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UK Newswire Archive

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Royal Bank of Canada sabotaged, Guelph (Canada)

28-03-2012 19:10

communique from 'Revolutionary Anarchists' claiming March 15 sabotage attack on a RBC branch, Guelph, Ontario (Canada)

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Rail sabotage for Sole, Baleno and No-TAV (Italy)

28-03-2012 19:07

report of anarchist sabotage of rail lines in Italy in the context of the Val de Susa anti-high speed rail mass struggle

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Summer in March

28-03-2012 18:37

Alex investigates a heat wave in North America and Britain - in March! Guests Joe Romm of "Climate Progress" & Jeff Masters of "the Weather Underground". Plus University of Michigan Professor Raymond De Young on relocalization and mental survival. Includes a naughty song by climate scientists.

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Toulouse School Targeted by Hate Mail

28-03-2012 16:10

The French Jewish school where three children and a teacher were murdered this month has received a wave of anti-Semitic hate mail and calls, the local prosecutor said Wednesday.

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Disavowing Disavowal: In Defense of Gilad Atzmon

28-03-2012 15:35

I've been on a concert tour in Europe, so far mostly in Great Britain, for the past month or so. There's nothing like being on tour to connect on a personal, face-to-face level with society, or at least the little subsets of society who come to my shows. Being a songwriter who writes songs about the Palestinian struggle, among other subjects, many of my shows around the world are organized by Palestine solidarity activists of one kind or another. Before the tour began I was getting occasional emails from people asking me whether I wanted to add my name to a group denunciation of jazz musician, blogger and author Gilad Atzmon. Denounce him for what, I asked. For being an anti-Semite, they replied. I'd then ask them to send me what he wrote that they found offensive, which they would then do (sometimes accompanied by an introductory essay explaining the distinction between anti-Zionsim and anti-Semitism). I'd then read every word, and each time, I'd fail to find the anti-Semitic bit. Then, ten days into my tour, the US Palestinian Community Network published a "Disavowal of the Racism and Antisemitism of Gilad Atzmon." Several of the signatories include Palestinian intellectuals and activists I know and admire.

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Harlan Interfauna demo - 13/4/12

28-03-2012 14:51

Demonstartion to be held at Beagle breeding kennels in Huntingdon!

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No Workfare at Royal Mail- April 2nd

28-03-2012 14:49

The CWU leadership says their agreement with Royal Mail(RM) for the RM Work Experience is guarenteed voluntary.
Until lthey show their members a guarantee from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) that people leaving the RM/CWU scheme will not be penalised by the DWP, the scheme remains effectively compulsory.

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No Border Camp Stockholm 17/6 – 24/6 2012

28-03-2012 12:34

Borders kill
Borders are big business
Borders are in Stockholm

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Fukushima : Appeal Of Hashizume Bun, A-Bomb Survivor Of Hiroshima

28-03-2012 12:31


accuracy : Hashizume Bun, the 80-year-old author of "The Day the Sun Fell: I was 14 years old in Hiroshima", was less than 1.5 kilometers from the hypocenter of the explosion.

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Pop Up Social Centre Glasgow 30th, 31st March, 1st April

28-03-2012 12:01

PoP-Up Social Centre

Glasgow Social Centre

30 March at 18:30 until 1 April at 17:00

Pearce Institute. 840 Govan Road. Glasgow, G51 3UU

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May 15th international day of action

28-03-2012 11:48

Alongside cities around the world, Occupy London supporters will take to the streets for a mass action on Tuesday 15 May - the day that marks the first anniversary of the beginning of of the Spanish 15-M movement and seven months since we occupied just outside the London Stock Exchange.

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Take the Flour Back! Mass action against GM wheat

28-03-2012 08:28

Take the flour back!
Sunday 27th May 2012

Public day of action against the Rothamsted genetically modified wheat trial.

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Occupation on Leyton Marsh.

28-03-2012 00:55

An occupation has sprung up next to the site of a planned Olympic 'temporary' basketball training facility on Leyton Marshes, Leyton.

It is there to show solidarity with the Campaign to Save Leyton Marsh.

An occupation has sprung up next to the site of a planned Olympic 'temporary' basketball training facility on Leyton Marshes, Leyton.

