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UK Newswire Archive

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Long List of Groups Around The World Working To End Animal Experimentation

07-08-2009 21:34

Groups working to end electroshocking, sleep deprivation, burning, cancercausing injects,
confinement, thirst, hunger, and other tortures of animals

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Members of Scottish PSC accused of ‘racially aggravated conduct’

07-08-2009 20:40

A brief account of an ongoing case against some members of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign (SPSC).

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Niger Coup: Onward to Kleptocracy

07-08-2009 20:32

Soldier queue to vote in Niamey
The fabricated referendum this week in Niamey is just neo-colonial business as usual

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Prison Profits

07-08-2009 20:14

Few may be aware, but in the UK today, thousands of people innocent of any crime are being thrown into prison for indefinite periods of time, some never making it out alive. Frances Webber from the Institute of Race Relations gives the lowdown.

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SchNEWS 686 - Blowing in the Wind

07-08-2009 18:21

Protests continue at the Vestas wind turbine factory on the Isle Of Wight, where sacked workers are occupying the factory, and the protest becomes national... plus, the Scottish Camp For Climate Action starts at the site of a current protest camp against open-cast coal mining at Mainshill near Glasgow, protesters end a week-long camp outside Highgate Farm in Lincolnshire, which breeds ferrets and rabbits for the vivisection industry, the murder of Russian human rights activist Natalia Estemirova in Chechnya last month causes us to look at the Russian-backed despotic regime in Chechnya, and more....

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Climate Camp Scotland/Mainshill Solidarity Camp

07-08-2009 18:17

Audio The doomed conveyor
A few photos and some audio ...

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The Votes, Views and Expenses of Manchester’s MPs

07-08-2009 17:54

Manchester MPs have been getting a rough ride over their expenses. And rightly so. But if you think that’s bad, wait till you see their voting record. Those cheeky expenses fiddles are change down the back of the sofa compared to the ID cards scheme.

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This Week in Palestine -Week 32 2009

07-08-2009 17:15


Welcome to This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for August 1st to 7th, 2009

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Indymedia DNS restored

07-08-2009 17:11

The problems experienced earlier today with the global Indymedia DNS have now been fixed. The outage was due to poor communication on the part of the registrar, who had received a complaint that the whois information for Indymedia was wrong. This is not correct and the DNS was re-instated as soon as the registrar was informed of this.

You can now access all global Indymedia services as normal at their usual location:

[ Global Indymedia | Indymedia Chat (secure connection) | Indymedia Lists | Indymedia Documentation ]

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Fruit of the Loom universities boycott nears 100 mark as protest spreads to Brit

07-08-2009 16:36

Major student organisations in US and UK unite in protest over
clothing company's human rights violations in Honduras, as university boycott
becomes the 'biggest ever'.

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Letter from a Greek prison

07-08-2009 16:09

until we’re all free, we’re all imprisoned!
Thodoris Iliopoulos is a prisoner of the Greek state. Here’s a new letter by him written whilst in the Korydalos prison.

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Dissident Island Radio on 7th of August

07-08-2009 15:42

Dissident Island Radio on 7th of August

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Letter from a Greek prison

07-08-2009 15:13

until we’re all free, we’re all imprisoned!
Thodoris Iliopoulos is a prisoner of the Greek state. Here’s a new letter by him written whilst in the Korydalos prison.

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Energy saving nonsense

07-08-2009 15:10

Large numbers saving insignificant amounts of energy is tilting at windmills. If we are serious about climate change we have to achieve BIG energy savings, move to renewables.

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Come to Lesvos No Borders camp

07-08-2009 14:30

in case, you have not yet decided or you are able to do it short term:
come to the nobordercamp in lesvos, starting at 25th of august near

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Vestas solidarity picket in London ,3pm today

07-08-2009 11:39

If you have more time on Friday then join the Worker’s Climate Action picket of Joan Ruddock’s surgery (minister for climate change) at 3pm on Friday 7th August, Sayes Court Club House, 341 Evelyn Street, Deptford SE8 5QT (5 mins walk from Deptford overground station, trains from London Bridge every 10-20mins, journey time about 5 minutes).

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London Rally Supports Vestas Workers - 6 Aug

07-08-2009 10:33

Vestas worker
The Campaign Against Climate change held a rally in London on Thurdsday 6 August in support of the 600 Vestas workers whose jobs making wind turbine blades are to be lost as the company moves production to the USA.

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DISARM DSEi picket in Hatton Garden - Thur 6 Aug

07-08-2009 10:23

Hatton Garden
Demonstrators from 'DISARM DSEi' picketed the offices of Clarion Events in Hatton Garden, London on Thursday lunch time, calling for an end to the Defence Systems & Equipment international (DSEi), the world's largest arms fair, which Clarion are organising at ExCeL in East London next month. Photos Copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.

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Venture Quays rooftoppers at breakfast time

07-08-2009 10:20

2 of the 5 breakfasting on donated curry, and reading about slumping Vestas shares in the FT. They say they're looking forward to watching the Cowes Week fireworks this evening from their penthouse balcony.

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London Remembers Hiroshima - 6 Aug

07-08-2009 10:09

Some of the banners
Around 200 people met in London at Thursday lunchtime, 6th August to remember the anniversary of the first use of atomic bombs. Similar ceremonies were also held in other cities around the world. Photo Copyright (C) 2009 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved.
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