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UK Newswire Archive

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12 March: Wandsworth - Ben Griffin of Veterans for Peace speaks about Pvt Chelsea Manning

10-03-2014 15:22

The Cost of Exposing the Truth: The Case of Pvt Manning

with speaker Ben Griffin of Veterans for Peace UK.

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London event highlighting plight of Afghan women.

10-03-2014 12:45

Afghan Women in 2014, INFO night.
18 March

An evening in support of the Organisation Promoting Afghan Womens Capabilities (OPAWC) one of Afghanistan's longest active and radical women's groups. Food will be provided.


Ewa Jasiewicz has recently returned from Kabul and will share what she has seen of life for Afghan women 12 years on from the overthrow of the Taliban by NATO.

Guy Smallman has been working with OPAWC since 2010 and will do a slideshow presentation of OPAWC's projects in Kabul and Farah province.

Facebook event:

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Five minors face long years for a crime that unlikely ever happened

10-03-2014 10:42

Friday 14 March 2014 marks the one year anniversary of the kidnapping and imprisonment of five Palestinian teenagers (at the time aged 15-17) for alleged stone-throwing, following a settler car accident that took place close to their village of Hares in Salfit district (West Bank), Palestine. In what clearly appears to be a trumped-up case with no hard evidence of a crime or eyewitness accounts that would link these particular boys to the accident, they are being charged with 20 counts of attempted murder each and are facing long years in prison.

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Tear Down The Walls: Prison Abolition Speaking Tour

10-03-2014 00:51

Tour Poster
There are currently 85,690 people held in prison, not including people detained under the Mental Health Act, in Secure Children’s homes or in Immigration detention. The prison population of Britain has doubled over the last twenty years.

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YOU CANNOT DIE IN HELL: Using Indefinite Detention for Political and Religious P

09-03-2014 22:57

Once you are born a creature (and irrespective of your personal circumstances which can vary greatly) that is as you were forced into existence (not by any choice on your part but according to European religious dogma originating in the Middle East) not just for a lifetime on earth but also forever after by some notion of an immortal soul, so then you are also forced into an immortality (almost like a vampire who too can never truly die in literature) and irrespective of however terrifying such an immortality might present itself. “What kind of God (or Yahweh) would put a soul, any soul (no matter how supposedly evil in human terms) into an eternal length of torture—and never having to contemplate acquiescence—what kind of compassion is that? This is as extreme of cruelty and barbarity as one could espouse. Such cosmic outcome, supposedly as Divine Justice, doesn’t even reach the categories of mere human ideas to justice.

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Public meetings in Bristol & Avonmouth about new Biomass Power Station

09-03-2014 21:50

Following the successful campaign to delay the W4B biofuel power station planned in Avonmouth a new 100 megawatt Helius biomass power plant station has been approved by central government. It is currently seeking investment and can’t proceed without subsidy.

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08.03.2014 - Newcastle Anti Badger-Cull March + video

09-03-2014 21:40

On the 8th March 2014 there was a march against the Badger Cull.

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American Fukushima

09-03-2014 18:13

On 3rd anniversary of Fukushima, two authors report American reactors are unsafe at any speed. Shocking risk. Plus audio from March 2 XL Pipeline dissent protest in D.C. & letter from youth. Radio Ecoshock 140312

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ALF Activists Jailed in 1980s Appealing Convictions Due to Police Involvement

09-03-2014 12:16

Andrew Clarke and Geoff Sheppard were convicted of planting incendiary devices at Debenhams stores in Romford and Luton in 1987. An undercover police officer allegedly planted a third device at a branch in Harrow to help convict the men.

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Wave of UK protests to mark anniversary of Fukuhima disaster

09-03-2014 10:28

Protester calling for an end to nuclear power
Opponents of nuclear power will be converging all over the UK to mark the third anniversary of the ongoing Fukushima disaster - and to highlight the precarious state of Britain’s own nuclear reactors.

