsh Conversation

18-11-2010 18:22

Tues 23 November, 7pm - Better Food Company, Sevier Street, St Werburghs, Bristol
Next week's freeskill is Russian, French & Welsh Conversation

Want to say a few words in Russian? Or French? Or Welsh? Meet our trio of linguists and try out some words and phrases in small, informal groups.
With Rachel Miller, Charlotte Rimaud and Bryn Davies

And the week after...

30 November How to be Successful in Life
Identify what success means to you and how you can achieve more of it in your life. The session will look at what it is to be successful and how to get there. With James Hodgkinson


7 December Conscious Communication – How to say what we really want
Look at how we speak and listen based on what we feel and need. Learn how to adapt our language patterns to communicate more honestly, effectively and connectedly. Works immediately! With Laurel Pyne

14 December Laughing through Christmas
Need a safety valve this Christmas? Want to get ready with good strong laughter muscles? Want to enjoy the seasonal festivities? If so, this session has your name on it. With Joe Hoare

Freeskilling be taking a break over Christmas and resuming on 4 January 2011. To share your skill, please contact the Freeskilling team at

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Smashed Windows & Graffiti @ Conservative Offices

18-11-2010 17:26

Thursday 18th November 2010

Damage was done to the Conservative Party Nottingham Office last night.

Damage was done to the Conservative Party Nottingham Office last night.

Obviously as a protest against the governments cuts to welfare, public service, care etc etc .... [oooops sorry, I meant the governments public spending review].

Some windows had been smashed along the wall in King Edward Street and there were some painted messages including "Fight the cuts" and "Tory Scum".

Windows have now been boarded up, awaiting the glaziers.  This is the latest expression of peoples anger at these proposals.  There have been other examples around the city including County Hall and a firm of baliffs offices. 

In a statement, they said: "We did this because we believe in acting autonomously with the rage in our hearts. And we did this in solidarity with those arrested for being at Millbank, and all people who are getting fucked over by the cuts and capitalism on a daily basis."

So, there you have it. I think you can only imagine this becoming a continuing trend!

Conservative Party Office
1 King Edward Court,

Statement on these events at: at:
Tory offices in Nottingham smashed

and earlier .....

Fuck austerity! Fight the cuts!

Baliff Bashing

and ......

Details of forecoming events at:
Notts Save Our Services | Defending jobs, services, welfare ...

Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK
Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]
"It is not enough to curse the darkness.
                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"

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Palestine Today 11 18 2010

18-11-2010 16:42

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Thursday, November 18th 2010.

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York Students Arrested

18-11-2010 16:27

The Metropolitan Police have launched Operation Malone in a bid to trace those responsible for the violence and vandalism and 61 arrests have been made so far.

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X:talk - Human rights, sex work & trafficking

18-11-2010 16:22

Listen to the recording of the launch of the x:talk report on Human Rights, sex work and the challenge of trafficking.


On Wednesday 17 November 2010 the x:talk project launched it's report entitled 'Human Rights, sex work and the challenge of trafficking: A human rights impact assessment of anti-trafficking laws in the UK' [PDF] at the Centre for Possible Studies with a panel discussion on anti-trafficking policies.

This report was produced by the x:talk project and is the first study of anti-trafficking policies that reflects the experiences and views of people working in the sex industry in London. The report examines the anti-trafficking agenda in the UK and finds that it has been manipulated by abolitionists who have used anti-trafficking law and policies as a justification for increasing the surveillance and criminalisation of the legal indoor sex industry on an unprecedented scale. The existing focus in anti-trafficking policy on irregular migration, law enforcement and on the sex industry does not address the needs, choices and agency of trafficked people, whether they work in the sex industry or elsewhere, and prevents migrants and non-migrant people working in the sex industry from asserting fundamental rights.

The audio file below is a recording of the panel discussion and audience comments that followed.

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Is Smurfs' Village a Rip-Off?

18-11-2010 15:12

Parents claim their kids are able to buy in-game purchases too easily in Capcom's hot new freemum game.

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Protest at the Queen's visit to the Rotherham Death Park

18-11-2010 15:08

A small group of protestors were joined by a small group of fans at the Queen's opening of the "Factory of the Future", Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Rotherham on 18th November 2010.

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Angry Mob Halts Lewisham Council Meeting

18-11-2010 15:02

An angry mob brought proceedings to a standstill at Lewisham Town Hall last night as Mayor Steve Bullock presented the first round of cuts to public services to be made in the borough.

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MI5 as deceitful broker: the case of Bisher al-Rawi & Jamil el-Banna

18-11-2010 14:28

An MI5 agent alleged to be associated with the conduct metered out on Binyam Mohammed will now not be prosecuted over claims he was complicit in Mr Mohammed's torture after the government settles out-of court to the tume of millions of pounds to 8 UK citizens and residents who were incarcerated in Guantánamo Bay with collusion from the UK authorities . However, we await the start of a broader independent inquiry into claims of British complicity in torture hopefully by the end of this year which will focus on the chain of command that may have allowed torture complicity by the British Security and Intelligence Services, and in so doing, will hopefully expose more about MI5's activities in relation to other individual cases such as Bisher al-Rawi and Jamil el-Banna and the dirty-double dealing and criminal actions of MI5 which led to their illegal detention in Guantánamo Bay for 4 years.

