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UK Newswire Archive

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effects of nanotech on human cells

23-08-2006 23:10

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory have developed a screening method to examine how newly made nanoparticles — particles with dimensions on the order of billionths of a meter — interact with human cells following exposure for various times and doses. This has led to the visualization of how human cells interact with some specific types of carbon nanoparticles.

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The Dublin Port Tunnel Scam

23-08-2006 22:33

The €1 billion euro Dublin Port Project, directed by Halliburton subsidiary KBR, has been plagued with construction problems, and from this viewpoint alone looks like becoming another financial black hole to the benefit of a military contractor. But there is more to the story: back in 1990, when there was a chance to move Dublin Port, thus providing room for much-needed expansion and removing Port traffic from the city streets, the State chose instead to leave the Port where is was and instead build the Port Tunnel. Earlier this year, the Progressive Democrats, partner in the Irish government, revived the plan to move the Port, when the tunnel was almost complete. This article examines why.

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Israel's 'Moral High Ground' /War Crimes Identified

23-08-2006 19:50

The Olmert Extremists, aligned with American Neo-Fascists and Zionists, represent the greatest threat to the world today.

In pursuing their indefensible policies of Aggression and Mass Destruction, the Zionist Extremists have shown the world just who the Terrorists really are ...

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Israel Violates Cease-Fire Again/Olmert Faces Backl/Neo-Fascists Bang War Drums

23-08-2006 19:48

Remember that the ONLY people currently pushing for war are the criminal, Extremist Regimes which are currently controlled by Zionist Extremists. These people pose the biggest threat to you and your loved ones than any other so-called "terrorist" group. Remember that they've been ordered to refrain from military actions, unless they consult the UN - and support their accusations with evidence - before proceeding.

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GM - Back on the agenda?

23-08-2006 18:32

A chemical company has asked for permission to grow the first trial crop of genetically modified (GM) potatoes in the UK.

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Mexico: 1 dies in Oaxaca's growing unrest

23-08-2006 17:44

Thousands of protesters calling for Oaxaca Gov. Ulises Ruiz's resignation have occupied the southern city's center, taking over buses, setting up barricades and taking over radio and television stations to broadcast revolutionary messages. A group of masked men Monday fired on a government television station that the protesters have occupied since Aug. 1, injuring one man. Protesters responded by taking over 12 private stations and blocking the city's four main entrances with buses.

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Radiant Future

23-08-2006 17:29

"At the beginning of the 20th century, Germany was Europe's leading power but we made wrong decisions and experienced a total disaster.. We yielded to our hegemonial ambitions.. But we underestimated Europe's anti-hegemonial instincts If you strive for hegemony, you and the whole region will be the losers."
(Joschka Fischer at the Teheran Center for Strategic Research, August 2006)

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Area Commander Dan Stephens Betrays Merseysiders

23-08-2006 17:22

The face of a traitor
In an disgraceful betrayal of his fellow firefighters and the people of Merseyside in general, Area Commander Dan Stephens has used the Liverpool Echo to claim that "more than 100" scabs will cross FBU picket lines next week.

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Mersey's waste dumped in Wrexham - update and call for action

23-08-2006 17:15

Mersey Waste Holdings began dumping Merseyside's waste in Wales today, at Hafod Quarry, Johnstown, near Wrexham. The entrance to the site was blockaded for a while this morning until police removed the protesters. More support needed from Wrexham and Merseyside people to stop this happening.

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Archbishop Fiorenza, Assassination & the Houston 911-2B

23-08-2006 16:50

Sergeant First Class Donald Buswell, a member of the mysterious cyber-intelligence group, Ghost Troop, recently became a worldwide figure of interest with the mainstream publication of the Army's reaction to his "911 heresey." He failed to uphold the official line of 19 Arabs with boxcutters doing the 911 attacks, and for that is now a target. There's a deeper, more sinister story of just how far the Army went to try to silence its best know dissident, and how little Catholic Church officials who knew of his predicament were willing to do to defend him.

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IDF soldier killed, three others hurt, in South Lebanon

23-08-2006 16:37

An Israel Defense Forces soldier was killed and three others were wounded Wednesday when a mine exploded in southern Lebanon, close to the border with Israel. One of the wounded soldiers, a company commander, was in moderate-to-serious condition; a battalion commander sustained moderate wounds and another solider was lightly injured.The incident apparently occurred when the tank in which the three were traveling ran over an old IDF mine, planted before the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000.

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English judge 'aiding and abetting' Israeli-UK war crimes

23-08-2006 16:24

Amnesty today identified the recent Israeli war crimes in Lebanon.

Human Rights Watch identified UK collusion with these war crimes.

Now an English Judge has ruled in favour of genocide.

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23-08-2006 16:09

!! Odd gaps, missing background, a bias that seems further "pro-war" than in favour of israel or palestine, patriot or internationalist, is the strange "odour you dont see" that comes from pretty much ALL the press in the last couple of weeks - regardless of its alleged position in the "spectrum of opinion" - - - - as odd events in the middle east seem to try to blow any peace chance, -"immigration" buttons!!

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Stop the Oxford Lab – Direct action

23-08-2006 15:14

a cross post from another message board about direct action against the oxford animal lab on Sept 9th.

From some people calling themselves the....veganarchists

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York IMC launch meeting - 12 September

23-08-2006 15:11

New Independent Media Centre to be launched in York, 12 September

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Corporate War Machine Gathers Speed

23-08-2006 14:25

There is strong evidence that as the Bush administration is mulling over plans to bomb Iran, the simmering conflict between high-ranking military professionals and militaristic civilian leaders is bursting into the open.

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Squatters Support Group

23-08-2006 12:35

Sheffield Squatters Support Group: Emergency meeting

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Set Free to Molest Again - a breech of duty of trust - Tony Blair

23-08-2006 12:23

I think the title pretty much says it all. When all the world deplores, hates - whatever word you use to describe the venom, most parents feel towards these subhuman creatures - a child molester and every man and his dog knows they cannot be rehabilitated... what inhumane bastard would set them free? Is that not a breech of duty of care? Has the world gone mad? Does no one care about the kids in our own country who are consistently being placed at risk by SETTING CHILD MOLESTERS FREE?

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Blockade happening now - Mersey waste dumping in Wrexham

23-08-2006 12:14

Very short notice but there are people standing in front of wagons
trying to dump Liverpool's waste in Wales at the Hafod Quarry,
Johnstown, near Wrexham.

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Oxford police get busy over Aki Nawaz meeting

23-08-2006 12:12

Police officers tried to block a meeting in an Oxford church hall because it featured Aki Nawaz of radical Muslim hip-hop act Fun-Da-Mental, according to the organisers.
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