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Killing Hope

09-03-2014 10:14

US Military and CIA Interventions
U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II ...... Is the United States a force for democracy? In this classic and unique volume that answers this question, William Blum serves up a forensic overview of U.S. foreign policy spanning sixty years. For those who want the details on our most famous actions (Chile, Cuba, Vietnam, to name a few), and for those who want to learn about our lesser-known efforts (France, China, Bolivia, Brazil, for example), this book provides a window on what our foreign policy goals really are.

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indian heritage online

09-03-2014 06:38

indian heritage in the virtual world

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Letter from John Bowden about his parole application

08-03-2014 13:17

Please sign the petition to the Parole Board for England and Wales and the Scottish Prison Service to release John Bowden

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What does the Invasion of Yalta Mean for the European Peninsula?

08-03-2014 11:30

Once again it is an anachronism out of the book: When the originator of the international treaty under which Russia had pulled its occupation troops out of central Europe was found dead after a briefing by Cameron´s spies, it was determined that the series of such encounters which included other Elders of the London madman´s monarchist junta might be an indication that just like the „14 Points“ of 1917 switched the war up a gear, a strong intervention had begun to shatter the malicious apparatus from within, resulting in the phenomenon of these among the cannibals who had been believing their own lies coming home to roost. It was the Thatcher deal of 1990, under which the Russian military had evacuated its people from Europe, in a surprise development akin to Stalin standing up and walking out from the bleached photograph with Churchill and Roosevelt that was made at the signing ceremony of the Yalta treaty in 1943. 71 years later, his heir has walked back in, and these of the two others are found to have changed sides to the then enemy. It is the same as every time a ratification procedure is stalled: Signatures become empty words and the latter then turn into moronic treason. But now a glimpse of hope seems to have arrived on the horizon of the subcontinent that the occupation might end in the foreseeable future.

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Ukraine is a burp of what USA did in Syria

08-03-2014 10:19

The XI Paralympic Winter Games are opening in Sochi today, March 7th. As many as 600 athletes from 45 countries will take part in the competitions. For the first time in the history of Paralympic Winter Games, athletes from Brazil, Turkey and Uzbekistan will be presented. Within ten days, they will compete for 72 sets of medals in alpine skiing, biathlon, cross country skiing ice sledge hockey, and wheelchair curling.

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Ukraine: US, EU, Look in the Mirror !

06-03-2014 21:50

Ukraine: Don't Blame President Putin - US, EU, Look in the Mirror. ......... "If you can keep your head, when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you ..." ("If", Rudyard Kipling, 1865-1936.) The delusional and mind stretching hypocrisy of Western leaders and spokespeople regarding the outcome of external meddling in the Ukraine increasingly mirrors King George 111 whose: "life and reign were marked by a series of military conflicts involving his kingdoms, much of the rest of Europe, and places farther afield in Africa, the Americas and Asia ..."

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Stephen Lawrence cover-up cop's bar in Menorca

06-03-2014 15:59

DS John Davidson interviewed witness 24 hours after racist murder, who gave names and addresses of killers, but failed to act (he was pals with the gangster daddy of one of the killers).
He took his police pension and bought a bar in Menorca which he is now selling (can't guess why!).
Why not visit before he gets shot of it?

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No to Fracking in Solent Benefit Featuring Seize The Day

06-03-2014 13:17

Frackin' Party!!With Seize The Day!:@)

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Brighton Anniversary Miners Benefit

06-03-2014 12:46

8/03/14 Friends Meeting House in Brighton..Miners,Music.etc...1pm...

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On Ukraine, Ashton & Paet Discussed ... audio!

06-03-2014 10:34

On Ukraine, Ashton & Paet Discussed "Same Snipers" Shooting Both Sides ...... On Ukraine more leaked audio has emerged on YouTube, in what we're calling Kwikileaks, of the EU's Catherine Ashton and Estonia's Foreign Minister Urmas Paet. Click here for audio , particularly from Minute 8:30.
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