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UK Newswire Archive

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Afghanistan Just After the Elections

20-09-2005 13:50

So were the elections a success? On what basis should it be judged? Was there 50 or 35% turnout? Lot of vested interest in claiming a success. Next two months will be the real test of if it was a success or not.

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Naughty boys!

20-09-2005 13:42

Naughty boys!
Here are the ugly mugs that the British press don't want you to see! They will be demoted to a desk job after this debacle...

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Invitation to join big peace blockade in Derby

20-09-2005 13:25

Peace !

A request for activists to join a blockade of the Rolls Royce factory in Derby, where they make the engines for the Trident submarines is going out.

There will be a weekend of events starting on Saturday 22nd October with leafleting and events in Derby. This will be followed on Sunday by training for the blockade on the Monday morning. Trident Ploughshares have asked people who want to join the blockade to come to the training day as details of the following day will be given.

Derby Peace Pages | Trident Ploughshares | More Info

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The Deregualted Catastrophe

20-09-2005 13:17

The gigantic relief machinery first started almost a week after the beginning of the catastrophe.. Hyper-modern American found it shockingly difficult to act in the emergency and provide the fastest possible relief to the despairing.

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OutRage!-Iran state flogging of gay men revealed

20-09-2005 11:22

Gay rights group OutRage has received reports and pictures of the beatings given to gay men in Iran.

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U.S corporation accused of credit card fraud

20-09-2005 11:20

U.S corporation due to open subsidiary in the U.K accused of fraud bt Irish customer

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Queer Dressing Up Party!

20-09-2005 10:50

Queer Mutiny North Invites you to our...


Starts 7pm- LATE Friday 28th October

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Review of the DSEi arms fair last week with pics.

20-09-2005 10:20

This is a 2,200 word article about the DSEi arms fair in London's Docklands last week. 9 captioned photos are atatched.

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MORE ON BASRA - Basra - SAS bungled operation - what is going on in our name??

20-09-2005 10:17

Basra - SAS bungled operation - what is going on in our name??
This war must stop - and stop now.

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Sheffield Students Take Direct Action Against Street Crime

20-09-2005 10:16

Sharrow Vale Entrance
Statistically Sheffield is an extremely safe city to live in, but there are certain areas which are the focus of criminal activity. This morning students from both Sheffield Hallam and Sheffield University carried out direct action to warn new and old students about the danger posed by one such area; Frog Walk.

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The Real Story: Germans Reject thatcherism and Being US Puppet

20-09-2005 08:54

US/UK media reports speak of a loss for Germany's socialists and of a more pro-business Germany, but the voters of Europe's biggest state actually stood solidly for a progressive, caring socio-political system and for a foreign policy that doesn't follow in lockstep behind Washington.
The real story of the German election, which has not been accurately reported in the American corporate media, is that the left won.

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Simon Wiesenthal - Nazi Hunter has died

20-09-2005 08:05

Simon Wiesenthal, the Holocaust survivor who helped track down numerous Nazi war criminals following World War II then spent the later decades of his life fighting anti-Semitism and prejudice against all people, died Tuesday. He was 96.

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Raise a Ruckus for Rob los Ricos

20-09-2005 07:31

Rob los Ricos, aka Rob Thaxton, is a Tejano Chicano anarchist
political prisoner currently serving most 88 months (over 7 years)
for throwing a rock at a cop during the June 18, 1999 Reclaim the
Streets celebration turned police riot in Eugene.

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British agents busted out of jail in Iraq after shooting 2 cops and planting bom

20-09-2005 07:14

BASRA, Iraq, Sept. 19 -- Monday's clashes stemmed from the arrest by Iraqi police on Sunday say they caught two British soldiers planting bombs then the british agents shot 2 cops.

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UK Soldiers Caught Dressed As Iraqis Killing Local Police

20-09-2005 06:49

The reports stated two British commando special forces dressed as Iraqis have been cought by the Iraqis after they were found shooting and killing local policemen. And the Iraqis put them in jail.

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Iraqi Police Disrupt UK False Flag

20-09-2005 05:52

Just as the Downing Street Minutes proved that Bush/Bliar were LYING in order to fiegn justification for an act of naked aggression they knew to be illegal, the leaked "Iraq: Options Paper" proves that the UK/US were planning to incite Civil War, in order to take the heat off of the Occupiers, and allow them to plunder Iraq while the People killed themselves. If you'll study the media's coverage over the past few weeks, you'll note that they have served as a willing partner.

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Legislation in Victoria on sexual offenders: issues for health professionals

20-09-2005 05:13

Rather than ever more oppressive laws
There is a critical need for research and funding in this area, rather than ever more oppressive laws, if governments are to be serious about treating sex offenders, rather than simply incarcerating them.

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UK Tanks Black-Flag Spy Jail Breakout In Iraq

19-09-2005 23:53

Ha ha, black-flag operation back fires as British spys get caught by Iraqi police....

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Audio - DSEi delegate dinner demo coverage

19-09-2005 23:37

1hr 30min recording of coverage from the DSEI delegate dinner demo outside the Dorchester hotel in London in Thursday 15th September

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Go Rita!!

19-09-2005 23:33

18 down and two full months to go ;-)
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