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UK Newswire Archive

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Scientists are VERY WORRIED About Atmospheric

25-04-2007 21:53

Author - Don Beck

Recent reports of climatologists from around
the world are revealing that their projections of
warming and CO2 levels have been too low.
They are startled by what their data is showing
and how fast the changes have been happening
in the past few years.

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Baghdad : This Wall is their Grave - Stop the walls; stop the occupation!

25-04-2007 21:46

Plans for Al-Adhamiyah confirm that the US occupation and its puppets in Iraq can build nothing but open-air prisons. It will fail

No military strategy can impose on the Iraqi people an occupation it overwhelmingly refuses. Its resistance is national and continues

What kind of government walls-in its own people? One desperate and illegitimate, tied to the fate of a defeated occupation

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Trial of 3 Smash Edo Protesters Ajourned

25-04-2007 21:08

The trial of three anti arms trade protesters in court since Monday 23rd April has been postponed.

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Oxford councillors express doubts over plans to destroy tranquil meadow

25-04-2007 20:34

Today's meeting of the Oxford Strategic Development Control Committee (SDCC) was inconclusive. Plans to destroy the tranquil wildlife haven, Warneford Meadow, have been delayed while councillors seek further clarification from the applicants. This could take months, and gives environmental campaigners a chance to focus their energies on the ongoing application for Town Green status for the Meadow.

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Blaming the lobby

25-04-2007 20:33

As someone who has been facing the full brunt of the might of the pro-Israel lobby in the US, Joseph Massad explains the deceit behind blaming the lobby for US policies towards the Palestinians and the Arab world.

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April 29th Palestinian/Israeli Director in Oxford to show and discuss new film

25-04-2007 20:19

Mohammad Bakri, Palestinian actor and director will be answering questions after a screening of his latest film "Since you Left" at the Phoenix Cinema, Walton Street at 4pm on Sunday April 29th

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Holocaust Redux

25-04-2007 19:52

Of course the Empire will never call what is happening in Iraq a Holocaust, for to do so would criminalize the very enterprise of destroying a nation and its people for the purpose of controlling its vast oil fields.

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Pat Tillman and the “Elaborate Lies” of Psychopathic Rulers

25-04-2007 19:38

Pat Tillman, the football star who walked away from an NFL career to fight a manufactured enemy in Afghanistan, where he was shot dead by his own troops, was shamelessly exploited by the Pentagon, and became part of yet another lie.

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Nature and Narcissist Lifestyles

25-04-2007 19:33

A tree is more than lumber or a national symbol. Anaologously technology is more than an egg-beater. Technology is a world view so the weaver becomes the web.. The car has the position of the sacred cow for us.. What nature should we protect from ourselves?

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Save Moseley Road Baths

25-04-2007 19:29

Moseley Road baths in Balsall Heath will be 100 years old on October 30th this year. They were given to the residents of Balsall Heath along with a library in return for the people’s agreement to become part of the City of Birmingham. They are a fine example of how important public baths were at that time, indeed for many they were more than just a place to swim, they had baths to wash in. The Baths housed a first class and a second class men’s pool and lots of cast iron slipper baths for people to bathe in, women in those days did not swim!

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Manor Gardens Petition -response

25-04-2007 19:02

Response recieved from Mr Blair following signing the Manor Gardens Allotments petition

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Controversial political suicide of a former minister in Poland,murdered probably

25-04-2007 18:48

Would You commit suicide by shooting yourself 4 times in a row in your stomach?

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eco bag fraud demo outside sainsbury's

25-04-2007 18:38

Every time someone buys a 'Hindmarch Toxic Bag', planet earth dies a little more.

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Campaign to save Oxford's Warneford Meadow continues

25-04-2007 18:34

Protest against building on Warneford meadow
Today (25th April) Oxford City Council's Strategic Development Control Committee met to discuss the future of one of Oxford’s last remaining unspoilt open spaces, Warneford Meadow. The Committee decided not to make a decision on the application as it stood, and so the fight to save the meadow goes on.

Full article | 14 comments

Sheffield Food Not Bombs @ Save ESOL Demonstration

25-04-2007 17:08

Free Food at City Hall. Safe!

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Iraqs “Selected Neighbourhoods”

25-04-2007 16:11

The true intention of the US occupation of Iraq , has been exposed once more with the construction of a so-called security wall “around Sunni districts that are surrounded by Shia areas.”

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Cheyney impeachment bill submitted

25-04-2007 15:34

Impeachment proceedings started against VP Cheney. Not covered by mainstream news, apparently!

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Zimbabwe eyewitness

25-04-2007 15:32

Harare City Centre
Powerful white people outside Zimbabwe think they could do a better job of running Zimbabwe than Mugabe and Zanu-PF. They are supported by the Western press. While the Left also believes Mugabe is oppressing his people and ideally should be removed. But what does Zimbabwe look like from the perspective of a black person who supports economic nationalism?

Full article | 7 comments

Act against greenhouse gas emissions by the livestock sector

25-04-2007 15:14

Animal farming and climate chaos
The livestock sector presents the greatest threat to the planet as it generates 18% of all greenhouse gases, which is more than the transport sector.

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Travesty of War: Lest we Forget

25-04-2007 14:38

For reasons too numerous to cite, I weep as I write this piece. Today is the highly emotive, for Aussies and Kiwis, ANZAC day – a day of remembrance and commemoration for those who desperately seek a national identity in a modern alienated society. There is NOTHING whatsoever to glorify in War. WAR is the lowest form of human expression; those who glorify it deserve our unrelenting critical attention. Those who attempt to exploit highly emotive and largely mythologised events deserve to be questioned, what are their real intentions?
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