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UK Newswire Archive

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Save the Slough Cedar!!

23-09-2004 00:03

As it was
Tesco are about to resubmit a planning application for their new flagship store in Slough. Only problem is – there’s a rare, 144 year old, Lebanese Cedar tree in the way. Being Corporate Sponsors of the Woodland Trust (protectors of ancient trees), there is obviously only one solution – chop it down!

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On the aftermath of the film “ The day after tomorrow”.-

22-09-2004 23:10

No social, political or religious group can mark strategies or tactics without taking into account that the current state of the planet and of humankind is pre-apocalyptic, whether the state of Civilization is analyzed from a social economy, historical philosophy, or natural science angles.

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Culture and Dissent

22-09-2004 22:30

The Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center is using cultural production as a form of disent against the Israeli Occupation

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Murder Of 13 Year Old Baha By The IDF: 2 Years On & No Justice.

22-09-2004 22:12

Today, September 22nd, is the two year anniversary of the murder of 13 year old Baha Al-Bahesh, who was deliberately shot and killed by an Israeli soldier in the West Bank city of Nablus in 2002. Despite the incident being witnessed by four internationals, there has been no credible investigation by the IDF, the official response being inconsistent with both witness and medical testimony.

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22-09-2004 20:05

The BC Government and Delta Hotels are teaming up against the Secwepemc People and stealing their land and destroying their homes, cabins, forests and other sacred places/sybols.

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Ipswich pensioner defies courts & unfair council tax.Tax the Rich! Not the Poor!

22-09-2004 19:19

Richard Cater walked out of Ipswich magistrate’s court in defiance last week and is refusing to pay the unjust council tax. Richard, who is an 87-year-old veteran of the Dunkirk battle in WWII said: "There are some very hard-up people who can't afford these amounts and if someone doesn't do something, it will get worse and worse. - I'm quite prepared to go to prison. I will not back down because I feel I am in the right."

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Art of War : The Metal Heart of Iraq

22-09-2004 18:19

The Metal Heart of Iraq
Metal Heart

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Apparent "suicide" bombing in Occupied Palesine as zionist occupiers

22-09-2004 18:17

Another predictable "suicide" bombing in Jerusalem, Occupied Palestine. Strange how (and those in the know) had predicted this zionist action already. It's what happens when the zionist occupiers are facing criticism of their abuse of human rights, illegal occupation and land grabbing.

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Anarchist Tony Allen speaking in Brighton

22-09-2004 18:10

'A Summer in the Park - A Journal of Speakers'Corner'

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Inflationary Deflation or the Dominance of the Global Financial Markets

22-09-2004 17:53

"When real interests are above real growth rates of the GDP, debtors are structurally overstrained. The debt crisis of the 1980s and the financial crises of the past decade suggest that a kind of post-modern `plundering capitalism' is arising.. Liberalization of the financial markets allows the exercise of financial repression toward the public sector and the real economy.."

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Birmingham City Council snoop on the Nursery Social Centre

22-09-2004 16:39

Anthony Reece employed by the City Council's Economic "Development" Dept
Two Birmingham City Council employees turned up yesterday to deliver Court papers to the Nursery Social Centre in Selly Oak. One man reluctantly identified himself as Anthony Reese, the other man picture refused to identify himself. Mr. Reese when asked to identify himself held his Identity card upside down. He also refused initially to give his office phone number. He categorically refused to tell us his bosses name but we know he works for the City Council's Economic "Development" Dept - the department responsible for evicting us and "developing" the secret garden.

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Australian Election Campaigning Goes International

22-09-2004 15:14

Coalition supporters begin a programme of disinformation in the expatriate United Kingdom press.

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Peter Tatchell Interview - No Regrets.

22-09-2004 15:11

For those of you who wonder what makes Peter Tatchell 'tick' see the following interview
in The Guardian Sept 22. (Society Section)

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Buju Banton concert axed in Manchester

22-09-2004 13:26

Police express community safety concerns
Manchester police have intervened to secure the cancellation of reggae
superstar Buju Banton's Manchester concert, which was scheduled for
this Thursday 23 September.

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Germany: Speaker of protests in Berlin arrests

22-09-2004 12:57

This picture brought annoyance
Speaker of the citizens' initiative "Volksaufstand" after the citizens of Berlin demo at 20.09.2004 with the Brandenburger the gate one arrested. It developed also Swiss humanitarian aid project.

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Anarchist Tony Allen book talk in Brighton

22-09-2004 12:45

'A Summer in the Park - A Journal of Speakers'Corner'

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International legal support team

22-09-2004 12:45

We are there for each and every one
We are the spokesmen/women for human rights but first and foremost for prisoners and for those found guilty.Our work is based on the international conventions on human rights an arrest and police control siyuations-both governed by the United Nations anti-torture resolution signed most European countries,including United Kingsdom
We are creat in Heidelberg(germany)Montpellier(France) Barcelona( Spain) and now in London

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Indymedia @ the ESF - Get involved!

22-09-2004 11:29

Indymedia @ the ESF: Four Days of Tactical Media Production

Come and join us from October 14th – 17th in London.

We need your reporting, radio, photography, cables, ideas, enthusiasm
and more!

@ The Camden Centre,
Judd St
Near Kings Cross,
London WC1
(and other locations!)

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Re-birth of the Bomb - Campaign on nuclear non-proliferation

22-09-2004 09:59

From: "Theatre of War [Main}"

Hello all,

Below is some information and a sample letter for MP's to add their names to the EDM about the MDA, Please use as you can, email it out, send the end section to your MP, and please contact us if you would like further info.

Peace, love and action
Theatre of War
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