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UK Newswire Archive

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finally Australia takes on the U.S.A. Free Assange! Free Manning - Rugby League

16-11-2013 18:15

DONATE to the Pvt Manning Family Fund - and win a Rugby League World cup 2013 football signed by Julian Assange!
*The above site & bank account set up to defray the costs of Pvt. Mannng's Wales based family in transatlantic prison visits to Ft.Leavenworth

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[london] Renters Occupy Luxury Flat Development

16-11-2013 14:08

House Warming View
Private tenants from across London today held ‘housewarming party’ at a development of newly built private rented flats in Stratford, east London, in protest at soaring private rents and the government’s failure to tackle the problem. London rents have been rising at around 7 per cent per year.

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Rolling Jubilee & Strike Debt, DIY Space for London, Anarchist Solidarity Fund

16-11-2013 12:34

Check out episode 130 of Dissident Island Radio - broadcast from London, UK on 15 November 2013 - the show features:

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Group aims to serve up discarded food

15-11-2013 22:55

Sunday 8th December sees the official launch of Sharing Sherwood, a project that aims to use up food that would otherwise have been thrown away by Supermarkets.

Sharing Sherwood hopes to prepare delicious meals on the 2nd Sunday of every month for the local community to come and enjoy at The Sherwood Cookery Workshop on Mansfield Road. There is no set menu and there is no set price, with any donations being given towards projects such as Nottingham's food banks. The food to be used has been possible thanks to national charity FareShare, who collects and co-ordinates the food donated by supermarkets and shops. The event will start at 7pm, and people are encouraged to bring their own drinks. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about how to reduce food waste and food bills in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, enjoying some delicious food.

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African Women Empowerment Forum Conference

15-11-2013 22:55

The African Women Wempowerment Forum Conference will be held on Saturday 30th November 2013, from 15:30 to 22:00. The Venue is the Bridge Centre, 49a Gregory Boulevard, NG7 4BQ

Celebrating Womanhood and cultivating women's leadership!

Guests of honour will include the Lord Mayor, Merlita Bryan and Counsellor Stephen Ndungu.

Speakers will include Muzvare Betty Makoni of the Girl Child Network, Faith Gakanje AWEF's CEO and Director, and Maria Ward of Nottingham's Council for Voluntary services.

For more details, please see the flyer attached.

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Labour Councils and the Cuts

15-11-2013 22:55

Most Labour councillors are in it for the money so it is hardly surprising that they have not opposed the cuts.

We are entering the fourth year of drastic cuts in spending by local councils.  The basic cause is the Coalition Government’s austerity measures to pay back the money borrowed in 2008 to prop up failing banks.  We are being forced to pay for the folly of the bankers.


Many local councils, such as Nottingham City Council and Notts. County Council, are controlled by the Labour Party.  Yet not one council in the whole country has defied the Government by refusing to impose cuts on local services.  Labour councils have been just as ruthless in slashing spending as have the ones controlled by Tories and Lib-Dems..  If only a handful of councils stood up for the people by refusing to make cuts then this would create a national political crisis which the Government could not ignore.  But in the whole country only a few individual Labour councillors have voted against cuts budgets. 


Years ago most people who served on local councils did so out of a sense of public duty.  They genuinely wanted to improve their local communities.  These councillors received very little in expenses and allowances and not much time off work for council duties.  Being a local councillor was a demanding, time-consuming commitment. 

Now it is very different.  Councillors, especially those on county councils and unitary authorities, receive generous allowances and expenses.  For example, in 2012/13 the basic allowance received by Nottingham City councillors was £11,582 while for Notts. County it was £12,906.  On top of this many receive special responsibility allowances.  The leaders of the City and the County received totals of £46,855 and  £44,910 respectively.  The cabinet members of Labour-controlled Derbyshire County Council have given themselves  large pay rises. 

Some county councillors are also on district councils which brings them extra income.  Another source of  more money is allowances for serving on various public bodies.  Being a councillor can open up business opportunities, running consultancies, etc.  while others are in paid employment..  Yet others already have retirement pensions so their council allowances are a nice supplement to their incomes

 For many Labour councillors their political activities are in effect their jobs and  the main source of their income.  It is hardly surprising that they are not prepared to do anything—like resisting the cuts—which could threaten their positions as councillors.  They want the money!  These people will  carry on cutting services and sacking council workers because they don’t want to loose their lucrative positions.  They are our enemies, not our friends.


