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UK Newswire Archive

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America keen to exploit boom in Africa’s black gold

08-07-2003 06:33

CRS has been campaigning for greater transparency in the international oil industry in an effort to stamp out corruption and ensure that oil revenues are used to improve the lives of impoverished Africans, the bulk of whom live on less than $1 a day.

During his visit, Mr Bush is expected to emphasise American support for good governance and respect for human rights. But CRS doubts that such values will be allowed to get in the way of US strategic issues.

“The US has identified increasing African oil imports as an issue of national security and has used diplomacy to court African producers regardless of their record on transparency, democracy, or human rights,” Mr Gary said

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Bush: ''Bloodsucking vampire''

08-07-2003 06:25

Protesting under the banner of the Anti-War Coalition, South African demonstrators waved posters and sang struggle songs.

Some of the posters read "Bush, the mass murderer", "Bloodsucking vampire", "Jou ma se bush", "Behind every bush is a terrorist", and "Bush you won't rape our minds".

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Blair accused in new GM scandal allegations

08-07-2003 06:08

EARLY one fine summer morning, a taxi pulled up outside a neat suburban terrace house in Aberdeen and took a 68-year-old scientist to a TV studio. Shortly afterwards Dr Arpad Pustzai found himself propelled from a life of grateful obscurity into the centre of an astonishing political maelstrom that would cost him his job, his reputation and his health
"Breaking his long silence over the affair, [Dr Pusztai] now claims that he
was fired as a direct consequence of Tony Blair's intervention.

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08-07-2003 00:38

In Khadamiya on Monday, plenty of people said more violence would follow if the Americans didn't leave. A civil affairs soldier was shot in the neighborhood June 27 while shopping for DVDs.

"We will fight. We will kill them," said Abdul Sada, a Shiite bus driver, who pantomimed chopping off a head. "Our customs don't allow strangers to move around our area."

Standing next to Sada, Jafar Ismail said anti-American sentiment was widespread.

"It is not Sunni. It is not Shiite. All of Iraq hates the American troops," he said. "If the American soldiers stop near our mosques, they will be shot."

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The White Man Unburdened

07-07-2003 23:40

Let us hope that our democracy will survive these nonstop foulings of the nest.

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Anti-war Art Exhibition

07-07-2003 22:07

Details of an anti-war art exhibition by Iraqis in Sheffield

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Seems trainee Indymedia censor hid my posting just for a practice

07-07-2003 21:59

In general I support the right of our censors here to hide whatever they choose. But when I tried to find why a posting of mine had been hidden, I found to my amazement that it had been almost randomly chosen to be used as the example in a "censorship tutorial" for a newbie censor.

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International solidarity for the Thessaloniki prisoners

07-07-2003 21:53

an update on solidarity actions in support of the saloniki prisoners

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Sheffield Indymedia Radio 106.6 FM

07-07-2003 20:57

Sheffield Indymedia with Sheffield Live
Sheffield Indymedia radio show starts tomorrow on 106.6 FM at 7pm.

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Using one war to distract from another

07-07-2003 20:42

Keep a sharp eye on Liberia, folks.

Not that what happens there is of crucial importance to Americans - any more so than, say, what happens in Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Zimbabwe or any other African country where life is dangerous, degrading and desperate, and America has done practically nothing about it.

By the time you read this column, U.S. forces might have landed in Liberia and it would be logical for Americans to wonder why - why now? If they haven't landed, but the Bush administration is still talking about the possibility, the same question applies. Why Liberia? Why now? The place has been in a state of bloody chaos for more than a decade.

Could it be that the Bush administration needs a distraction?

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150 Norwegian "humanitarian efforts" troops are being flown to Basra tomorrow.

07-07-2003 20:32

Love: in all honesty
by Ojembaenweilo • Monday July 07, 2003 at 06:29 PM

How to explain some certain situations to a foreign friend who hasn't heard from me for more than a year ... but watch out: my foreign friend is a Nigerian citizen, and the free press isn't all that free in her country, either! - all personal material is edited away, mind ...

... and we do remember that Norway was mentioned thrice in that Al Qaida speech on new and better targets of terrorist attacks ...

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Racist 'Great' British pigs

07-07-2003 19:17

I presume no one is going to protest on this.
One is african the other pakistani ('Great' British of course.

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Evian G8 Solidarity Financial Call & Legal Support Update

07-07-2003 19:12

This a text to inform you about the police abuse during the protests against the G8 summit in Evian. It also lists the groups working on the legal follow up, and the bank accounts set up for the solidarity campaigns.

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Tommy Franks repeats Bush's "Bring 'em on'' taunt - AS HE LEAVES IRAQ FOR GOOD

07-07-2003 17:42

RETIRING U.S. General Tommy Franks says U.S. troop levels are sufficient in Iraq and he has repeated a taunt made by President George W. Bush for Iraqi militants attacking U.S. forces to "bring them on". Franks said he agreed with the president's controversial message last week for Iraqi militants attacking the 145,000 U.S. troops who are to be stationed in Iraq for at least seven years.

"Absolutely," said Franks in his final press conference as he prepared to leave Iraq for good, adding: "Bring 'em on."

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07-07-2003 17:27

NIGERIA'S top union leader said today that police had shot dead ten protesters during unrest in Lagos on the eighth day of a general strike over fuel prices.

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What has happened to Thessalonika prisoner info from front page?

07-07-2003 17:08

We're trying to send poor Simon a birthday card, but we cannot find the article with the Greek script which is essential! Does one of us have triapse across town to visit a Greek friend, or can someone put it back up?

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Beaten up by pigs on mayday

07-07-2003 14:30

If you saw me getting kicked and punched by the pigs on mayday,then email me my email is

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WTO Ministerial September 2003

07-07-2003 14:24

It's not reall an article - just a call to make a solidarity demonstration in London, while the WTO Ministerial on September 2003.

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The Hospitality of Swiss Police

07-07-2003 14:20

Police move in
Switzerland the home of modern day human rights? An historical connection lost on the Swiss police on Sunday 1st June, 2003 against anti-G8 protestors in Lausanne, where police repression was taken to another level.

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Freud and Zionism:Freud's letter and one article in "Corriere della Sera"

07-07-2003 08:09

In February 1930 Freud was asked, as a distinguished Jew, to contribute to a petition condemning Arab riots of 1929, in which over a hundred Jewish settlers were killed. This was his reply:
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