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UK Newswire Archive

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Suleiman: The CIA's man in Cairo

08-02-2011 00:36

Merkel, Sarkozy, Suleiman & Co.
Suleiman, a friend to the US and reported torturer, has long been touted as a presidential successor. On January 29, Omar Suleiman, Egypt’s top spy chief, was anointed vice president by tottering dictator, Hosni Mubarak. By appointing Suleiman, part of a shake-up of the cabinet in an attempt to appease the masses of protesters and retain his own grip on the presidency, Mubarak has once again shown his knack for devilish shrewdness. Suleiman has long been favoured by the US government for his ardent anti-Islamism, his willingness to talk and act tough on Iran - and he has long been the CIA’s main man in Cairo.

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GreenLight Festival

08-02-2011 00:29

GreenLight Festival

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Police Intimidation Fails Against Dixie's Vintage Fur Protesters

07-02-2011 23:11

PCSO 'I'll prosecute you' Neill
PC Paul Adams: “I've just received complaints of you being abusive”
Activist: “What were we accused of saying?”
PC Paul Adams: “They sell fur!”

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Anti-Benefits Cuts Leafleting Glasgow Wed 9th Feb 3-4 pm

07-02-2011 22:18


G2 7AB

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Exposed: police spy in Worthing

07-02-2011 19:36

A POLICE spy pretending to be an environmental campaigner targeted the Save Titnore Woods! campaign in its early years, The Porkbolter can exclusively reveal.

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Vigil for Shaker Aamer(last British resident in Gitmo): Saturday 5 Feb

07-02-2011 18:47

Kate Hudson and Jean Lambert
The Save Shaker Aamer Campaign (SSAC) held a vigil outside Downing Street on Saturday 5 February at midday to mark nine years of Shaker Aamer’s illegal detention without charge or trial at Guantánamo Bay. Around 40 people attended and were joined by Jean Lambert (Green MEP for London) and Kate Hudson (Campaign against Nuclear Disarmament – CND).

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Sikh demonstrators in Luton deal a heavy blow to the EDL

07-02-2011 16:46

Picture from Luton
Sikhs Against the English League (EDL) join the anti-EDL protest in Luton to highlight the unity between the Muslims and the Sikhs to oppose the racists EDL>

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Palestine Today 02 07 2011

07-02-2011 16:09

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Monday, February 07 2011

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Egyptian police targeted protesters via social media

07-02-2011 13:43

Egyptian police used the very instrument that sparked the recent anti-government rebellion, social media, to catch its youthful organizers, according to a published report.

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On the Murder of David Kato, the Ugandan Gay Rights Campaigner

07-02-2011 13:24

African states must protect the rights of their citizens to freedom and dignity. Homosexuals must not be denied these rights.

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48 Hour Strike Called at Sheffield Newspapers

07-02-2011 13:17

Sheffield Newspapers NUJ Chapel (workplace branch) has called 48 hours of strike action to take place this Wednesday and Thursday (Feb 9 and 10) to oppose the threat of compulsory redundancies as a result of the company deciding that the centralised page production hub in Sheffield should be cut almost in half, putting 9.5 full-time equivalent jobs at risk.

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Hunt saboteurs attacked on Crawley and Horsham hunt

07-02-2011 11:59

Hunt saboteurs were attacked on the Crawley and Horsham hunt on Saturday when they intervened to stop illegal hunting.

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United in our heritage

07-02-2011 11:39

Hussein Al-alak is a journalist, campaigner and chairman of Iraq Solidarity UK.

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Public Meeting - "Solidarity With The People Of Egypt"

07-02-2011 11:23


Bristol Stop The War Coalition and Bristol Palestine Solidarity Campaign have organised this meeting to give you a chance to hear people with first hand knowledge of the uprising and its implications for the Middle East and the 'war on terror'. All welcome.