 Petitions, meetings and demonstrations have not stopped the Labour cutters.  It is time for direct action.

 Don’t pay Council Tax.  Already hundreds of thousands of people are withholding Council Tax payments.  Just as we did with the Poll Tax, starve councils of money thus creating a political crisis. 

Disrupt council proceedings.  Go into their budget-cutting meetings and stop them voting in cuts.  Also picket them at their homes.  Make them feel unwanted.









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Jeremy Hammond's Sentencing Statement [15/11/13]

15-11-2013 17:45

Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison, Anarchist Hacker Jeremy Hammond Uses Allocution to Give Consequential Statement Highlighting Global Criminal Exploits by FBI Handlers.

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To-day In Nottingham and beyond Radical Routes...TODAY!!!

15-11-2013 13:24

This weekend Radical Routes Weekend

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Queer Cinema Tomorrow- short film Boy Followed by Hard Candy

15-11-2013 01:01

Information about the Queer Cinema night tomorrow at 195 Mare street.

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AgainstGreece: 2 very possible 'pushbacks' in Greece

14-11-2013 23:30

#1 Evros, 12/11 wideley publised in greek news, 150 Syrians 'disappeared' in border vilage.

#2 Chios island, Aegean, 13/11, boat with 50 Syrians 'overturns' in border waters off Oinousses island, Turkish guards of coast rescued them and arrested an alleged smuggler. Greek coastguard is reported as "watching from a distance with a ship of the Chios coastguard". No attempt was made by them to help people in the sea.

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Methods of work of secret service

14-11-2013 19:12

Here are some examples how secret service work, it can be useful to those who don’t have experience with them. Of course, it has nothing with national security. In the West, they follow you on the basis of nationality, color of skin and religion. They make paranoia and create fears about immigrants in order to spread racism and justify repression (imprisoning and deportation) against immigrants.

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Extraordinary up-date on 'Pensioner Attacked' story

14-11-2013 09:56

What Katy Bourne doesn't want you to see.
Mr. David Joe Neilson, the main witness in the Katrina Taylor murder of 1996, has received a response as to why a 1.8 meter high fence was erected outside his house, providing the cover for an assailant to approach him unseen and attack him within an inch of his life.

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Jenny Willott MP Cardiff Bedroom Tax Eviction

14-11-2013 04:22

Tell Jenny Willott MP 1. Resign 2. Axe the Bedroom Tax 3. Hands off our Homes.
Friday 22 November at 2 pm, 38 The Parade (off City Road), Roath, Cardiff

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Final Stage in getting justice for child rape and unethical human medical trials

14-11-2013 03:02

document and recordings of a very painful and damaging process

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Libya almost Imploding, Status Quo Unsustainable

13-11-2013 08:23

Libya is Europe’s single largest oil supplier. Cutting the Libyan oil and gas supplies to Europe on the eve of a winter that weather forecasts predict to be a very cold one would be an excellent pretext for inviting a European military intervention in the country, which seems the only option left for the transitional government of Prime Minister Ali Zeidan that ran out of options for its survival.

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COPFS Letter sent with following evidence

13-11-2013 01:03

I think you should listen to the audio

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Cambridge Bedroom Tax Meeting.

12-11-2013 19:03

Speakers (l to r): John Marais, Daniel Zeichner, Dusty Miller, Liz Kitching.
On Friday November 8th about fifty people met at Arbury Community Centre in Cambridge to discuss the infamous Bedroom Tax.

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195 Free School - Mon 18th - Sun 24th Nov. Hackney, London

12-11-2013 16:11

A week of presentations, discussions, practical workshops and more.

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Queer, Queer, Queerlective, and Feminist Happenings at 195 Mare Street

12-11-2013 01:00

News and information about the ongoing Queer and Feminist events, happening at 195 Mare Street, a huge squatted social centre in Hackney; and information about upcoming happenings.

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Silence death instead of public execution in Iran, Rouhani’s message of change

11-11-2013 22:02

Diplomats from Islamic regime and the 5+1 group of “ world powers ” met in Geneva for a three-day meeting to discuss the issue of nuclear program in Iran. In their meeting there was no mention of the recent executions, torture and human rights abuse in Iran. We should not let the nuclear negotiations cast a shadow over human rights abuse under the Rohani’s regime.
“Don’t let their heartbeats stop!”
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