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UK Newswire Archive

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Action: Disabled Campaigners are planning to protest against the DWP

17-04-2008 13:30



ACTION: Disabled Campaigners are planning to protest against the DWP
(Adelphi House, 1 to 10 John Adams Street, WC2) at lunchtime today (17th

We will be delivering a letter for James Purnell (Work and Pensions
Secretary) and will be requesting a meeting with him.

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Disabled People's Direct Action Network occupy DWP Office

17-04-2008 13:13

People campaigning against the Govt's draconian welfare reforms have occupied a major DWP office in London

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Biofools day: Cargill factory blocked in Ghent (Belgium)

17-04-2008 13:03

This morning thirty activist of "agrocrisis" blocked the gates of the Cargill factory in Ghent (Belgium). Several activist are chained to the main gate blocking entrance to trucks.

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Peaceful eco-campaigners persecuted by Police

17-04-2008 12:23

Five members of the Edinburgh Clown Army (1) were detained and charged after a peaceful and humorous biofuels protest in Bruntsfield (2). They were charged with a breach of the peace on Wed 16th, despite eye witness accounts stating that they were peaceful and friendly. The Clowns were all treated badly, and one woman was singled out and intimidated by the police while she was in custody.

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Protests to UK Prime Minister - Scrap Biofuel Targets / Scrap RTFO

17-04-2008 12:07

People before Cars
Hundreds of people in London and groups across the UK held protests against the introduction of mandatory biofuel blending on April Biofools Day. A protest was held later outside Downing Street, with speakers from Colombia, Campaign against Climate Change, Friends of the Earth, Global Forest Coalition, GM Freeze and Biofuelwatch condemning the government’s decision to go ahead with their biofuel policy against overwhelming evidence of catastrophic impacts on climate, communities, biodiversity and food security.

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Hundreds in UK Protests call for Biofuel Targets to be Scrapped

17-04-2008 11:51

UK Government Biofools
Hundreds of people in London and groups across the UK held protests against the introduction of mandatory biofuel blending today. A lunchtime protest was held outside the Department for Transport, Tuesday April 15th, April Biofools Day.

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Critical Mass and Demo at Sizewell Nuclear Power Station

17-04-2008 11:48

It should be very fluffy and fun and it's next to the beach!

Critical Mass and Demo at Sizewell Nuclear Power Station
Mayday Mayday: Invasion of the Climate Snatchers

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15th anniversary of Lucasville prison uprising

17-04-2008 09:40

‘They rose above their status as prisoners, and became, for a few days …what rebels in Attica had demanded a generation before them: men. As such, they did not betray each other; they did not dishonour each other; they reached beyond their prison “tribes” to reach commonality.’ Mumia Abu-Jamal

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NHS campaign fundraiser

17-04-2008 07:52

A fundraiser for Keep Our NHS Public is being held in Brighton this weekend.

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Sailors weren't in Iraqi waters - MoD

17-04-2008 07:43

The Times just published a Freedom of Information request about the location of the 15 British sailors 'kidnapped' by Iran last March. The Defence Secretary told parliament that they were in Iraqi waters when he already knew that this was a lie. The Iraqi brigadier in charge of these waters immediately rubbished UK claims but was ignored in the mainstream media.

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Babs Tucker "... it's the Kids ... stupid"

17-04-2008 06:49

Video of arrest on 26th February 2008

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We Are Change UK - 11th of every month: US Embassy

17-04-2008 02:31

Members of We Are Change UK visited the United States Embassy in London this April 11th in support of the international autonomous grassroots campaign 'The Eleventh of Every Month'.

We encountered some Iraqi refugee's and a large number of police officers.

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Lecturers to join teachers' strike

16-04-2008 23:29

College lecturers in England have voted to strike on Thursday 24 April in support of a demand to bring their pay up to that of schoolteachers.

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20,000 Birmingham council workers to strike

16-04-2008 23:27

20,000 GMB, UNISON, AMICUS, TGWU (Unite) and UCATT members will strike alongside teachers and lecturers against council plans to use ‘Single Status’ negotiations to cut pay and jobs.

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Shelter charity workers to strike again

16-04-2008 23:24

Workers at homelessness charity Shelter will be striking on 24 April alongside tens of thousands of other workers against attacks on pay and conditions.

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Picket of Border & Immigration Agency, Cardiff

16-04-2008 22:21

No Borders South Wales have another one of their regular pickets.

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Royal Blackmail - This week's grapevine rumour

16-04-2008 21:49

David Armstrong Jones, Viscount Linley (12th in line to the throne!)
Could the Linley rumours be correct? No special treatment under the law for royals. Radar has named David Armstrong Jones, Viscount Linley (12th in line to the throne!), as the victim of England's new tabloid blackmail obsession.

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Latuff's Palestine-Israel-Lebanon cartoons available for download NOW!

16-04-2008 21:23

Download for free a Zip file containing 283 high-resolution artworks (cartoons, photomontages, comics) produced by me from 2002 to March, 2008. All the artworks can be freely reproduced, without my formal permission.

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No Action on Global Warming Expected in Paris

16-04-2008 19:45

As night falls across the US, the sun will rise in Paris, where the largest polluters in the world will address the problem of global warming cause by carbon emmisions.

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Interview with NUT activist

16-04-2008 18:43


On April 24, the National Union of Teachers (NUT) will hold the first national teachers strike in more than twenty years. Angry at a below inflation pay award, NUT members across the country have voted for industrial action at a ratio of four to one.

With real terms pay cuts being the in thing in the public sector right now, civil servants in the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) and further education lecturers in the University and College Union (UCU) have also voted to strike on the same day.

In Nottingham there will be a march from The Forest Recreation Ground at 10am, with a rally at the Congregation Hall, Castle Gate at 11am. Speakers will include Martin Sleath (Unison - who aren't striking), Mary Pope (PCS), Helen Bowler (UCU) and Liam Conway (NUT).

To give some insight into why teachers are striking, I interviewed Liam Conway, the Joint Secretary of Notts NUT and began by asking him what his impressive sounding title actually entails.

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