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Wiltshire Police Sgt Cleared of Assault

18-11-2010 14:22

This is what his boss said after the original trial:

In a statement before the sentencing, Wiltshire police's assistant chief constable Patrick Geenty said: "We are very concerned when anyone is injured in our custody and the court has decided that this injury was as a result of a criminal assault by Sergeant Mark Andrews, a member of Wiltshire police who was performing duty as a custody sergeant at the time.

But then:
Earlier today the police sergeant was cleared on appeal.

Another case of bias in favour of the police?

Just seen this on the BBC News Website:

A Wiltshire policeman convicted of assaulting a woman in custody has been cleared on appeal.

Sgt Mark Andrews, of Wiltshire Police, was filmed dragging Pamela Somerville through Melksham police station in July 2008.

The officer was found guilty of causing her actual bodily harm and jailed for six months in September.

Sgt Andrews spent six days in prison, but was released on bail pending the appeal at Oxford Crown Court.

The appeal judge, Mr Justice Bean, said after the four-day hearing he was satisfied that Sgt Andrews did not intend to throw Ms Somerville into the cell and that injuries she suffered were probably caused by the door frame.

She had been arrested for failing to take a breath test but was never prosecuted.

Sgt Andrews told the appeal hearing that Ms Somerville was the most unpredictable prisoner he had ever come across and that she had been abusive to both him and his colleagues.

The court was shown CCTV footage in which he is seen throwing her on to the cell floor. A minute later she staggers to her feet, with injuries to her face and eye.

Sgt Andrews told the court: "I don't think I did anything wrong.

"She had been holding on to the cell door frame when she suddenly let go.

"It was like pulling a cork out of a bottle."

Of course he is innocent. Its quite alright to throw people around while vunerable and in police care - NOT.

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Anti Cuts Action PARTY!

18-11-2010 14:22

The A.C.A.B Sound system presents a benefit for radical anti cuts action:

Rat Face (HipHop)
The Directors (Punk)

Abnormality (tribe of frog)
Mark (dub revolution)
Missfit (Kebele Sound)

This saturday the old motercycle shop ('frowning motercycle), 27 stokes croft.
9pm-3am, (bands on from 9.30! don't miss out), £3 suggested donation.
(noone refused entry due to lack of funds).

Fuck the cuts, Smash the system.

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17th Campsfield Anniversary Demo + Barbed Wire Britian meeting

18-11-2010 13:20

On 28 November 1993 the first minibus load or detainees arrived at Campsfield 6 miles north of Oxfor, from Harmondsworth, to be met by protests. Since then over ten thousand refugees and other migrants have been imprisoned at Campsfield, not charged with a crime, for an indefinite period, without proper access to legal advice or judicial oversight.

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Don't let Tory Cuts Wreck Lives - demonstrate

18-11-2010 12:28

Sat 27th November
Assemble 11.30 am. Manzil Way, Cowley Road
March to rally in Bonn Square

Called by Oxfordshire Anti Cuts Alliance

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18-11-2010 12:22

Bristol NUJ's BENN LECTURE 2010
FRIDAY 26TH NOVEMBER 2010, 7.30 P.M.



"One of the most popular feminist writers in the country" (The Guardian)

Included in "Top 100 Influential Left-Wingers of 2010" (The Telegraph)
Mail on Sunday columnist, Facebook personality, feminist, author, award-winning journalist and editor, and Independent candidate for Hackney North & Stoke Newington in this year's General Election, Suzanne Moore gives Bristol's fifth annual Benn Lecture on the state of the media.

How does it feel to be a socialist writing for the right-wing Mail? What's the status of columnists in a world of shrinking news? Can women get to the top in journalism and should they try? And in an age where the Left means surveillance and the Right means cuts, how are newspapers really dealing with the new politics of Coalition Britain?

In telling her own improbable journey from the Marxism Today fringe to the Mail on Sunday mainstream, Suzanne will reflect on all these questions and more. And she will ask: with half a billion Facebook users and hundreds of millions of blogs in the world, what is the future for journalism now?

Join us and meet Suzanne for the liveliest media debate in the West.

Chaired by Christina Zaba of the National Union of Journalists' Equality and Ethics Councils and Bristol NUJ.


The annual Bristol NUJ/Arnolfini Benn Lecture aims to bring together the Bristol public, the National Union of Journalists, the Bristol media community and a guest speaker of national distinction, in a chance to debate the most pressing journalistic and political issues of our times.

Founded in 2005 by Tom Trevor, Director of Arnolfini, and Tony Gosling of the National Union of Journalists Bristol branch, past Benn Lecturers include Bristol politician, writer and NUJ honorary member Tony Benn; Journalist of the Year 2008 Andrew Gilligan; Independent columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown; and Bristol Festival of Ideas book prize winner and bestselling Guardian investigative journalist Nick Davies.

The lectures are organised and chaired by the Bristol Branch of the National Union of Journalists, and hosted every autumn by the Arnolfini Gallery in its comfortable 205-seat lecture theatre.


For over 20 years Moore has written for everything from Grazia to the London Review of Books. She has dealt with topics as diverse as the significance of underarm hair to an analysis of Blairism, and interviewed Jean Baudrillard, Clare Short, Roman Polanski and Camille Paglia. In 2009 she resigned as a contributing editor to the New Statesman, disgusted that former spin doctor Alastair Campbell had been allowed to guest edit an issue. She stood as an independent candidate ( for the constituency of Hackney North and Stoke Newington in the 2010 General Election due to her disillusionment with the main political parties, finishing sixth out of the ten candidates. Suzanne writes about politics, both personal and political, in all its many forms.
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