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UK Newswire Archive

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A Request to Eric, Stop the Planning Process for new UK Coal sites

07-04-2014 07:03

The Loose Anti Opencast Network (LAON) has written to Eric Pickles asking him to impose a moratorium on processing new planning applications submitted by UK Coal. This is because there is a major risk of environmental damage being caused it these planning applications are approved, because of the financial state of UK Coal. the article contains both the letter to Eric Pickles and the Press Release, which was released at the same time as the letter.

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Protest the NATO Summit / Protest Uwchgynhadledd NATO

06-04-2014 15:08

To add your name or your organisation to this statement email

I ychwanegu eich enw neu eich sefydliad i’r datganiad hwn gyrrwch e-bost

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Bedroom Tax Demo by Hull People’s Assembly Against Austerity 5th April

06-04-2014 13:54

Hull Bedroon Tax and Austerity demo' 06/04/14
Over 100 people took to the streets of Hull today in a mass demonstration against the Bedroom Tax.

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Frack Free Upton (Chester). Call-out for support at New Protection Camp

06-04-2014 08:13

An invitation to join the Upton camp

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a group of people committed to protecting the environment from extreme energy extraction set up camp on Duttons Lane, Upton, near Chester in the field where Dart Energy plans to test drill for coal bed methane. The original planning permission for test drilling expired last year, but Dart took steps to renew it and looks set to attempt test drilling here. Our job is to stop them. For more on the growing resistance to Dart Energy's activities in the Welsh and English Marches, Nottingham, Falkirk... see these previous articles [ 1 | 2 | 3 ].

Solidarity, support and supplies needed. The Camp is about halfway along Duttons Lane, Upton, a turning off the A41, and the council seems to have just erected a new street sign to help you find it. Postcode is CH2 2PE.

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Middle East - Spike in Executions

06-04-2014 01:52

It sounds like a scene from a grisly horror film; five decapitated bodies swinging from a horizontal pole suspended over the main square in the city of Jijzan in southwestern Saudi Arabia. Beside each body hangs a plastic bag containing the victim’s head. Yards away, students are arriving at a local university to take their exams.

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Stop Basildon Council Evictions on Fri 11th April

05-04-2014 14:47

In excess of 30 cases will be heard regarding possible evictions due to rent arrears at Basildon County Court on Friday 11th April 2014. Most cases are as a result of the imposition of the 'Bedroom Tax' by Basildon Council. Please come and support them and show solidarity against the Tory/UKIP majority council. Meet 09.00 Basildon County Court. Address: The Gore, Basildon, SS14 2BU Essex
Bring banners and attitude.

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Esther to be rehoused! Solidarity works

05-04-2014 10:43

Monday's action

On Monday morning over 20 people descended on the offices of Metropolitan Housing in Lambeth to insist that the Association finds appropriate housing for Esther.

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The @SalvationArmy Must quit #Workfare

04-04-2014 23:54

Outdise the UK HQ

Local people in Southwark yesterday staged protests outside the Salvation Army UK HQ at Elephant and Castle, before moving onto to a local Salvation Army 'Charity' Shop. They are angry that the organisation continues to participate in the coalition's workfare programme which forces people to do unpaid work for their benefits.

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An Unfinished and Incoherent Fact Based Essay Collection 'Finland Unrevealed'

04-04-2014 22:10

An Unfinished and Incoherent Fact Based Essay Collection about the problems one finds in Finland (needs logging in FB). Read more on journalists practising self-censorship, mass media usage, security police history and it turning to red, systematic procedures practised to shape the Finland more Russia (and Soviet) friendly, The Agreement of Friendship Cooperation and Mutual Assistance, abuse formulas used by the police and government officials etc. Link is an essential reading for those who plan to move, work or live in Finland. Finnish 'Stasi' file one may say...

