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UK Newswire Archive

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Obama: Manufacturing A Savior––A Case Study In Social Engineering, Zahir Ebrahim

12-10-2009 11:56

Is the Norwegian Nobel Committee imbecilic? Or is it under the influence of some bizarre psychotropically induced “hope” that President Barack Obama might end World War IV sooner than expected? That American bombs, and American sponsored destabilizations and balkanizations, while bringing peace, might kill fewer innocent civilians and destroy fewer nations than thought earlier? What's really going on here? The Manufacturing of a 'Savior'.

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Free Iran: 36 Ashraf Hostages in Iraq were released

12-10-2009 09:00

36 hostages released hunger strike ended in London
Free At last, after 72 days, the 36 Ashraf residents, who had been abducted, were released and safely returned to Camp Ashraf.
Many of the hostages, who were on a hunger strike, are seriously ill but in a very high spirit. They were immediately taken to Ashraf medical center for treatment.

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New pamphlet: After Makhno (Hidden histories of Anarchism in the Ukraine)

12-10-2009 08:51

The Kate Sharpley Library are pleased to announce our new pamphlet containing two essays on Makhnovist opposition in the Ukraine after the triumph of Bolshevism.

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AUDACITY IN NORWAY!: It's a morbid joke, right? Barack Obama? Nobel Peace Prize?

12-10-2009 02:58

The Audacity of Hype! Not since Henry Kissinger was given "the Peace Prize" in 1973 has the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize involved such a sad and tragic irony. Between now and delivering his "Peace" Prize acceptance speech, Obama will be sending drones to bomb mostly collaterally innocent people every week (in their homes, marketplaces, villages, and even wedding parties). He will be continuing to operate George 'Dubya' Bush's practically beyond-the-law, rendition-torture gulags (notoriously, Gitmo & Bagram). He will be expanding the technological advancements, types and potential "usability" of U.S. nuclear weapons (while supposedly also being awarded "for his attempts to curb nuclear proliferation"). And, he will be, upon their every request, militarily resupplying a racist apartheid state (Israel) with cumulatively billions of dollars worth of cluster, DIME and phosphorus bombs, no matter how many fleeing families upon whom that state will use those execrable terror weapons. The Nobel Peace Committee must still be high on the 'Obamalade' to make such a blatant mockery of what the Nobel prize for peace(!) should stand for. Or, should they now call it the Nobel "Peace Is War" Prize? [ --JA]

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World boycott campaign to Chiquita for its support of the Coup d’ Etat in Honduras

12-10-2009 02:50

we are promoting a world campaign to boycott Chiquita which supports the Coup d'Etat in Honduras. It is very important to spread the word in these critical moments and to try to help the Resistence to defeat coup participants.

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No Borders protest at Becket House immigration reporting centre, London

11-10-2009 21:39

A handful of No Borders activists held a protest on Friday, 9th October, outside (and inside) Becket House immigration reporting centre in south London, demanding the immediate closure of this horrible place. After 'intimidating' staff and security guards with their 'scary' banner and leafleting passers-by, protesters had a tour inside the secure car park, where snatch squads' and G4S vans were waiting to take detainees arrested there to detention centres across the country.

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Peace Prize winner Obama: We will target al Qaeda wherever they take root

11-10-2009 19:29

In his first nine months in office, the “Nobel Peace Prize winner” President Obama did nothing else other than promoting the US imperialist agenda in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

As the US is preparing to expand the scale of its global reign of terror, we will be constantly bombarded with such insane propaganda until the time when even the most gullible people realize what is really going on.

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Activists Occupy Sainsbury’s, S. Kensington in Opposition to the sale of Settlement Goods

11-10-2009 19:17

Activists enter Sainsburys in West London in solidarity with the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanction initiative to free Palestine from Israeli occupation. The action lasted approximately 20 minutes and despite a police presence there were no arrests.

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Peak oil before 2020 a 'significant risk', say experts

11-10-2009 19:15

There is a “significant risk” that conventional oil production will peak before 2020, and forecasts that delay the event beyond 2030 are based on assumptions that are “at best optimistic and at worst implausible”. So says a major new report that puts the excitement over recent ‘giant’ oil discoveries in perspective and directly contradicts the British government’s position. It also warns that failure to recognize the threat of peak oil could undermine efforts to combat climate change.

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Troops Out of Afghanistan - national demonstration

11-10-2009 18:40

The majority of people in Britain want the troops out of Afghanistan now. They know this war is unwinnable and unjustifiable. The demonstration on Saturday 24 October will give voice to that majority who say the troops must come home now.

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EDL Outnumbered in Manchester Protest

11-10-2009 18:17

Clashes between police and protestors took place in Manchester city centre yesterday as the neo-fascist English Defence League (EDL) attempted to hold an anti-Islam demonstration. The EDL were met by a large anti-fascist counter demonstration, centred around Unite Against Fascism (UAF).

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Climate Activists Cheer 'Two Down, One To Go', As Great Climate Swoop Looms

11-10-2009 18:00

Climate activists have been celebrating a double victory this week, while
continuing plans to take control of a second power station this weekend.

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Urgent! - Solidarity Demo for Amadeu Casellas, Oct 12, London

11-10-2009 17:45

Long-term anarchist prisoner Amadeu needs your solidarity and support!!

He has been on hunderstrike for 85+ days and now is refusing water - this situation is urgent - for anyone who can make this demo in London, please attend!!

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Easy Jet Event to Encourage Israeli Tourism Picketed by Pro-Palestine Demonstrators

11-10-2009 17:33

Pro-Palestine Supporters picketed the start of a 5 day Israeli Tourism event held in Spitalfields market, East London. Despite efforts by Israeli security to get demonstrators to move, police made no efforts to move them on to the frstration of the Pro-Israel organisers.

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The 300-350 Show: Forests in the Copenhagen Deal

11-10-2009 16:35

Yesterday Europe blocked the protection of natural forests at the Bangkok Climate Talks. Is the Prince of Wales Rainforest Project (PRP) Emergency Package a viable alternative solution for forests? We speak to Tony Juniper, special advisor to PRP and former director of Friends of the Earth.

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Greenpeace activists take parliament roof

11-10-2009 16:21

Fifty-five Greenpeace volunteers have scaled the walls of the Houses of Parliament and are now occupying the roof to call for for a new style of politics in Britain, one capable of rising to meet the challenge of climate change.

Tomorrow MPs return from their summer break and the government's own Committee on Climate Change will publish a progress report on UK carbon emissions. They make it clear that Britain is not doing enough to meet its commitments, and insist that a "step change" in emissions cuts is needed. With just 60 days go until the critical climate summit in Copenhagen - which faces a very real chance of failure as things stand - Britain has yet to show true commitment to making the process a success. We need politicians who are thinking about the next generation, not just the next election.

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Anti-Zippos Circus Poster

11-10-2009 15:26

Very simple anti-zippos post

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Cambridge going for Foie Gras Ban – Please vote in poll!

11-10-2009 15:18

We need your help. Please vote!
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