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UK Newswire Archive

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Rage Against Murdoch - NOTW Demonstration this Sunday 2PM.

09-07-2011 01:23

Myself (branch president at Kingston GMB) and another trade unionist have initiated this for Sunday 2pm:

A protest outside of the headquarters of News International to show disgust at the Murdoch empire, the sacked journalists, clerical staff, cleaners and admin staff who are being made to pay for the errors of a grotesque billionaire and his disgraceful editor.

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Machinery of Climate Denial - Ecoshock

09-07-2011 00:34

Who are the climate deniers & who funds them? Thorough investigation by Dr. John Mashey of California. Former Chief Scientist for super-computer maker Silicon Graphics. He met climate scientists being harassed and threatened, went on a years-long quest to know who and why. Fake "institutes" funded by big oil and coal use plagiarism and lies to stall public awareness of climate change danger.

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Oil & Coal - How Much Is Left?

08-07-2011 23:54

Geoscientist David Hughes, from Association for the Study of Peak Oil, Fellow Post Carbon Institute. Speech to Transition Toronto 110203. Expert analysis for North America and the world. Radio Ecoshock 110720

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Organise your own Unemployed Daytime Disco - 7 Easy Steps

08-07-2011 21:50

On the eve of the return of the Unemployed Daytime Disco to Cardiff - Monday 11 July, 2 - 8 pm, Rockin Chair, Lower Cathedral Rd., Riverside Cardiff - activists reproduce for indymedia readers the text of a handy DIY helpsheet we've produced ;) To paraphrase Che, 'Create One, Two, Many Unemployed Disco's'!

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J30 West Midlands round up

08-07-2011 19:38

Thousands of public sector workers across the West Midlands joined other unions around the country for a day of action against government proposals to increase pension contributions and retirement ages.

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Kids fight to save their lollipop ladies/men

08-07-2011 18:55

This morning a demonstratation of 50 kids and their parents took over the streets around Fircroft school in Tooting Bec, demanding that their local lollipop lady and man kept their jobs. The kids worked hard over a few days to make banners and placards and understood clearly the implication on their own safety of losing these essential local workers.

Local schools across London have been out in force over the last few weeks to save their lollipop ladies who are now at the front line of the cuts, being a soft target for draconian cutbacks. These people work for very little money to keep the children safe in what the councils deem dangerous spots across the boroughs. Over 30 are going in Lambeth, 45 in Wandsworth, 63 were threatened in Southwark but the kids came out on the streets and in a sudden change of heart the council backed down for another year.

Wandsworth Council will now face a sustained campaign. One of the schools parents Sadiq Kahn, the current Shadow Justice Minister, encouraged the children to keep up the pressure on the council saying that this was only the start of the campaign. The 45 Wandsworth lollipop ladies and men have been threatened with the sack in the next few weeks so the campaign is crucial and connections are being made with other local schools. Only three years ago the council decided that the traffic issues around this school were so bad that it warranted two positions, presumably the safety concerns then are the same as now. Under the Road Traffic Act 1988, local authorities have a general duty to promote road safety.

Neighbouring Lambeth council noted that it had the 1,200 accidents in a year, the third-highest rate in the capital, there the local authority is to scrap 30 crossing posts.?? Mr Prentis, the Unison union leader said the scale of the cuts being made to crossing patrols was "deeply distressing". ?"There can be no doubt that lollipop ladies and men save lives, so why are councils making these dangerous decisions?" ??Councils are suggesting using volunteers to replace them (that old Big Society one again) which is clearly not viable in the long term, with required training and insurance issues. Alternatively Wandsworth council has asked the local schools to fund the replacement lollipop ladies but of course the schools are being cut by the very same cuts

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Is Biochar A Scam? - Ecoshock

08-07-2011 17:32

Why is big oil pushing biochar to "offset" Tar Sands emissions? Earthbeat reporter Daphne Wysham interviews Rachel Smolker. Then Daphne with Anne Petermann of on Stop GE Trees campaign. Ends with Dr. Helen Caldicott on nuclear disaster.

