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UK Newswire Archive

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The Iraqis Don't Really Want Us

15-01-2008 11:15

Few mentioned Saddam Hussein as a cause of their problems, which the report described as an important finding, implying that "the current strife in Iraq seems to have totally eclipsed any agonies or grievances many Iraqis would have incurred from the past regime, which lasted for nearly four decades -- as opposed to the current conflict, which has lasted for five years."

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The Seduction of Capitalism is a Brain Function?

15-01-2008 10:44

Previous research has examined how advertising and marketing affects behaviour, but this is the first study to demonstrate the direct effect on the brain.

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Blood price for US support to Turkey's PKK operation: Military base against Iran

15-01-2008 09:19

Having given no support to Turkey’s struggle against the PKK for a long time, the US supported the Turkish army’s recent bombing of the Qandil mountain.

The reason behind this support is becoming clear now: An agreement made between the US, Turkey and the Federal Administration of South Kurdistan for the construction in South and North Kurdistan [i.e. Northern Iraq and Southeastern Turkey respectively] of two strategic US military bases targeting Iran.

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Human rights activists under fire in Haiti

15-01-2008 06:37

Mr. Mesilien and his family left their home for an undisclosed location on December 19 after receiving numerous threats according to Amnesty International.

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It's not torture when U.S. forces are doing it...(by Latuff)

15-01-2008 05:26

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff (to be published in "Ideias" magazine, of the Sindicato dos Servidores da Justica Federal, Rio de Janeiro).

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Brown government set for conflict with public sector over pay and cuts

15-01-2008 05:11

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has announced his intention to impose three yearly pay awards set below 2 percent that will have a devastating impact on 6 million public-sector workers.

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Bush to Celebrate Ethnic Cleansing

15-01-2008 02:17

President Bush left Israel after pledging to come back to help celebrate Israel’s 60th anniversary.”I intend to come back to help the peace process move forward but also to celebrate Israel’s 60th anniversary,” Israel's 60th anniversary is referred to as the Nakba or catastophe by Palestinians. Its the anniversary of 1948, the anniversary of their ethnic cleansing. How can Bush be committed to peace and celebrate this?

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Nuclear power more than doubles child leukaemia risk

15-01-2008 01:47

'The Telegraph' reports that children living within three miles of nuclear power stations are over twice as likely to develop leukaemia than those living further away. The report cites a large study commissioned by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BFS), which found leukaemia clusters among under-fives living near 16 nuclear power stations.

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Secret nuclear power talks held at Downing Street

15-01-2008 00:43

The Independent reports: "Ministers kept no record – and tried to hide details – of Brown adviser's meetings with energy chiefs. Brown's special adviser met energy chiefs off the record, before new power plants were announced."

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Clean up of Sellafield nuclear site will cost over £30bn, will take over 100yrs

15-01-2008 00:16

As reported in 'The Independent':

"British taxpayers will have to fork out more than £30bn to clean up Sellafield, unpublicised official documents reveal. It is so contaminated that the process will take well over a century and, even then, the site will have to stay under "indefinite institutional control"."

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TOTALitarian Oil Out of Burma - London demos

14-01-2008 23:48

Demos continue this week in London against French oil and gas company TOTAL's ongoing investment in Burma (Myanmar), against the wishes of Aung San Suu Kyi and the Burmese democracy movement. Newcomers are most welcome to come along. All very fluffy and well received by the public. Plenty of banners, placards, leaflets and petitions are available. You can even try on a nice pair of shackles, or climb into a bodybag. Whatever floats your boat.

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Direct Action Updates: Mexico, Belgium & Italy

14-01-2008 23:01

Rolan's Circo, Mexico
Circus attacked by FLA-CVN in Mexico, 8 butcher shops painted in Belgium, whilst in Italy 7 fur shops received different forms of sabotage in one night ranging from glued locks, throwing paint and painting slogans, as well as birds feed.

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Ratcliffe Power Station Court Case : Nottingham Magistrates [day 1]

14-01-2008 22:16

Before the trial started, there was a protest / gathering of 20 - 30 people outside the court, to offer their support. Holding banners with the slogan "The Earth is getting too hot. Together we can make it stop", people were ushered away from the immediate court area by the security and a couple of policemen who were there on station, to make sure no one got into any trouble.

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Protest - why should we ask?

14-01-2008 21:45

"In response to the government's 'consultation' on managing protest around parliament we should not need to ask permission from 'the state' to demonstrate against 'the state'."

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Freedom to protest march- smash EDO - smash ITT

14-01-2008 19:56

A RIGHT to Protest demonstration is being held in central Brighton on Saturday January 19, meeting at 12 noon in Churchill Square.

bring noise

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UK Trade Union Climate Change Conference

14-01-2008 19:40


Saturday 9 February 2008
University of London Union, Malet Street, Central London

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Public Debate on Newquay airport expansion

14-01-2008 19:38

Report on the Public Debate at St. Mawgan Community Hall 12.1.08

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More arrests today at Bonn Square Oxford

14-01-2008 18:47

After Gabriel was arrested earlier today when he came down from his home. When the court case concerning Bonn Square had finished; council workers with chainsaws came to destroy the last remaining tree. Two activists were arrested for aggravated trespass when one climbed onto the wood shredder and the other attempted to free him from the security personnel.

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Out of My Tree

14-01-2008 18:29

Still in my tree :-)
An account of the Westgate Centre Tree Protest in Oxford drawing wider comparisons with the environmental and social problems we face in the world at large

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Two more factories occupied in Serbia - a letter of support

14-01-2008 18:03

In the town of Zrenjanin, in Serbia, an interesting development is happening following a long term struggle of the Jugoremedija factory which following occupations and direct actions is now under self managment. Two other factories in the town have now followed suit and the workers have started occupying their workplaces. These are rare but inspiring examples of resistance to the devastations of privatisation and the tentacles of neo liberalism in the east. Below is a letter of support.
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