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UK Newswire Archive

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More than 25.000 students demonstrated today in Greece. Police attacked the demo

08-06-2006 14:38

The police attacked the demo with chemical bombs

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Mersey Ambulance Staff Fight Employers' Hypocrisy

08-06-2006 14:29

Ambulance staff on Merseyside are considering strike action after their employers - the Merseyside Regional Ambulance Service Trust - double-crossed them over a new pay deal.

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Palestine Today

08-06-2006 14:21

Palestine Today a service of the international Middle East media centre for Thursday June 8th, 2006

Army invades Kofer Ra'e and Fahma villages west of Jenin, Army arrests one resident from Tulkarem, and invades Balata Al Balad village near Nablus also arresting one . The Israeli Army hands out military order to demolish four houses in Al Kader village near Bethlehem

Those stores and more coming up stay tuned.

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Wirral NHS Cuts Boost Private Sector

08-06-2006 13:48

Following yesterday's publication of the NHS deficit figures (, Wirral Hospital Trust has announced it will slash its budget by £21.5 million over the next five years.

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Rewarding failure

08-06-2006 13:38

Cocked up? Don't worry New Labour looks after its own

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Benefit Reggae Dance for ‘Save the Spirit of Broadway Market’ Campaign

08-06-2006 11:39

Friday 16th June 2006 8pm – til Late
@ The Square Occupied Social Centre, Russell Square, London WC1
Music by ‘Jah Youth Roots Ambassador’
Food prepared by Jah SPIRIT

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Iceland Benifit Meal

08-06-2006 10:02

there were lots of people
A benifit meal for the campaign against the Karahnjukar dam was held at Matilda on June 2nd, 50 people were expected in the end 62 were fed delicious vegan food by the cafe collective. A fantastic success.

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals: Peaceful But Very Public Revolution

08-06-2006 09:25

From ignorant or intentional mistreatment, to deliberate and systematic abuse of domestic pets and circus animals, cosmetic testing and badger baiting to some of the world’s greatest species: polar bears, seals, and even dogs and cats in China being skinned alive for their coats. Animal cruelty is a worldwide epidemic of shocking proportion. Luckily, the few are trying to save our animals for the next generation.

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UK Unreported April 29th, 350,000 marched for 'Peace, Justice,and Democracy'

08-06-2006 08:53

April 29th United for Peace and Justice March in Nyc

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New Zealand joins Australia’s military occupation of East Timor

08-06-2006 08:49

The New Zealand Labour government last month dispatched nearly 200 troops to support the Australian-led military occupation of East Timor. Underlining the close Australian and New Zealand collaboration in neo-colonial exercises throughout the region, the contingent includes soldiers who were deployed in the initial 1999 intervention in East Timor, some who had recently served in the Solomon Islands, and a group of military police just returned from Afghanistan.

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Why Retroviruses Appear in AIDS, Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases

08-06-2006 05:23

An overview of what retroviruses are and how our own retroviruses turn up in disease due to DNA hypomethylation.
It also explains why pregnant women test positive in the HIV antibody test.
This was first put on a website in Ireland.

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This is absolutely ...UNFORGIVABLE

08-06-2006 02:50

Now, this is absolutely UNFORGIVABLE, And yet, how many more innocent lives have been taken this way? What about tomorrow?

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Love and Petrol worth seeing

08-06-2006 00:24

Love and Petrol is a play that entertains and doesn't beat you over the head with a message you've heard already.

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Bilateral Free Trade and Investment Agreements and the US C B A

07-06-2006 23:09

Corporate Biotech Agenda
This Special Release on “Bilateral Free Trade and Investment Agreements and the US Corporate Biotech Agenda” is researched and written by Aziz Choudry, a New Zealand activist who has been following the negotiations of bilateral free trade and investment agreements between the US and the countries in the South.

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Haiti: The ICFTU, AFL-CIO, ILO, and ORIT in Haiti

07-06-2006 22:29

Massive layoffs and persecution
The most prominent international labor organizations active in Haiti, the ICFTU, AFL-CIO, ILO, and ORIT, working to support and strengthen labor unions that agitated for the ousting of Haiti’s democratically elected government, have simultaneously refused to condemn the massive layoffs and persecution of public sector workers and trade unionists committed by its illegally-imposed successor.

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War On Terror: Only when It Affects Us!

07-06-2006 22:21

Is it any wonder the hotbed of anti-western feeling in the Islamic world is resulting in more and more terrorism? When time and again mainly America, but also other western countries display a willingness to go further than, or create new laws when it comes to attacking and/or occupying oil bearing countries, ejecting Muslim clerics alleged to have incited or glorified terrorism, or imprisoning alleged terrorists for years without charge, and (in the sham War on Terror) invading the countries where they helped Islamic terror to flourish when the terrorists aims no longer coincide with U.S oil interests

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Art Not Oil sheds light and dark on BP Portrait Award, London, June-July 2006

07-06-2006 22:14

* for creativity, climate justice and an end to oily sponsorship of the arts *

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Fatal Signal

07-06-2006 21:01

Washington recognized India as a nuclear power in the middle of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program. That was a fatal signal. Governments of the third world wonder why India was given priority while Iran is treated so harshly.

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Failed Solidarity: The ICFTU, AFL-CIO, ILO, and ORIT in Haiti

07-06-2006 19:57

Dignite Buses Demolished (Photo by Sasha Kramer) See Article by Jeb Sprague
The most prominent international labor organizations active in Haiti, the ICFTU, AFL-CIO, ILO, and ORIT, working to support and strengthen labor unions that agitated for the ousting of Haiti’s democratically elected government, have simultaneously refused to condemn the massive layoffs and persecution of public sector workers and trade unionists committed by its illegally-imposed successor.
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