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UK Newswire Archive

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Global Systematic Discrimination against the Poor due to be signed by States

06-09-2009 13:46

An Optional Protocol is due to be signed by States which, because of its exclusion of the core minimum obligations of the State, will allow States to systematically discriminate against the poor. In addition, it allows for the creation of a far more dependent people unable to help themselves.

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Don't Build Kingsnorth - adopt a contractor

06-09-2009 13:04

Banner at Laing O'Rourke - September 2009
Six companies are currently bidding for the contract to build a new coal power station at Kingsnorth in Kent, for the giant power company E.ON. This would be the first new UK coal power station for 30 years. Kingsnorth would produce over 8 million tonnes of CO2 per year, equivalent to the entire emissions of a country like Ghana.

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Solidarity with Camp Ashraf Hunger Strikers, London - pictures

06-09-2009 09:31

Forty five years.
On day 40 of the international hunger strikes taking place around the world in sympathy with the hunger strikers in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, London hunger strikers hold a solidarity vigil for those still arbitrarily detained in custody by Iraqi security forces.

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Police violence in Adana, Turkey

06-09-2009 08:40

Fans waving red flags
Football fans at a match in Adana between the local team and an Italian one opened a banner calling for a political prisoner dying of cancer to be released. They were attacked by the police.

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eco activists search for support base for protest sites

06-09-2009 08:32

a collective of environmental activists in london is looking for a site to use as a long term support base for the protest sites in britain.

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Boycott Ahava Beauty Products: Boycott Israeli Goods event

06-09-2009 07:17

Boycott Ahava Beauty Products: Boycott Israeli Goods

On Saturday 26th September
@ 2pm to 4.30pm
Outside the Mailbox in Birmingham City Centre

Leaflet and Picket the ‘Sunday Times Style in the City’ fashion and beauty event

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EVENT - Vigil for the Oxford Six

06-09-2009 07:08

At 9pm this Monday, campaigners will gather at Camden Lock to set adrift six floating candles, one for each of the Western Saharan students arrested and beaten by Moroccan police whilst on their way to a peace conference in Oxford.

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50,000 mass in Berlin against nuclear power

06-09-2009 06:36

Around 50,000 people demonstrated against nuclear power in Berlin on Saturday as a poll projected the pro-nuclear conservatives of Chancellor Angela Merkel convincingly winning an election on 27 September, although a majority of Germans want nuclear electricity production stopped.
A highlight of the powerful protest on a rainy day in the downtown area of the capital were more than 350 farm tractors rumbling through, some of which had been driven in convoy hundreds of kilometres around nuclear dump sites in northern Germany. At one location during the trek, the collapsing Morsleben underground nuclear dump, they were savagely attacked without cause by police using batons, tear gas, pepper spray and biting Alsatians. The police minister has apologised.

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Brian Haw in Parliament Square - 3,018 days and counting!

06-09-2009 05:19

I spent a night in solidarity with Brian Haw on August 19th - his 3,000th day of protest. I enclose 12 photos.

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BNP´s Leader to Appear on BBC Question Timel

06-09-2009 04:45

The Fascist British National Party´s leader Nick Griffin may be asked to appear on Question Time, the BBC has said. A spokesman for the broadcaster said it was bound by rules to treat all political parties with "due impartiality".

The BBC has a duty to treat all political parties equally, so it could be said that they are not at fault here, but Griffin´s appearance would pose problems for the Labour Party: they have a long-standing policy of not sharing platforms with Fascists. Will they do a U-Turn here and lend the BNP more legitimacy?

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Preparing the ground for military aggression against Venezuela and Latin America

06-09-2009 04:32

Revolutionizing praxical theory!
Preparing the ground for military aggression against Venezuela and Latin America: The Big Lie Strategy in operation.

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The debate between Steve Best and Gary Francione

06-09-2009 03:44

So here we are, waiting for the debate between Steve Best and Gary Francione. But the real problem with Francione and everyone who opposes violence or disagrees with Dr. Best’s defense of effective militant direct action is not just about their ideas on animal rights or animal liberation or neo-abolitionism; it’s about their idea of Freedom and the struggle to see it realized. Arguing that violence for animal causes is unjustified is like saying that all the illegal violent animal liberators are evil and should go to jail. In these times of the Patriot Act and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, in these times when corporate-state oppression is expanding globally, in these times when the liberation of a cow/pig/dog/chicken from a concentration camp is considered terrorism and the liberator subject to criminal penalties, whoever does not stand proudly to support this so called “terrorism” is against Freedom and is the enemy of the animal liberation movement. State repression is increasingly harsh, which requires fierce resistance.

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Statement of Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative on Arrests of their Members

06-09-2009 03:44

On September, 4th 2009 District Court in Belgrade decided that arrested members of ASI will be held for thirty days in detention. Our comrades are accused of an act of international terrorism.

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Clarissa Dickson Wright makes up lies against RSPCA

06-09-2009 02:06

She must be upset at being convicted of hare coursing, she has now decided to make up lies against the RSPCA.

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An Israeli in Palestine: Resisting dispossession

06-09-2009 00:35

Audio Jeff Halper (source ICAHD)
Professor Jeff Halper is an Israeli Jew and the Director of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) Jeff was on the first of the Free Gaza boats that broke the siege of Gaza. He was jailed for this when he returned home to Israel and is currently out on bail. He has been awarded Palestinian citizenship and has won various honours including the Kant-World-Citizen-Prize for 2009 and the Rachel Corrie Peace Award and was a 2006 nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize

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EVENT: From the Camp to the Swoop, Copenhagen and beyond....

06-09-2009 00:08

Thursday 10th September
Jabezz Clegg (Dover Street, off Oxford Road)

Find out what happened at this summer's camps in the UK, plus plans for a mass action at Ratcliffe-on-Soar coal fired power station on October 17th. All this in the lead up to the Copenhagen talks in December.

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Opinion: Honduran coup has been far from bloodless

05-09-2009 22:52

"Women protesters can face worse. On Aug. 14, a young mother was grabbed by police while participating nonviolently in a large protest. They separated her from male detainees and drove her out of town, where four officers of the National Police raped her and then raped her again with a baton.
Rapes while in custody, assassinations and disappearances that are terrorizing Hondurans remain largely unreported in the U.S. press. On July 11, for example, Roger Ivan Bados, a longtime trade unionist and activist in the opposition party Union Democrática, was forcibly removed from his home and killed. Others who participate in demonstrations or other activities have been kidnapped, then found dead."

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IAEA Chief: Iran Threat "Hyped" - The Leaking Game

05-09-2009 22:49

Great to hear him weigh in on the issue.

He also said any attack on Iran would be "an act of Madness" that would enflame the entire region, if not the world.

"Western nations and others worry Iran is moving toward development of nuclear warheads."

No they don't. Their own intelligence services have said there is no such program in existence, nor does Iran show a desire to move towards weaponization.

The ONLY people claiming otherwise, entirely without evidence, are the Israeli, American, and British Extremists who plotted to attack the oil-rich regional rival, long before Ahmadinejad or the atomic energy program were issues.

These are the same people who lied to us about the threat posed by Iraq's non-existent arsenal of WMD, in order to scare us all into a nightmare of a war and occupation.

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Vigil for Oxford Six

05-09-2009 20:39

Vigil will show solidarity with the Oxford Six, a group of students arrested and beaten after protesting at the refusal of Moroccan authorities to allow them to travel to England for a British Council sponsored peace workshop in August
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