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UK Newswire Archive

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Nottm Animal Rights Events

17-08-2009 23:04

Animal Rescue working party, Greyhound action, exotic pet trade demo and more...

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URGENT: Call-out for international day of action for Thodoris Iliopoulos, 24.8

17-08-2009 21:49

The solidarity initiative for Thodoris Iliopoulos has released the following call-out. Please translate it and repost it in as many languages as you can. If you do a translation, please post as a comment here or e-mail us. You can find more posts on Thodoris here

On the day of action, Thodoris will be on the 45th day of his hunger strike; his situation is already critical. The last prisoner of December’s revolt must be freed – now!

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Whats going on in Mayo? Rossport Update

17-08-2009 20:46

Overview of the Rossport Solidarity campaign in the last few months: the Solitaire, actions, on-land section, arrests, assaults, strategy, planning appeal, mobilising and more!

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Thodoros Iliopoulos: everlasting protest

17-08-2009 18:48

The interview that follows was conducted by Ntina Daskalopoulou and published in an Athens daily this morning. It is translated and posted here as is: with no comments, additions or explanations – none is needed. After 36 days on hunger strike, Thodoros’ words are crystal clear. In his face, the State has found an enemy to unleash all its revanchist rage, some rage in reality directed against an ever-growing current of disobedience, resistance and solidarity. As long as there are people like Thodoros standing up to the wrath of the State, the next December will always be close. In the struggle against their order, Thodoros is not alone — trans.

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Israel: Obama’s end-of-the-year deadline to Iran has been moved up to September

17-08-2009 17:45

President Obama's ultimatum to Iran on a BBC interview ten days before Iran's presidential elections went largely unnoticed by the world media.

Yesterday, the Israeli ambassador to US announced that Obama's end-of-the-year deadline has now been brought forward to September.

As the US/UK/Israeli war lobby is paving the ground for yet another imperialist invasion, "anti-war" initiatives across Europe and North America show signs of total capitulation...

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Artivism on Mill Road!

17-08-2009 16:03

Cheerfully resistng!
Last Saturday (15/8/200) from midday about fifty people not only picketed but turned into an art installation the area in front of the proposed Tescos store on Mill Road, Cambridge.

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American Health Insurance Compromise or Hypocrisy

17-08-2009 16:02

To Hell with THIS kind of CHANGE

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Five activists walk straight into Faslane nuclear weapons base – *breaking news*

17-08-2009 15:51

Trident Ploughshares, Monday August 17, 2009 – 16:40pm – for immediate release

This afternoon five peace activists from nonviolent direct action group Trident Ploughshares walked unchallenged straight into Faslane naval base in Scotland, the home of Britain ’s nuclear-armed Trident submarines, making a mockery of security for Britain’s “strategic nuclear deterrent.” The five are currently still inside the base.

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Animal Rights Cambridge has New Website

17-08-2009 15:50

Animal Rights Cambridge Website

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Palestine Today 081709

17-08-2009 15:47


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Monday, August 17th 2009.

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Manchester Fire Fighters to go on strike?

17-08-2009 15:43

There are signs that a new round of strikes by fire fighters could take place in the next month. The government could face industrial action on a scale not seen since the Fire Brigades’ Union (FBU) in 2002.

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Italy, Germany and Japan: Former World War II Axis Nations Repudiate Bans agains

17-08-2009 15:42

U.S. military, especially air, bases in Germany, Italy and Japan have been used in every major military campaign waged by the Pentagon from the Korean War to the current one in Afghanistan for basing bombers and for the transit of troops, weapons and equipment.

So despite constitutional requirements to repudiate and renounce and bans against preparing for war, the three former Axis nations have indeed been partners to a series of armed conflicts for sixty years.

But for most of that period, indeed for almost a half century, the nations' legal prohibitions against direct military aggression have been observed even in the breach.

With the return of Germany, Italy and Japan to waging and supporting wars and the revival of Nazi sentiments in Europe a student of the future could be forgiven for thinking that the Axis powers were the victors and not the losers of World War II and that the Nuremberg trials had never occurred.

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Peace pensioner Irene jailed again

17-08-2009 15:14

Irene blockades Devonport submarine base, Aug 08 - Photo: S. Lasenby
Peace and environmental activist and Trident Ploughshares member Irene Willis, 64, originally from Essex but now living in Tregaron, Wales was released from jail last Wednesday, August 12th after serving 10 days of a 20 day sentence at HMP Eastwood in Bristol for non-payment of fines totalling £638 imposed for her part in nonviolent protests against nuclear weapons and the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon between 2006-8.

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Report of anti BNP protest in Codnor with 20 photos

17-08-2009 15:09

This a 1,300 word report of the anti-BNP protest in Codnor on Saturday 15th August with 20 photos.

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Barclays targeted for Elijah Smith

17-08-2009 14:39

The second largest investor of EDO MBM/ITT, Barclays, last night had bank doors glued shut and ATMs glued up then smashed in Somerset. This was in celebration of Elijah Smith’s birthday. Happy 44th!

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Job Centre Plus is not working

17-08-2009 14:33

Job Centres do little to help the unemployed other than treat them to degrading and humiliating treatment.

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Anti-NIKE-alization of Miyashita Park.30/31st,August.For homeless and public use

17-08-2009 09:13

Art-class of ENOARU cafe in "tent city" of Yoyogi Park
Nike has bought development rights to the Miyashita Park, Sibuya, central Tokyo. With it they plan to make it a commercial project rather than a public space that has been used for all sorts of actvities. For example any kind of art has always been guareented to be exhibited there whatever the political connotation. The public lose the rights on 30/31st of August of which they will hold a 2 day event. Some of the homeless are also fighting as parks are the only place they can squat. More homeless are envitable with the global financial crisis and by law the only places they can not be removed are public parks. At the bottom is the translated callout.

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The March of Hell. Our Japanese Cousins are some of the most oppressed activists

17-08-2009 08:08

Photo of a speech using a giant puppet which was also used to protest with.
This network of activists are constantly harrassed more so than our country by ultra-nationalists and police alike. Since I've been here and there is little connections at all between them and Europe. The 15th of August, where 14 war criminals are commemorated alongside the dead. I'll describe what is apparently the most hardcore protest of the year for the left as there's no news anywhere. Kyoto university just had an occupation. Apparently that is not unusual. Why isn't it somewhere? There is a sort of mini Burning Man festival in the countryside next week. A 2 day Anti-Nike event after. They have a 'drifter's` union of young people who drift from cornershop and restaurant shops with no sicial mobility. Nothing like that gets through. Please look at the videos of youtube at the end and read the Japan Times article on the 15th of August demonstration.

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Urgent Plea from Radio Progreso

17-08-2009 01:13

" All of the sudden, Gustavo Cardoza said that a policeman was pointing his weapon at him and immediately reported that other police were coming after him. Our reporter tried to run, and told them that he was a reporter for Radio Progreso. It was then that we heard his cries, and the blows that our reporter was receiving.
The transmission from our reporter was abruptly suspended."
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