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UK Newswire Archive

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The Ground Noise & the Static: A Chronicle of the Battle of Saint Paul, USA

15-09-2008 22:19

“Please, please, my friends, my dear friends, please, please don’t be diverted by the ground noise and the static”—John McCain, on being interrupted just before he can accept the GOP’s nomination, 9/4/08

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Prison Hunger Strikes

15-09-2008 21:22

As someone deeply committed to prisoner support I know that one of the few ways of protesting open to prisoners in the hunger strike. Prisoners protest for a reason and one such would be the poor standard of health care the state provides
for those it incarcerates.

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15-09-2008 19:04

Just a quick reminder that the national march against Wickham labs kicks off in Wickham on Saturday 20th September at 12.00

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Letter to the bourgeoisie from a Mexican campesino

15-09-2008 18:41

On the annivesary of Mexican Indpendence, the social struggle continues

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Miami 5 - London demonstrations

15-09-2008 17:37

Banner outside South Africa House
Events took place around the world last weekend to mark the 10th anniversary of the arrest of the Miami 5, in prison in the USA. RATB held a demonstration in Trafalgar Square, and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign have a further demonstration planned for 7 Oct.
Pictures (C) 2008, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Merchants of Death

15-09-2008 16:22

At Lockheed Martin offices, Manning House
London CAAT (Campaign Against the Arms Trade) led around 25 people on a free walking tour of the offices of major arms dealers and corporate mercenaries in Westminster on Saturday 13 September.
Pictures (C) Peter Marshall, 2008, all rights reserved.

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15-09-2008 16:18

It seems from this weeks "local" news - (Ohio local, that is) that despite the integrity declarations of the MCCAIN/PALIN campaign, in fact, possibly without their awareness ( these methods of election distortion WERE also used against Mccain in several primaries ), people are getting put into place, then, at times, attached to the payroll of their election team (!old method of trying to get peoples complicity or cover-up) . As the distortion of the last elections are hitting the courts, as state by state, congressional comitee by commitee, enquiries are showing how it was done, serious pressure from researchers, campaigners, diplomat-types etc across the world COULD prevent the worst of the fraud.

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Palestine Today 091508

15-09-2008 16:00

Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center for Monday September 15, 2008.

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Free West Papua Campaign :: September Update ::

15-09-2008 15:45

This months update includes developments for the forthcoming 'International
Parliamentarian for West Papua', news of an upcoming interview with Benny and
Maria Wenda on BBC Radio 3, the date of the September Indonesian Embassy vigil,
and developments on the postcard campaign.

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Birmingham: City of Migrants Rally, Sat September 20th, 12 noon-2.30pm.

15-09-2008 15:15

The city of Brum has been home to those fleeing from hostility and persecution for hundreds of years and has benefitted hugely from their contribution to our society, ecomomy and culture. This rally celebrates that contribution and makes a stand against media scapegoating and racist immigration policies.

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Fuel poverty

15-09-2008 15:03

Many households this winter are going to shiver in the cold because they cannot meet rising fuel bills.

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Travel business in meltdown

15-09-2008 14:52

The aviation industry is a major contributor to global warming. A non-sustainable industry is now in meltdown.

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The UK is surveillance capital of the world - further proof (as if needed)

15-09-2008 14:27

Authorities will store details of car journeys surveilled by the new national Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system for five years, the Home Office has revealed.

Senior police officer had said the data on millions of vehicles would only be kept for two years, the Guardian reports. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is examining a complaint by Privacy International over the extended retention period. The privacy advocacy group described it as "unnecessary and disproportionate".

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Birmingham IOM Conference, October 29th

15-09-2008 13:56

IOM announces launch of the Return & Rebuild Programme: "Extra support" for those returning to Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Bolivia: Fascist right launches ‘civic coup’

15-09-2008 13:45

map of Bolivia
“[Today] a civil-prefectural coup against the unity of the country and democracy has been initiated”, Bolivian minister of government Alfredo Rada declared on September 9, as a growing wave of violence by small gangs of fascist youth engulfed the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

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London Rising Tide : Film and Discussion night 18-Sept-08

15-09-2008 13:02

London Rising Tide
LRT are having a Film and Discussion night based around the idea that capitalism is the problem, not the solution. So, get your anti-capitalist shoes on and come down to LARC on Thursday 18th September.

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Senior Nepali Maoist leader London meeting: CANCELLED

15-09-2008 12:48

The meeting which was to be addressed by C P Gajurel, head of the International Department of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) on Tuesday 16 September has unfortunately been cancelled due to events in Nepal.

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How should progressives respond to Europe’s immigration anxieties?

15-09-2008 12:29

Date: 22 September 2008 6.30pm to 8.00pm
Venue: Committee Room 3, Town Hall, Albert Square (just outside the entrance to the secure island site), Manchester

Liam Byrne, immigration and borders minister
Anne Diamantopoulou, former European commissioner for employment and social affairs
Patricia Hewitt, former secretary of state for health
Trevor Philips, chair, Equality and Human Rights Commission
Gary Titley, leader, European Parliamentary Labour Party (chair)

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Gilligan personality politics hides truth of how much Londoners money is wasted

15-09-2008 11:49

Andrew Gilligan the journalist for the Evening Standard read by fat commuters rather than Londoners is hiding the fact that transport policies engineered by both Ken, Boris and the City are aimed at improving their transport infrastructure whilst leaving the rest of London to rot. Ken Livingstone said the City rail line Crossrail was more important than the East London Line where he jointly with Tower Hamlets Council engineered the destruction of Brunel's bridge so developers could maximise development potential. lots of other terrible things are not talked about in commuter paper

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Disabled activists take over DWP welfare reform meeting

15-09-2008 11:48

The Disabled People's Direct Action Network have gatecrashed a DWP meeting on disability and welfare reform to which no disabled people's organisations were invited, today (Monday 15th September 2008)
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