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UK Newswire Archive

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Private Prisons a good idea for Ireland - Espcially with the Economic Downfall?

28-03-2010 22:47

In recent years the British government has given reputable private security firms (like G4S Justice Services/Reliance Custodial Services etc) the responsibility of prison transport/court custody/youth detention/police station custody/immigration detention & even the responsibility of policing the general prison population in so-called private prisons across the nation.

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The Buds of Peace? An Interview with Workers from Tulkarem Industrial Zone

28-03-2010 21:43

The Nitzanei Shalom settlement industrial zone was built on the land of the West Bank town of Tulkarem in the early eighties. The land was confiscated by order of the Israeli military. The name means 'the ‘buds of peace’. Presently the zone houses eight factories owned by Israelis but worked in by Palestinians. The zone has been accused of causing a deterioration in health for the nearby residents of Tulkarem, unsafe working conditions and underpaying workers.

Corporate Watch interviewed several workers from the Solor and Yamit factories:

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Pickets against Ahava build momentum

28-03-2010 21:12

ISM London joined Palestine solidarity activists descending on central London today for the second of an ongoing series of demonstrations against the Ahava cosmetics store. The Israeli company specialises in Dead Sea products made in the illegal West Bank settlement of Mitzpe Shalem.

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Miliband is lying about Iran's nuclear program

28-03-2010 19:33

UK Foreign Minister David Miliband before the Iraq Inquiry, 8 March 2010
UK Foreign Minister David Milliband has an op-ed in the International Herald Tribune calling for sanctions on Iran that hits all the usual talking points: that Iran is going nuclear, that a nuclear-armed Iran would cause proliferation in the region, that Israel sees Iran as an existential threat would "act in self-defense" against Iran, and that Iran has failed to "come clean" on its nuclear progam. All of these points are of course entirely false.

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Stop The Fascist EDL from marching in Dudley this Saturday 3rd April!

28-03-2010 18:55

The coach from Nottingham leaves at 8 in the morning from outside the Old Sal on Maid Marian Way

£8/£5 concessions

To make sure you have a seat you can book by calling Matt on 07849 392 842.

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Dissident Island Radio - check out the show!

28-03-2010 15:20

...featuring an exclusive interview with one of the Belgrade 6, how to make your own alcohol, Campaign Against the Arms Trade and much more...

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Unite Against Fascism - or Unite Against Anti-fascism?

28-03-2010 15:19

In a further effort to corner the anti-fascism market, UAF are now dishing out disinformation about 'Hope not hate' (HnH).

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NATO Chief: Weapons of Mass Destruction threat is real and growing

28-03-2010 14:37

NATO Secretary General Rasmussen speaking at the Brussels Forum, 27 March 2010
“The threat of Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction” was the key argument of the relentless Anglo-American propaganda campaign in the run up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Seven years later, the head of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) points the finger at the next target by declaring that the threat of proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction “has remained largely abstract” until now, but it is “real and growing”.

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Chavez: Clinton thinks US owns 'the continent'

28-03-2010 14:22

Condoleezza Clinton
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez scorns US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as an ancient thinker, charging her with interfering in Venezuelan domestic affairs. "She still considers herself the imperial lady. She is behind the times," Chavez said during his visit to Ecuador on Friday. "She still thinks the United States is the owner of this continent," he added. Chavez made the remarks after Clinton criticized Caracas over the detention of television station owner Guillermo Zuloaga.

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Sudan Documentay screening "Rebuilding Hope"

28-03-2010 13:22

A new documentary by film maker Jen Marlowe: The story of three young sudanese refugees on their first homecoming trip back to Sudan.-to find their families, understand the situation on the ground in south sudan, and seek to rebuild their country, devastated by decades of civil war.

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David Irving Run Out Of Town

28-03-2010 13:03

Far-right holocaust denier David Irving was prevented from holding a meeting in Brighton today. 20 anti-fascists mobilised to shut down the meeting.

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Mass direct action against the Afghan war, Parliament Square May 1st

28-03-2010 12:56

There will be a mass militant anti-war action on Saturday the first of May at Parliament Square. Get there for 2pm sharp. Thousands of us will block all roads around the square to demand the immediate withradwell of all troops from Afghanistan.

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Brown Launches Manifesto under media security blanket

28-03-2010 11:54

Lord Cameron
Gordon Brown's visit to Nottingham to launch the Labour Manifesto and avoiding the general public.

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Tories Beware!

28-03-2010 11:50

Massive overreaction to graffiti campaign causes much amusement.

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Media Disinformation regarding America’s Afghan War

28-03-2010 10:24

"For its part, the occupation forces’ ISAF Joint Command issued an “operational update” mentioning that on the night of March 24/25th its forces had searched a compound outside Zerah Ghar, Tere Zayi district of Khost Province and captured “two Taliban sub-commanders” as well as “several other insurgents,” lots of ammunition and money.[18] The official communiqué concluded with the usual, “no shots were fired, and no Afghan civilians were harmed during these operations.” But a day later, when the two civilian deaths in Chergotah could no longer be concealed, NATO published the usual promise of an investigation and the “our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this terrible accident and their families.”

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Audio: Ideas Around Hacking / How Does Openness Work?

27-03-2010 20:38

Audio Panel members
Attached are recordings of two discussions, Ideas Around Hacking and How Does Openness Work? which were held at Access Space in Sheffield on 27th March 2010.

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Sofia: Municipality Pour Money into a Private Dog Shelter With No Clear Program

27-03-2010 18:00

Despite sufficient resources available, Municipality of Sofia so far do not consider an adequate program to deal with the pet population dynamics i. e. the core animal control issue.

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Abahlali baseMjondolo March on Jacob Zuma, Durban, South Africa, 22 March 2010

27-03-2010 16:53

Abahlali baseMjondolo March on Jacob Zuma
Between three and five thousand Abahlali baseMjondolo members marched on Jacob Zuma on South Africa's national holiday 'Human Rights Day'. This march was the first mass protest by the movement since they were attacked by a state backed militia last year at the cost of two lives and many hundreds of people made homeless. City Manager, Mike Sutcliffe, had sought (and failed) to ban the march altogether.

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Terry Allen - Hostage of the State

27-03-2010 16:30

In 1969 I burgled the Horncastle Garage and stole some money, I worked
for the place and got questioned about the burglary but was never charged.
A while later I read in our local newspaper that a lad got sentenced to two
years in prison for my crime. I wondered how on earth did he get convicted
because obviously there couldn’t have been any evidence against him.”
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