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UK Newswire Archive

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Immigration Dawn Raid Protesters on Trial

27-03-2008 08:45

Immigration Dawn Raid Protesters on Trial
Three protesters against immigration controls will be in Market Street Magistrates Court at 10am tomorrow, after being arrested whilst showing their solidarity to refugee families whose houses were raided by Immigration Services on the 10th of October last year.

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Foie gras off the menu in 3 restaurants

27-03-2008 00:22

Purnell's, Simpsons and chez jules drop foie gras from their menu after
regular protest.

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Iraqi Resistance Report 1199

27-03-2008 00:06

Iraqi Resistance Report for events of Monday, 24 March 2008. Translated and/or compiled by Muhammad Abu Nasr, member, editorial board, the Free Arab Voice.

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Oxford community-run bar under threat from local cops

26-03-2008 23:19

East Oxford Community Social Club is a social club run for and by its members, based in a local community centre for which it raises money. It's unique not just for the way it's run but also because of its diverse, inclusive and friendly atmosphere, cheap prices and availability as a community venue.

A personal account and call to action. Corrections and comments welcome!

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Camden Town to become "Terrorist Target" MRC/ Wellcome Trust/ NIMR/ UCL

26-03-2008 21:15

A new terror site is planned for Camden Town.

A nasty, filthy terror target is to built on my estate. Right outside my flat!!

Police with machine guns. Animal rights Extremist Terrorists. Other terrorists.

......thanks to the MRC / NIMR / Wellcome Trust / UCL bunch of spoilt selfish lunatics and middle class brats who call themselves scientists.

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Zelda Jeffers Sentenced to 14 Days for Reseistance to DSEi Arms Fair-write her!

26-03-2008 20:14

On Tuesday March 25th. Zelda Jeffers was sentenced to 14 days imprisonment for her nonviolent resistance at DSEi 07. Zelda, along with fellow London Catholic Worker Fr. Martin Newell, poured a lot of red paint in the path of delegates attending the arms fair. The delegates left "bloodied" footprints in their wake entering the fair. Zelda has been moved to Holloway Prison. Newell served a sentence in Brixton last week.

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Con Dax nel cuore - commemorative events for Davide Cesare in Milan

26-03-2008 19:14

On the weekend of March 15/16 a commemorative concert and demonstration for the murdered antifascist Davide Cesare took place in Milan, Italy.

This article contains a short overview of the events along with some background information and a personal report of our experiences.

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Climate Camp Gathering next weekend - Glasgow

26-03-2008 17:49

The next Climate Camp gathering is heading north to Scotland on April 5-6.
The meeting/sleeping/socialising will all take place at Carnival Arts
Centre, 34 Albion Street Glasgow. This is in Merchant City and about a
ten minute walk from Buchanan Street bus station/Queen Street train
station. See map here:,-95.677068&sspn=45.957536,82.265625&ie=UTF8&z=16&iwloc=addr

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Go Zap 2012

26-03-2008 17:47

Invitation to 2012 Picnic, This Sunday

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Midlands Arts Centre (mac) workers campaign against mass job losses

26-03-2008 16:11

The Midlands Arts Centre (mac), established in 1962, is the most visited arts centre in the Midlands with over 500,000 visitors a year. Mac is a non-profit arts centre situated in Cannon Hill Park, Edgbaston, Birmingham. It is due to close for around 18 months for a £13.5 million refurbishment in April 2008. Mac has had to fundraise money for what it terms is the 'refurbishment of our home'. As you negotiate your way through the exhibition spaces and the bar, donation bins catch your eye and urge "If you love mac as much as we love you, please help by supporting our Appeal". The role of mac's loyal and hard working staff, however, doesn't appear to feature in management's plans for a "bigger and better mac".

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Istanbul Indymedia Blocked By Turkish Government

26-03-2008 16:09

The Turkish government have added Istanbul Indymedia to their list of banned sites, joining the likes of Youtube and

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Kebele to show 'the film they tried to ban'

26-03-2008 16:00

Thursday 27th March
Kebele Social Centre,
14 Robertson Rd

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Should Telecoms Pay “Your Defense Costs” to fight NSA Illegal-Wiretap Evidence?

26-03-2008 15:59

Perhaps the only thing that has stopped U.S. Government from broadly using “illegal telecom assisted wiretap evidence” against ordinary Americans and international corporations calling from the U.S. is that Telecoms don’t have immunity from being sued by charged criminal and civil asset forfeiture defendants.

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Palestine Today 032608

26-03-2008 15:52


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Centre,, for Wednesday March 26th, 2008.

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ILA HAIFA - by Ghassan Kanafani

26-03-2008 15:42

PSC and Al Zaytouna Dabke group present
by Ghassan Kanafani

Thursday 8th, Friday the 9th and Saturday the 10th of May 2008

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South Asian Alliance presents an evening with Jamil Dehlavi

26-03-2008 15:33

Sun 30th March

The MAC Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham

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Brown government promotes patriotism and militarism

26-03-2008 14:58

Faced with intractable problems, the Labour government of Prime Minister Gordon Brown has embarked on an attempt to promote British patriotism and militarism.

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Help stop devaluation of YOUR state pension: demo & rally Birmingham

26-03-2008 14:43

Join in our state pension demonstration and rally

Saturday 29 March, Birmingham.

Demonstration Assembly point: Victoria Square, Birmingham City Centre 1pm
and march to Carrs Lane Church Centre.

Rally: Carrs Lane Church Centre, 2 ­ 4pm

Programme: Clarion Choir (1/4 hr)

History of State Pension: David Kippest (Unison)

Women & State Pension: Vera Kelsey (CWU)

Banner Theatre (1/2hr live show)

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Appeal for international solidarity

26-03-2008 14:42

Activists organise blockade to prevent test drilling for Uranium in Nianfors, North Sweden. We appeal for your support!!

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Network Solutions Pulls Plug on Anti-Islam Website

26-03-2008 14:35

A Dutch lawmaker who produced a 15-minute film critical of Islam has seen his website suspended by U.S. domain registrar and website host Network Solutions Inc.

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