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UK Newswire Archive

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Dublin Monday Mayday pictures - solidemo and streetparty

09-05-2004 14:34

Banners to get the street party moving
Around Mayday, in the city of Dublin the presidents of the EU celebrated their new expansion of globalisation via the Eastern European States.
Here are some pictures from the prisoner solidarity demonstration outside Mountjoy Prison in Dublin and the start of the RTS streetparty.

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Starbucks Sucks

09-05-2004 11:34

An action against $tarbuck$ in Bristol

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May Day Magical Activists

09-05-2004 10:01

On Mayday a group of pagan political activists, under the banner of "the May Day Magical Activists (MDMA)" composed of members of the Dionysian Underground, the Serpent Goddess, Chaos Planet and other paganarchist and anarcho-surrealist groups, gathered at St Brides church for a day of magical activism, serpentine networking and apple crunching through the streets of the city of London.

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Sophie & Jocelyn Hurndall nominated for EMMA Award - vote online!

09-05-2004 05:38

Sophie & Jocelyn Hurndall have been nominated for an EMMA Award (Public Figure of the Year).

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Iraq Procurement Gala Dinner Video

09-05-2004 01:22

Protest outside Gala Dinner at Iraq Procurment conference, London 27/4/04

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Blair War Crimes Update - from The Independant

09-05-2004 00:20

The Pope did warn our evangelical PM... "Go to Iraq..go without God"
Now how does such a blinkered fundamentalist christian nutter ( i.e. our Prime Poodler Bliar) reconcile the USUK torture/sexual perversions jpegs with his saving the world from itself ? Is this the SM Rapture ?
(Just forgetting about the thousands bombed in cold blood for a second)

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BEyONdTV's Medicine Show comes to Brum: 13th May @ Custard Factory 7.30pm

08-05-2004 13:09

The Medicine Show: 13th May @ the Theatre, Custard Factory Digbeth 7.30pm in assoc with Birmingham Indymedia brings you, the Medicine Show

A traveling carnival of ideas, distractions, performance, subversion,
nonsense, weird books, dogged persistence and funny films…

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'Climate chaos or climate justice?' - Rising Tide Evening @ Social Centre

08-05-2004 12:09

In the run up to ‘An Exhibition of Resistance to BP and Big Oil, London Rising Tide are having a benefit evening at the Grand Banks Social Centre at tufnell park on Thursday 13th May. The evening will feature films, speakers, discussion, live music, vegan café, eco bar, climate change infostall, and fun and games.

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Powell and Iraq

08-05-2004 12:06

Some authors are comparing what happens in the prisons of Iraq to what happened in My Lai, Vietnam.

The role of Powell in that:

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Lancashire Reclaim Mayday Pictures

08-05-2004 12:02

Bands kick it off in Preston
Some picture of the Lancashire Reclaim Mayday

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Bush in France 5 June

08-05-2004 11:15

The world's sorriest war criminal is coming to France shortly. Stopping off in the UK?

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EU heads towards Software Patents

08-05-2004 11:08

The EU Council of Ministers is demonstrating that the concept of democracy is alien to the EU. This Wednesday, the Irish Presidency managed to secure a qualified majority for a counter-proposal to the software patents directive, with only a few countries - including Belgium and Germany - showing resistance. The new text proposes to discard all the amendments from the European which would limite patentability. Instead the lax language of the original Commission proposal is to be reinstated in its entirety, with direct patentability of computer programs, data structures and process descriptions added as icing on the cake. The proposal is now scheduled to be confirmed without discussion at a meeting of ministers on 17-18 May, unless one of the Member States changes its vote. In a remarkable sign of unity in times of imminent elections, members of the European Parliament from all groups across the political spectrum are condemning this blatant disrespect for democracy in Europe.

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Hackney Stop the War film show at the Rio

08-05-2004 08:56

TODAY: Hackney Stop the War screening at the Rio Cinema, Dalston.

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US connection points to CIA/P2OG possibly behind Madrid bombings

08-05-2004 07:09

In an attempt to sway the Spanish election, expecting a US type reaction to carry on bombing anything that moves within 2000 miles of where Bin Laden might be ....but of course, the Spanish were 90% opposed to the illegal USUK attack and the illegal WMD of cluster bombs and DU, and more informed about international law and the Geneva Convention etc.
The P2OG op. did not work. Poodler no. 2 Aznar had to go.

The fingerprints of the American lawyer arrested in Oregon in the Madrid terror bombing probe were found on a bag containing detonators like those used in the March 11 attack, the Spanish government said Friday.

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Danish government wants to evict Christiania

08-05-2004 00:37

The danish right-wing government wants to evict Christiania

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Guantanamo Bay prisoner reveals shocking account

08-05-2004 00:03

A British captive freed from Guantanamo Bay today tells the world of its full horror - and reveals how prostitutes were taken into the camp to degrade Muslim inmates.

Jamal al-Harith, 37, who arrived home three days ago after two years of confinement, is the first detainee to lift the lid on the US regime in Cuba's Camp X-Ray and Camp Delta.

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Say no to ID cards! - submit objections to public consultation by 20th July

07-05-2004 23:21

Details of how to contribute to the public consultation on ID cards & some good links on the issues

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Free Mario Bango Benefit Gig

07-05-2004 20:26

Mario Bango is a 21 year old Roma from Slovakia, imprisoned since March 2001 for the 'crime' of defending his younger brother when they were brutally attacked by a neo nazi skin head. Now he has been sentenced to 12 years without parole in prison for attempted murder. HIS YOUTH IS BEING STOLEN FROM HIM! FREE HIM NOW!
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