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Big report showing impact of direct action campaigns against detention profiteer

04-04-2014 16:16

A big report on direct action campaigns against companies profiting from migrants detention an deportation has been realized. It includes a collection of direct actions and campaigns in different countries, reflections
and figures from different sources showing the negative economic impact
of being a target of such campaigns.

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March For England 2014

04-04-2014 11:44

Download! Distribute! Demonstrate!

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Are We Heading for an Environmental Crisis if UK Coal go Bust?

04-04-2014 04:56

If UK Coal go bust, the following six surface mine sites may be mothballed or abandoned, leaving them as un-restored and environmental scares on the local landscape: Butterwell, (Nr Morpeth, Northumberland) Huntington Lane, (Telford) Park Wall North,(Nr Crook, Co Durham) Potland Burn,(Nr Ashington , Norhtumberland) Lodgre House (Nr Ilkeston, Derbyshire) and Minorca (Nr Measham Leicestershire)

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JSA etc - Help needed

03-04-2014 17:34

Can someone help me please? Recently I have found myself in the position where I have to claim benefits.

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03-04-2014 16:55

Would you believe everything from food to power to gasoline could disappear in just a matter of weeks? From Ireland, David Korowicz explains how. Radio Ecoshock 140402.

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Biodiversity heritage sites

03-04-2014 16:45

biodiversity heritage sites

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The arms trade treaty is weak and legitimises arms sales

03-04-2014 16:02

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) believes that the arms trade treaty, ratified yesterday by 19 countries, including the UK, will prove to be ineffective at best and counterproductive at worst. The treaty will not reduce the arms trade or prevent exports to human rights abusers.

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Migrant English Project Benefit @ Cowley Club April 6

03-04-2014 14:20

Sunday benefit roast & music! 6pm -11pm

12 london road, brighton, BN1 4JA

More details on attached flyer. MEP takes place every Monday at the Cowley Club in Brighton -

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A Budding Alliance: Vietnam And The Philippines Confront China

03-04-2014 09:40

Last year, the Philippines brought a complaint against China’s aggressive actions in the West Philippine Sea to the United Nations Arbitral Tribunal. The Chinese “were really unprepared for that and were really embarrassed by it,” one of Vietnam’s top experts on Chinese diplomacy told me during my recent visit to Hanoi.

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Veggies On The Road (March Edition)

02-04-2014 18:55

It's full steam ahead for Nottingham's all-vegan and volunteer-led catering campaign Veggies as their 2014 tour is in full swing, with more events being added all the time. Most recently they have taken part in Leicester's annual environmental event, the Greenlight Festival, and also travelled down to Milton Keynes to bring vegan food to activists taking part in an anti-vivisection demo.


Supporting the Environment

Greenlight Festival is an annual showcase of all things green and sustainable in Leicester, with environmental community projects and local green businesses taking part. Veggies were invited to come along as you can't get any greener than vegan, and also Veggies is award-winning for its strong environmental ethics!

The Veggies team had some really positive conversations with members of the public and gave out lots of information about the reality of animal agriculture for the animals, the environment and people. After trying some delicious cruelty-free vegan food and milk alternatives, several people filled in veg pledges to make the compassionate lifestyle choice and go vegan to help stop animal suffering and safeguard the planet.


Opposing Animal Testing

A few days ago some of the Veggies team went down to Milton Keynes to bring vegan food to animal rights campaigners taking part in an anti-vivisection demo. The demo was organised by AVC (Anti-Vivisection Coalition) against MSD Laboratories, who were recently exposed in undercover footage killing puppies and kittens for the animal testing industry. The morale of campaigners was boosted by having Veggies along with their food, provided by donation. Veggies has been supporting grassroots campaigners with important work for animals, the environment and human rights for thirty years (they celebrate their 30th birthday this year!)


** Some websites of interest **

Greenlight Festival -

Find out about adopting a plant-based diet on the Vegan Society website -

And of course, see what other campaigning adventures Veggies is going on this year over on their website:


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