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UK Newswire Archive

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ETA bombs BAA HQ in Madrid

09-02-2009 13:02

A car bomb exploded in Madrid at 9am today near the offices of Ferrovial, owners of BAA. No one was injured. The Basque separatist organisation ETA has claimed responsibility.

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Planned Removal of Raphael and Oluseye Thursday 12th December

09-02-2009 12:53

Oluseye Shauba and her son Raphael nationals of Nigeria and residents of Bury are currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Thursday 12th February on British Airways flight BA0075 from terminal 5 Heathrow airport at 10:30hrs to Lagos.

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Police raid 'bomb factory' in Islington

09-02-2009 12:26

At 4am this morning, residents in a north london council block were woken by police and evacuated from their homes. No explanation was provided; however, one police officer did say that the police "have found substances that could be used to make bombs."

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Brighton Gaza Convoy - Latest News

09-02-2009 11:42

Two vehicles from Brighton will be joining the convoy - which to date
consists of over 50 vehicles, including a fire engine. To see their route
which will take 17 days go to  http://www.vivapale route.htm

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Top secret police force to spy on political Campaign groups

09-02-2009 11:22

Allo, allo, allo. What's going on here then? I'm Inspector Clouseau, of the Confidential Intelligence Unit, and I'm here to investigate rumours that you may be part of Plane Stupid, the anti-aviation direct action group with a penchant for bad puns. Have I found anything out? I can't tell you: all our intelligence is confidential.

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Targeting Bail-Out Scroungers Poster

09-02-2009 11:03

Have you seen any of these devious men?
One more attempt to undermine the capitalist system one bit further (a job it's quite good at doing these days anyway).

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Children Demonstrate for Gaza at Downing St

09-02-2009 10:32

Israel lie, Children Die; Stop Arming Israeli War Criminals
A children's demonstration for the children of Gaza and for
all children of Palestine took place in Whitehall opposite Downing
Street on Sunday 8 February. Pictures Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Reward Bankers Destroying Capitalism?

09-02-2009 10:11

First quote from

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A Short History of the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict: Past Is Prologue

09-02-2009 10:03

"The Greater Israel"

Zionism seeks "the restoration of tribalism in the guise of a modern, highly militaralized and aggressive state. (It) cut Jews off from (their) history and led to a fateful identity of interests with antisemitism (becoming) the only thing that united them.

Zionism justifies a Jewish ethnocracy with built-in structural inequalities. The Law of Return is for Jews alone. All laws are for Jews. On issues of land, housing, education and most everything, Jewish favoritism discriminates against Arabs.

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Around the Campaigns Monday 9th February 2009

09-02-2009 09:26

Patrick Masengo, still here after raising a stink
As Patrick was on the plane close to take off and not aware of last minute court order to stay removal, (it is still unclear whether the escorts were informed that a judge had stayed the removal), he decided to take on-board evasive action which made quite a stink (I kid you not) and resulted in Patrick being taken off the plane and returned to Colnbrook IRC. Patrick alleges he was roughed up on the plane and in the escort van. He has now been moved to Dover IRC. Thanks to all who faxed/emailed on Patrick's behalf.
Background: Keep Patrick Masengo in the UK, no removals to DR Congo

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AEC members tear gassed, beaten and arrested; residents lay blame on ANC

09-02-2009 05:26

Earlier today, Gugulethu SAPS burst into an Anti-Eviction Campaign mass meeting, tear-gassed and beat residents, and then arrested two AEC leaders, Mncedisi Twalo and Mbulelo Zuba.

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Anti-War Teach-In At MMU 11th of Feb

09-02-2009 03:06

Anti War Teach In : From Iraq to Palestine.
2pm - 9pm: Weds 11th February

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Thirteen more moon bears rescued from life of torture

09-02-2009 01:46

Moon bear arriving at Animals Asia sanctuary in Chengdu, China
Animals Asia Foundation on 6 February rescued 13 more moon bears, bringing to 260 the total number of bears the Hong Kong headquartered charity has saved from a life of torture on cruel bile farms in China.

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The great crime: The Israeli state

09-02-2009 01:41

The very existence of Israel is based on a refusal to treat the Palestinians on fair or equal terms, writes Arthur Goodman

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Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian farmers and internationals in al-Farahee

09-02-2009 01:33

Israeli soldiers again opened fire on Palestinian farmers and international Human Rights Workers (HRWs) on Thursday 5th February, as they attempted to harvest parsley in agricultural land near the Green Line.

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US congresswoman says to squat in foreclosed houses

09-02-2009 00:06

After an $850 billion bailout for Wall Street and another $25 billion for the auto industry, struggling homeowners still await large-scale government assistance. The Obama administration says it’s working out the details of its plan to stem foreclosures. In the absence of government action so far, some are taking action on the local level. In Michigan, Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans announced Monday he won’t enforce sales of foreclosed homes.

And in Ohio, Rep. Marcy Kaptur is encouraging homeowners facing foreclosures to stay in their homes. Meanwhile, the government-backed mortgage giant Fannie Mae has agreed to restructure mortgages after a campaign led by one of its biggest critics, the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America.

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Aftermath of wildcat at Israel Railways

08-02-2009 23:14

Using an inside source, an Israeli libertarian communist constructs an analysis of the picture behind the scenes at the recent wildcat of Israel Railways workers.

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Food is a human right, not a corporate commodity

08-02-2009 23:05

This is a response to a particularly bad Foreign Affairs article in which Collier, author of The Bottom Billion, suggests that what we need to combat hunger is to throw the peasant off the land, bring machinery to bear on agriculture, and plant GM crops.

It is, as Aal et al note, a full-speed backward vision of agriculture, filled with wild fantasies of infinite production and zero environmental or social consequences. Frankly, it's a Stalinist vision, one that owes more to the dreams and delusions of the 1950s than anything else. In the next issue of Foreign Affairs, Paul Collier presents his solution to the transportation crisis: nuclear-powered flying cars.

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ELF website hacked?

08-02-2009 22:58

Has the website of the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) been hacked with Viagra ads?

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The campaign for the bank users strike begins

08-02-2009 22:54

With this message from the Crisi collective, begins the Banks users strike
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