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UK Newswire Archive

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Catholic Worker Vigil at Watford Army Recruitment Centre

20-03-2012 18:46

Catholic Worker Vigil outside Army recruitment centre in Watford 1
Eight Catholic Workers held a peaceful vigil at Watford Army Recruitment centre on March 20th.

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Myriad Reasons To Avoid The Toxins Of Petrefying Animal And Fish Flesh

20-03-2012 17:24

Today March 20th for many years has been Meatout Day, when millions are urged
to kick the meat habit.

There are ethical, health, environmental, food yield,
energy, aesthetic, economic and spiritual reasons to avoid
animal flesh.

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Bristol: March 21st: Solidarity demo for Luciano Tortuga

20-03-2012 16:50

Bristol: March 21st: Solidarity demo for Luciano Tortuga
Meet 11:30AM outside Bristol Central Library

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The Tribulation Of The Innocent Cows Part I

20-03-2012 15:27

Stop The Slaughter, Stop The Abbatoir, Free The Cows and Free The People Of Palestine...

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Stop State Repression against ANTI-KKNPP Activists

20-03-2012 14:52

Dear All,

Kudankulam was encircled by more than 10,000 police, rapid action force. Each village is also encircled by police force. We need to alert each and everyone across the nation. People outside Tamilnadu spread the news. Join hands to protect the people and protest... Fear of life loss prevails as the Police tightens security and arrests the protestors,at one point there will be a violence break out protestors being stubborn to fight the situation. Very sad. we need urgent support from national and international human rights organisation and journalist organisation as Police warned media to leave the place of the protesters immediately

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NHS Vigil in Newcastle: Friendly or farcical?

20-03-2012 12:55

So last night there was a Candle lit Vigil at Newcastle's Grey's Monument embraced the onward rushing bill that stands to destroy our health service. The usual crowd attended, a minutes silence was even held. All well and good for mourning a loss, and of course a very pretty photo opportunity which is appealing to the public. this is important. However something still feels missing.

I appologise to the organisers of this event but i have to ask: is this not a bit late? And if we are drawing in the public what to? We are surely past the point of simple letter writing on this issue, so should we not be trying to inspire greater action? and what were you trying to show? Does a vigil not imply a loss already enacted? In this way is a candle lit vigil not sort of implicitly accepting of the loss of the service? I mean it implies mourning for a loss, as opposed to a will to fight to regain it! What is the message, what ultimatum doe it give the government? Stop or we'll be very very sad? Stop or we'll all stand still and quietly with candles? All they'll do is pass the bill, and maybe buy shares in a candle company...

Much as i am sure the Tories were quaking in their boots at the sight of a passive ceremony some several hundred miles away from their home counties stronghold, i think this level of passivity just goes to show why bills like this can get through, when it gets to the punch we just turn and take it, and those that understand may have a tear in their eye. Surely the final enacting of the bill, and then its removal from the parliamentary agenda, should neccessitate an escalation. I mean something that had a chance of being noticed by those passing the bill would be nice. But the NHS movement need to think about stronger action, something worthy of the fact that the fight is now not just going to be through the official channels to block a bill, but is going to be about forcing them to reverse legislation they have passed.

This bland acceptance feels almost like complicitude.

If you are being assaulted do you just hold up a candle for the blood you just lost from ur lip? or do you fight back?!

The NHS campaign and others need to think about these sorts of things if we are to have any hope of success. Its not just about taking some action, its about trying to work ougt what action can even be effective!

I do not mean this as an attack but merely hope to promote debate. We have been using tactics like this for half a century and, in the face of clear malevolence from the top, I wonder weather tactics of this liberal nature alone have the capacity to influence change...

critical review of Newcastle Anti NHS Reforms Vigil Demonstration 19/03/2012

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Claiming Responsibility For Recent Counterattacks

20-03-2012 12:53

Palestinian Child
"The child that is hungry must be fed, the child that is sick must be nursed, the child that is backward must be helped, the delinquent child must be reclaimed, and the orphan and the waif must be sheltered and succored." - Israel in settling lands and dropping bombs on Palestine regularly violates these rights - one law for the rich one law for the poor?

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Target Barclays Sat 24th of March in Brighton

20-03-2012 12:33

During the last month Jordan Valley Solidarity, Brighton and Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Smash EDO and students from Sussex university have held two very successful demos against Barclays' investments in Israel and the arms trade. We will return again this Saturday. Come along to Barclays, 139-142 North Street, Brighton on the 24th help us make this one a success!

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Greece, Athens: Antifascist demo (photos)

20-03-2012 09:37

Greece, Athens: Antifascist demo

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RSVP - Mon 09 APRIL 1400hrs - Come Celebrate the launch of Veterans for Peace UK

20-03-2012 09:28

Veterans for Peace UK - Our Stories, Our Aims, Our Actions.

Celebrate the launch of Veterans for Peace UK.
Easter Monday 09 April 2012 1400hrs (2pm)
Come and hear veterans speak the truth about war.

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The New Walking Dead

20-03-2012 07:09

They created the crisis and they offers now as the saviors. 2012 can not bring anything good having put wolves caring the hen house.

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End:Civ film screening April 17th Wagon N' Horses Birmingham

20-03-2012 00:57

END:CIV film screening followed by talk with Director & Producer Franklin Lopez
When: April 17th, 7:00pm
Where: Wagon 'n Horses, 28 Adderley Street, Digbeth Birmingham, B9 4AD
Entry: Voluntary Donation

This culture will eat you alive
Fight back; resist & survive

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Squatting law vote in House of Lords today tues 20th march

20-03-2012 00:27

Squatting law vote in House of Lords today tues 20th march

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His story told by his mother .......

20-03-2012 00:10

His story told by his mother: Ayoub Asalya, 12 years old, killed by an Israeli missile ........

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Koodankulam Anti - Nuclear Struggle

19-03-2012 23:47

We look forward communities with humanist concerns, working at National and International levels to raise their voices in support of the protestors who have dared to brave formidable state machinery against all odds, upholding democratic traditions.

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Nothing is secret inside HLS - Major leak goes public

19-03-2012 23:06

Once again SHAC reveals HLS’ dirty secrets… They can’t run and they can’t hide!
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