'SOLIDARITY WITH THE PEOPLE OF EGYPT - For Peace & Freedom in the Middle East'


John Rees - (Stop The War Coalition) eyewitness to the uprising
Monica Jones - Campaigner for peace with justice in Palestine - has been living, working in and visiting Egypt for the past 38 years.
Yasser Alasady – Bristol based, Egyptian socialist

Date:  Friday 11th February
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Malcolm X Centre, 141 City Road, St Pauls, Bristol, BS2 8YH

A flyer can be downloaded from

Printed flyers are available. Please email if you want any to distribute.

As this is written the final outcome of the Egyptian uprising remains unclear. Tens of thousands of brave protestors continue to demand Mubarak's resignation and real change in the country. The regime, backed by the US government, are playing for time, hoping to give up the minimum of power. What is clear is that whatever the outcome of these momentous events, nothing can be the same again – in Egypt or throughout the Middle East. The worldwide US 'war in terror' strategy has been totally undermined by the actions of the people of Egypt.

Egypt has been a cornerstone of the US "war on terror" and America's strategy for dominating the Middle East and denying justice to the Palestinians. Not for nothing is Egypt second only to Israel in the amount of US aid it receives, including $1.3 billion a year for the security forces alone--the same forces who have killed dozens of protesters in the last few days and injured thousands more. Under President Mubarak Egypt has been a US client state for decades. If his tyranny is overthrown the implications are momentous. Not just in the Middle East but even further afield, including the theatres of war in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

One of the justifications for the invasion of Iraq was that it was the only way to get rid of a dictator. The Egyptian people this week, following the Tunisians earlier in the month, have shown they have their own ways. Not only have they risen in opposition to their corrupt rulers but they are also taking on the US and British governments who backed those rulers for so long.

Read Noam Chomsky on the uprising at

For more information email 

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Homeless People to be Evicted from Former Homeless Advice Centre

07-02-2011 10:22

Special Eviction Alert: This Monday@ 2pm
featured image
Special Eviction Alert: This Monday@ 2pm

Special Eviction Alert: This Monday@ 2pm

Former Housing Advice Centre, Occupied by Homeless people to be evicted by Violent Traveller Eviction Specialist Baliffs Constant & Co

There is a doubly bitter irony in a group of homeless people being evicted from a former homeless advice centre (closed because of the cuts) by High Court Baliffs Constant & Co, who have in turn, won the contract to make over hundred Irish Traveller and Roma families homeless at Dale Farm, Essex.

Housing and Legal advice services are being decimated by this government. Traveller and Gypsy communities are being attacked. Meanwhile, misery profiteers like Constant & Co are merely rubbing their hands and counting their profits.

Its up to us get in their way.

On Monday 7th Feburary at 2pm, the occupiers will be in Court at Redcliffe Street. Its highly likely (based on very recent experience) that an eviction attempt will follow immediately. So please be at: The Former Hub 13-17 Cumberland Street, St Pauls, Bristol, BS2 8NL for 2pm to give your solidarity and resistance.

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Leeds in Crisis event - 'What if there was a new movement and we weren't invited

07-02-2011 09:23

What has changed over the last 3 months, and
why? Is what we’ve done in the past still useful today? And what
can be done now that couldn’t have been done last year?
Wednesday 16 February 7.30pm - LEEDS IN CRISIS

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InfoUsurpa 7th-13th Feb 2011

07-02-2011 09:22

InfoUsurpa brings you this weeks events happening in London's Autonomous Spaces and beyond...

Download, print,  distribute...

Also, check out The Really FreeSchool's calender of events directly as there wasn't room to include their massively packed timetable!


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"We're Not Going Anywhere": Voices from Tahrir Square on the Day of the Martyrs

07-02-2011 00:09

Tahrir Square - 06/02/2011 - Going Nowhere

This is part of a series of post from CairoRising

CairoRising post first hand reports from an anarchist perspective from the Cairo uprising, in solidarity with the direct action of the people of Egypt against state repression.

Drawing together grassroots and alternative media coverage from the Egyptian rebellion and creating a forum for calls to global solidarity.

You can follow our reports via our blog - or Twitter at

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New Cross Library Occupation

06-02-2011 23:22

Protesters occupy New Cross Library to demonstrate against government cuts which could lead to the library's closure.

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