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UK Newswire Archive

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Police cause holiday havoc - and blame protesters

15-08-2007 21:09

Within minutes the road is blocked
"Local residents will stage a protest against airport expansion at Hatton Cross this afternoon" read the Climate Camp noticeboard. "Main Gate - 3.30"

Nobody can say who wrote it. Spokespersons for the two local protests organisations deny all knowledge and NoTRAG were even concerned that people might wear their stickers.

But it did result in 60 or 70 people leaving the camp to give support.

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Climate Camp Pics

15-08-2007 20:52

Some images from the climate camp

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Climate Camp Demonstrators Block Road to Heathrow

15-08-2007 20:40

Police fumble aids climate camp demonstrators block road to Heathrow airport

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Police force climate camp march to Heathrow airport and block A4...

15-08-2007 19:49

Just a quick report to say that today a small march of around 80 people left from the climate camp to support a local demonstration against heathrow expansion. They were very quickly surrounded by over one hundred police - having just left the camp this happened in what could be called a side street - then quite inexplicably the police forced the group down several streets towards the airport. Still penned in on all side by police, they were then forced across the main A4 road (which police closed for some time before forcing the people across it) and then right up to the security fence of Heathrow where they were held for over one hour.

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York Council Support Animal Cruelty! Take Action

15-08-2007 19:45

The City of York Council currently allow animal circuses on their land and have been ignoring the complaints of local activists to ban live acts from their land.

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Awaiting the Four Horsemen

15-08-2007 18:36

Four drivers from the Meltdown Chauffeur Agency went to Heathrow on 14th Aug 2007.

(to neatly coincide with Climate Camp)

As requested by their clients they waited patiently for them at the Arrival gate.

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West Midlanders join Camp for Climate Action

15-08-2007 18:16

Activists from across the West Midlands have established a neighborhood at the Camp for Climate Action taking place at Heathrow airport in protest at the unsustainable development of civil aviation infrastructure in the UK, specifically the expansion of Heathrow airport itself by the construction of a third runway.

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Guantánamo detainee details years of torture

15-08-2007 17:25

A British resident, Omar Deghayes, detained at Guantánamo Bay as an alleged terrorist, reports that he has suffered years of torture, sexual abuse and death threats. Last week, Omar’s family released a dossier documenting his terrible ordeal, which he dictated to a lawyer visiting the United States-run military prison.

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Bush’s war czar floats call for military draft

15-08-2007 17:23

The senior military officer tapped by President Bush to serve as his “war czar” declared in a radio interview last Friday that Washington should consider the reimposition of a military draft to relieve the extreme pressure that the ongoing wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan are inflicting on the US military.

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What is the soul, what was the soul, what will it be?

15-08-2007 17:05

Some useful definitions. What are the psychological characteristics of the today's most advanced social movements? 'Psyche' means 'soul.' Let us start with some basic definitions, and work toward a modern psychological understanding of the human psyche or soul, in its individual and collective aspects.This week marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of Henri Bergson's key work on the Elan Vital. How has the concept evolved?

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I Spy an American by T Shuh

15-08-2007 16:40

Unethical "reporters" put all others at risk...

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Iraq War: Democrats Will Stay the Course

15-08-2007 14:47

These days the presidential candidates for the Democratic Party are sounding more like replacement candidates for Bush; on the issue of ending the Iraq War. All the candidates, with the exception of Representative Dennis Kucinich and Governor Bill Richardson, are making open-ended commitments to keep American forces in Iraq and the Middle East region for years.

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USA climate camps - reports, actions & messages to the UK

15-08-2007 14:23

USA climate camps - reports, actions & messages to the UK
Links to action reports, a 10 min film of video messages & actions images from the USA and a few messages sent in by email from The East Coast USA climate camp, Save Happy Valley - New Zealand, The Yes Men, The Earth First! Journal, Rising Tide Newcastle - Australia, Huon Valley Environment Centre -Tasmania & Everglades Earth First! - Florida.

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Is this Jericho or is this Hell?

15-08-2007 14:00

After more than a year in exlie, and 11 hours of hell at the border, we have been allowed back into Palestine. But the Israeli practice of blocking entry to articulate moderate Palestinians continues

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What's new Heathrow cargo workers strike as Nippon Express refuses to talk

15-08-2007 12:47

Drivers and warehouse workers at Heathrow cargo handler Nippon Express walked out on strike at 6am this morning after the company once again refused to settle the pay and shifts dispute. THE PICKETT IS 2 BUS STOPS AWAY FROM THE CLIMATE CAMP TOWARDS HAYES. SHOW SOME SUPPORT!

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Video of police trying to remove super-glue women from climate camp gate

15-08-2007 12:41

Video clip in MP4 H264 low res 320 x 240. 2 mins 30 secs. Approx 4mb.
Use VLC ( to view.

Made available under creative commons non-commercial, attribution, share-alike license.

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Climate Camp workshop: Wales LNG Pipeline

15-08-2007 12:31

After two days of setting up the site and running around dealing with the police and mainstream media, the workshops at the Climate Camp began yesterday.

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West Urged to Abandon Maliki

15-08-2007 12:05

"The U.S. administration should rectify its position in Iraq and stop depending on puppets... who have proven their failure,"

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No olympic in China until Tibet is free

15-08-2007 11:39

14 Tibetans were on hunger strike, in New Delhi (India) from the 8th of July to the 9th of August. Among their objectives, they wanted to convince international community to boycott the Olympic Games to be held in Beijing in August-September 2008.
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