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UK Newswire Archive

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Green energy stories from Germany

20-05-2007 21:45

If you’re interested in clean energies, let me point you to a clutch of stories just put out by Deutsche Welle, the German international broadcaster.
• Troubled by falling prices for their products, farmers in southern Germany have switched to producing environmentally friendly power.

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Planning Steamroller Set To Roll

20-05-2007 20:16

Planning proposals due to be published this week by British Government will serve big business and disadvantage communities.

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The Great Betrayal of the British People - Part 2

20-05-2007 18:13

How to destroy a Democracy in three easy steps - the attack from within

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Brown Ordered to prioritise Iraq

20-05-2007 18:09

Peace campaigners have called on Chancellor Gordon Brown to see sense and make ending the British occupation of Iraq “the first task of his premiership.”

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Operation Iraq Forever

20-05-2007 18:03

To feed itself the empire thus needs to increase its military, it thus needs to maintain over 750 bases worldwide. To feed its peoples’ ever-growing greed and gluttony, its ever expanding waistline, Iraq must remain within the empire’s violent and voracious claws, becoming a colony of imperialism, to be exploited and raped.

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Newcastle Report on May 19th Day of Action for Asylum Rights

20-05-2007 17:09

Setting off
Tyneside Community Action for Refugees (TCAR) organised a march and rally in Newcastle city centre. About 80-100 people participated in the march from Centre for Life to Grey’s Monument, and over 200 people participated in the rally at Monument.

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Tony Bliar: "Reconcile" This!

20-05-2007 15:16

On what was his last visit to Iraq, British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced on the 19/5/2007, that he had "no regrets about removing Saddam," in a staged visit that was used to promote “reconciliation“ inside of the war torn country.

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Fight the Pipe, manchester meeting

20-05-2007 14:28

National Grid are developing a 197 mile pipeline to transport gas. This pipeline is highly dangerous, destructive to the environment and a major concern for climate change. Protestors are coming together from all over the world to stop this pipeline because it will effect us all.

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Final G8 Meeting in London

20-05-2007 12:36

Need last minute information about anti-G8 activities in Germany or London? Well, this will be your last chance to come to one of the London G8 meetings!

Thurs 24th May - 7pm RampART - East London

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The Globalization of Military Power: NATO Expansion

20-05-2007 11:05

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) did not fundamentally change its mandate after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact and the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the wake of the Cold War, NATO continued to expand. In 1999, before the NATO war against Yugoslavia, NATO expanded into Eastern Europe.

NATO is determined to expand its membership circle and to expand its mandate. Ultimately NATO is slated to become a global military force. Moreover, part of the objectives of NATO as a global military alliance is to ensure the “energy security” of its member states. What this signifies is the militarization of the world’s arteries, strategic pipeline routes, maritime traffic corridors used by oil tankers, and international waters.

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Bollocks to Reading Borough Council! Community Garden opens on schedule.

20-05-2007 10:04

Stuff you, RBC, we open anyway.
Despite an injunction issued only two days before, the Common Ground Community Garden celebrated its opening on 19th May.

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Photos - "Napolimania, Politicians, Garbage Emergency, Garbage people"

20-05-2007 07:53

Photo 1
Naples, Italy - May 19, 2007

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Hicks has Landed

20-05-2007 06:52

Hicks has landed, the Eagle is moulting, the Roo has been shot, the Emu has impaled itself on a boundary fence and local mass media outlets are falling over themselves to toe the propaganda line. The first hysterical element of local reporting is the strained phraseology in use by servile journos, “convicted terrorism supporter … confessed terrorism supporter … Australian Qaeda supporter”, etc. Few media outlets seem to have any idea of the implications of the word “convicted”, which implies the result of a legitimate, legal process; a process that was clearly denied David Hicks. History will record it thus as the Truth is widely known!

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Kansas: FEMA and the State Control of Grieving Communities

20-05-2007 05:24

It has become clear through natural and "un-natural" disasters alike
that communities must care for themselves and other communities in time of need. The federal and state governments are not going to aid those who need it, they are going to "secure" and "manage". Non-profits and NGO's, while well intentioned and staffed by dedicated workers, do not utilize the organizing models needed when disaster strikes.

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Anarchist relief workers forced to leave Greensburg, Kansas by police escort

20-05-2007 05:22

On Saturday May 19, five members and volunteers affiliated with Kansas
Mutual Aid, a Lawrence based class struggle anarchist collective, made
the trek back to Greensburg to again help in relief efforts in the
tornado ravaged city. A week earlier, four KMA members had traveled to
Greensburg on a fact finding mission to assess the situation there. What
KMA members found was a militarized, entirely destroyed city where
relief efforts were moving tragically slow.

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Open letter to the Rolling Stones regarding planned gig in Israel

20-05-2007 05:18

Please circulate and forward widely

The following letter is addressed to the Rolling Stones who are planning a concert in Israel. At this point we are soliciting endorsements from artists, cultural figures, intellectuals and cultural organizations, and others who wish to lend their support.

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Luis Posada Carriles suspect in Kennedy's murder...

20-05-2007 00:48

What's Posada Carriles hiding?
Robert Kennedy's suspicions about the involvement of gangs of Cuban and Italian origin at the service of the CIA in his brother's assassination sheds new light on the Bush family protection of international terrorist Luis Posada Carriles...

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No Borders Nottingham 'National Day of Action on Asylum Rights'

19-05-2007 22:46

In response to a call out by the 'No Borders' group, folks gathered in the Market Square on Saturday afternoon.

A stall was arranged, leaflets handed out, questions answered ........

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Annie Machon: British spy lifts lid on false flag terror (londons sound posse)

19-05-2007 22:07

Former MI5 (British Intelligence) Officer tells her moving story of joining and then leaving the Secret Intelligence Service, and reveals what she learnt about false flag terrorism, including 9/11

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Report: May 17 demo at US Embassy for Mumia Abu-Jamal

19-05-2007 21:48

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