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Southampton Council Workers Await "Armageddon Monday"

08-07-2011 17:17

A defiant refuse picket line
Southampton council workers are now in the eighth week of a dispute with the local authority, which wants to impose drastic "savings", including pay cuts of up to 5.5% (about ten per cent with inflation), to be followed by a two year wage freeze. Throughout that time, unions have organised a series of rolling strikes, and an estimated two thousand tonnes of rubbish has piled up. However, despite the inconvenience and the corporate media's propaganda war, a poll in the Southern Daily Echo shows that 63% of respondents currently support "the workers", over 37% supporting "the council".

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Diadromi Eleftherias issue # 107

08-07-2011 16:57

New issue of greek anarchist monthly newspaper Diadromi Eleftherias

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InfoUsurpa 11th - 17th July

08-07-2011 15:55

weekly radical events and actions listings for london.

all events are free or on donation unless otherwise stated

if possible please print and distribute

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US Teen In Jail 18 Years For Accidental Shooting When He Was 16

08-07-2011 15:21

Kenny Richey an innocent Scot was held on death row in Ohio for many years before
citizens achieved his release. Now there is focus on another unjust imprisonment
in Ohio.

American Jonathan Shue: In Jail 18 Years in Ohio for An Accidental Shooting When He was 16

Ohioans Have Paid $720,000 For The Incarceration of An Innocent Man.

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Bristol City Council Launches Attack On Voluntary Sector And Elderly

08-07-2011 14:55

Bristol City Council are involved in a review of funding for voluntary organisations. In many cases this will mean the end of all city council funding for these services and will put the continuation of the services in jeopardy. In almost every case these are services targeted at the elderly, the vulnerable and ethnic minorities

Bristol City Council are involved in a review of funding for voluntary organisations that threatens to remove important funding from the organisations and services listed below. In many cases this will mean the end of all city council funding for these services and will put the continuation of the services in jeopardy. In almost every case these are services targeted at the elderly, the vulnerable and ethnic minorities.

Details of the organisations and services whose funding is under review can be seen on the BADACA website at This comes at the same time as the council plans to turn 500 people out of their council-run care homes and close them along with day centres.

a href="">We will also be lobbying the city council Health & Social Care Scrutiny Committee meeting on Tuesday 19 July. Join us outside the Council House from 1pm. On Thursday 21st July the city council Cabinet will be meeting. We will lobby that meeting as well. Join us outside the Council House from 5pm.

These cuts will have an impact right across the city. If you know any users or workers at any of these services please pass on this information to them. If you know any other organisations or services threatened please let us know For further information email

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Greece...Spain...words on grassroots organising

08-07-2011 13:55

Place Holder

Place Holder

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Terry Allen - innocent Hostage of the State

08-07-2011 13:10

Terry at work in HMP Leyhill made public at his request
My activities among people in prison and hurt by the system frequently render me concerned regarding the seemingly commonplace also unquestioned corruption and cruelty. Terry Allen’s case is one such example. In a recent letter in the public domain at his request Terry told me

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No To The Nuclear New Builds!

08-07-2011 11:55


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Latest EF! Action Update up on website

08-07-2011 11:35

Climbing, blocking, stinking, sabbing earth defenders rock!
Roll on down to the EF! Summer Gathering in mid-August.

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Book Review: Occupied London: Revolt and Crisis in Greece

08-07-2011 11:13

Revolt and Crisis in Greece: Between a Present Yet to Pass and a Future Still to Come, edited by Antonis Vradis and Dimitris Dalakoglou: an Occupied London Project, published by AK Press, 2011

Reviewed by Ben Lear, published online July 2011

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UK Antifascist Prisoners

08-07-2011 09:51


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Radio Kebele #12!!!

07-07-2011 23:55

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