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UK Newswire Archive

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Competition and the Legal System

12-07-2007 12:33

Competition is not always a fountain of economic development.. Certain academic findings are dangerous for the functioning of norm systems. The critic becomes the delinquent. Several wicked mosquitos may be criticized, not mosquitos ingeneral.. The right of association and the welfare state principle could be bulwarks countering the absolutizing of competition.

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piddle powered clones are go!

12-07-2007 11:21

We is into Palestina after many -ings: waitings, stressings, questionings, searchings....
We are meeting many active Israelis up for going through walls,
we did play with clown army friends in Jerusalem
and now we are proper starting with a 2 week project in Bethlehem tomorrow.
Thanks to everyone in Europe for all your support (even the knockers, the anti clowns, the zionist stooges and the negative energy vampires - you inspired us to keep doing this and never give up - so perversely thankyou too)

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video.indymedia is dead - long live independent online video networks!

12-07-2007 10:52

Interview with Andrew of, an Australian project to provide independent video hosting, distro, networking and more for the Oceania region. They have just launched Plumi, a packaged up version of the free and open source Zope/Python/Plone based software that can be used to create your own video publishing site.

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Friday 13th July - 5 Demonstrations against Deportations to DRC

12-07-2007 10:47

3 more Demonstrations against Deportations to DR Congo

Middlesbrough, Glasgow, Cardiff, London and Manchester

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Defend A&E Saturday rally

12-07-2007 10:46

Plans to close central middx. A&E?

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Scotland United Against Terrorism

12-07-2007 10:13

Scotland United Against Terrorism
It's been an incredible week. The despondency of the attack on Glasgow airport a week ago was turned on it's head in Glasgow today at the extraordinary Scotland United Against Terrorism rally.

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"Accidents" of War: The Time Has Come for an Honest Discussion of Air Power

12-07-2007 09:15

The first news stories about the most notorious massacre of the Vietnam War were picked up the morning after from an Army publicity release. These proved fairly typical for the war. On its front page, the New York Times labeled the operation in and around a village called My Lai 4 (or "Pinkville," as it was known to U.S. forces in the area) a significant success. "American troops caught a North Vietnamese force in a pincer movement on the central coastal plain yesterday, killing 128 enemy soldiers in day-long fighting." United Press International termed what happened there an "impressive victory," and added a bit of patriotic color: "The Vietcong broke and ran for their hide-out tunnels. Six-and-a-half hours later, ‘Pink Village' had become ‘Red, White and Blue Village."

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Shell to Sea campaigners jailed for police assault

12-07-2007 07:50

A text message and short phone call last night revealed that three Shell to Sea protestors have been jailed on assault charges against the Garda.

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UN commander in Golan 'worried by Israel's actions'

12-07-2007 06:01

Israeli Military, Extremists Prepare For Next War

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Dennis Fritz The Other Innocent Man In John Grisham's The Innocent Man

12-07-2007 02:08

Dennis Fritz was Ron Williamson's friend and co-defendant in the Debra Sue Carter murder case. John Grisham wrote about the case in his book,The Innocent Man: Murder and Injustice in a Small Town. Grisham writes about Ron Williamson and his role in the case.

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Filipina Senator Opposes Arroyo State Terrrorism & U.S. Imperialism

12-07-2007 01:37

Senator Madrigal with NDF representatives Louie Jalandoni and Jose Maria Sison
Of distinguished progressive lineage, Senator Jamby Madrigal of the Philippines takes a principled stand critical of the Arroyo regime's bloody and brutal repression of Filipinos backed by the Bush neocons. This article provides the historical context for the Philippine crisis and Senator Madrigal's views on U.S. imperialism in the neocolony and its complicity with State-terrorist repression of citizens by extrajudicial political killings and forced disappearances already condemned by the UN, Amnesty International, World Council of Churches, Human Rights Watch, and the Permanent People's Tribunal of Europe.

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Pauline Campbell assaulted by Police at Holloway Prison demo.

12-07-2007 00:02

Pauline returns to Holloway womens Prison.
On Monday Pauline Campbell returned to HMP Holloway in North London to bring her unique form of protest to the scene of yet another woman fatality in the prison system. The last Pauline was here in 2005:

It was to protest over the death of Karen Anne Fletcher. Pauline was arrested but the charges were later dropped as they usually are. The Prison system is decidedly nervous about giving the Pauline the platform of a courtroom to relay embarrassing facts. One such fact is that since the death of Pauline’s daughter in Styal Prison in 2003 a further 38 women have died in Prison in dubious circumstances. Pauline was at Holloway on this occasion to mark the death of Marie Cox who died inside the walls of Holloway on June 30th.

N.B. Two Policemen were primarily involved in the incidents described below. As referring to them as NI 649 and NI 463 seems a bit impersonal so I have decided to call them ‘Porky’ and ‘Porkier’.

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Revealed: UK Govt Willing To Break International Law to Protect Arms Deal

11-07-2007 21:35

UK Government Was Willing to Break International Law to Quash BAE Investigation

(Source: Campaign Against Arms Trade; issued July 9, 2007)

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4th Anniversary event for Mikey Powell

11-07-2007 21:05

Campaign Logo
We are planning in earnest for the 4th Anniversary event for Mikey Powell to take place in Birmingham on 7th September 2007.

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Rough Music #15

11-07-2007 19:58

ISSUE 15 of Brighton's increaingly erratic newsletter is out and about. Pick it up at any one of a number of local sub-cultural hangouts or online at

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John Bowden Demo, Friday 3pm Edinburgh

11-07-2007 19:05

Autonomous Centreo fo Edinburgh
Anarchist Black Cross Scotland have called for a demo on Friday in support of John Bowden and are being supported by Fight Racism, Fight Imperialism.

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Israel is afraid, very afraid.

11-07-2007 17:47

Gazan women3
As Gazan women prepare to open border.

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War Crimes, USUK Hypocrisy & Collective Responsibility

11-07-2007 17:11

The author, Günther Grass
The ultimate crime has been committed! And just as we judged post-war Germany guilty, we in the USUK are, in the eyes of truth and by our own erstwhile standards, collective war criminals now!

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Canadian PM says NO to extending Afghan combat mission

11-07-2007 17:09

Cdn Prime Minister Harper says he has no desire to prolong Canada’s combat mission in southern Afghanistan beyond 2009
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