It began on Saturday when a group of concerned people went to the Marsh to show solidarity with the Campaign to Save Leyton Marsh (CSLM).  Some had marched from Occupy London's Finsbury Sq.

The CSLM was formed to challenge the decision by Waltham Forest Council to grant the Olympic Delivery Authority permission to build a temporary basketball training facility on Leyton Marsh, which is designated 'Metropolitan Open Land'.  As well as opposing the decision through a media campaign, the group has also engaged in several acts of peaceful disobedience: by standing in front of lorries attempting to enter the site where the facility is due to be built.

On Monday this week, the new occupiers joined with the local campaigners preventing any vehicles entering the site.  By today, there were no vehicles at all and all work on the site stopped.

Many locals are very upset at what is happening to this piece of open, communal land.  Kev, a local resident from Hackney expressed his feelings:

'' What they have been doing in Hackney on the East Marsh has shown the local people the devastation caused by the Olympics.  Even if we're told this is just temporary we do not want it.  East Marsh is too late but here there is a chance to stop it''.  

Health and safety concerns have also been raised by local residents who point to the possibility of contamination.  Caroline, a local resident and campaigner from Leyton said:  ''They are churning up contaminated soil from WW2 and leaving it in mounds around the site.  There could be asbestos in there.''

Locals are also concerned that by building on Metropolitan Open Land which is supposed to be protected, a precedent is being set for further land grabs, development and privatisation of public space.  They also question the promise made by Waltham Council that the land would be returned to its original state by October 15th which seems hard to imagine if tons of concrete is laid.  Caroline commented: ''It will take 1 year minimum for the turf to grow back, and the eco-systems will take far longer'' 

This morning a police officer reported that members of Waltham Forest and Hackney Council held a meeting.  Presumably the fledgling occupation an peaceful direct actions by locals and occupiers will be a hot topic of discussion.

The site where the occupiers are camping is part of the Lea Valley Park and is subject to byelaws which forbid camping and barbeques.  It is possible that the police may be instructed to clear the camp soon.

In the meanwhile though, the sun shines and local people come and talk with the occupiers and share their views on the situation, with some delighting in the obvious lack of work and silence on Olympic site.  Lots of food, blankets and supplies have been donated: an indicator that many are glad to have the presence and action of the occupiers.

The occupiers welcome any and all support.  There is plenty of space for more people to get involved.  It is located   Behind Lee Valley Ice Cente on Lea Bridge Rd, Leyton Map:

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photography bye-laws in parliament square

27-03-2012 22:55

last week, while covering the protests on budget day, i wandered on to the grass at parliament square. a heritage warden and various police told me both that i couldn't be there, and i couldn't take photographs there. holding my ground and after further inquiry, i was told by the head of the security company managing the 'heritage wardens', that the GLA have a list of websites that the bye-laws prohibit posting to, even non-commercially. the GLA press officer has so far failed to respond to my calls asking for a copy of that list.

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Statement on March 28th

27-03-2012 21:20

STatement by Anarchist federation (London) on strikes on March 28th

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Anti Militarist Billboard Goes Up In St Werburghs

27-03-2012 20:55

Bristol anti-militarists paste a message on a billboard in St Werburghs, the day after the Pakistan President called for an end to US drone strikes and week before a planned protest at the Bristol drone conference.

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Stop Nike Cheating Women Workers!

27-03-2012 20:36

Stop Nike Cheating Women Workers!
Scotland Feminista

Saturday, 31 March 2012
10:30 until 12:00

On Saturday 31 March join Scotland Feminista’s protest outside the Nike store on Buchanan Street, Glasgow.

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Glasgow Picket Against Workfare Sat. 31st 12 noon Meet St. Enoch's

27-03-2012 19:41

Glasgow Picket Against Workfare
Saturday 31st March
Meet 12 noon outside the front entrance of St Enoch's Underground Station to move on to the Workfare target
Phone 07799285998 if you are late

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Birmingham Free University Talk and Discussion with Norma Bermudez

27-03-2012 18:07

Wednesday 28th March 18:30 until 21:30

Function Room, Ropewalk Pub, 15-20 St Paul's Square, Hockley

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Birmingham Free University

27-03-2012 18:01

We are a newly created group seeking to build and participate in more democratic educational processes;
Our aim is to work together towards higher education experiences that are not consumerist, indebting, authoritarian or judging of individual worth;
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