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UK Newswire Archive

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More about precarity: Mayday Milan Call

30-04-2007 23:56

The feature on Mayday speaks of "the precarious". In Milan, the Mayday activists have sent out a Mayday call that explains a bit more about the condition of precarity. Its about Italy, and each Mayday has its own story, but they are connected in many ways, too.

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Something about "Liberation"...

30-04-2007 23:41

There is not one person I know who has not been affected and whose life has not been altered, read - forever changed by so much "liberation".

You don't even have to be an Iraqi. This "liberation" has served as a perfect mirror reflecting the moral bankruptcy of some and the resilience of others...

Those who are faithful to Iraq - the concept of it - (now we are talking about concepts since the Reality of what was Iraq is something of the past!), those who are close to Iraq in spirit and mind lose sleep too...

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Aspartame to be removed from Sainsburys products

30-04-2007 23:32

The dangerous artificial sweetner called aspartame which has linked to a long list of diseases and sickness, is being removed from all own brand products by the UKs biggest supermarket Sainsbury.

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Anabelle and son due to be deported this Wednesday - URGENT ACTION NEEDED!!!!

30-04-2007 23:29

Anabelle James and her 1 year old son who were snatched from their home in Bury in a dawn raid on Sunday29 April 2007, are due to be deported back to Nigeria on Wednesday 2nd May 2007.

They are set to be sent on Virgin Airway flight VS 651 at 22:30 (10:30pm) to Lagos, from Heathrow (Terminal 3).

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Protest for affordable housing in Brighton

30-04-2007 22:47

First time buyers to protest at Gordon Brown’s Brighton Festival appearance on Sunday May 13th 2007.

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English Politics And English Music

30-04-2007 22:33

The failure to incite the general population to change and object to current government

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films and talks at Camberwell Squatted Centre this week

30-04-2007 22:31

Here follows a short list of this weeks excitement for all at the new-ish south london social centre. all events free. check our website for full may programme

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BNPs Secret Plan for ‘Apartheid’ in UK

30-04-2007 21:26

Former British Nationalist Party activist, turned anti-fascist campaigner, Matthew Collins, Director of Searchlight's Operation Wedge, has revealed the inside truth about the BNP’s plans for apartheid in Britain, and how to defeat the far right.

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The gentrification of free festivals

30-04-2007 21:17

It is spring equinox, the moon is bright. I had sweet-talked some sweet foreigners into attending the Beltane festival on Calton Hill in Edinburgh tonight. It used to be a great festival, music, fire, dance. I've been about 5 times over it's 20 year history, but I've been busy with war stuff for the past 3 years. I did go the year it was 'banned' ( ) and I was one of the people who ignored the council bouncers and took down the barriers. I've done other stuff to help out too, and when they started asking for donations, I was happy to donate.

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Fron CUBA, this 1st May...

30-04-2007 20:02

Este 1 de mayo de 2007 es la fecha de lanzamiento de Cubainformación, un proyecto comunicativo cuyo objetivo está resumido claramente en su lema: ser “una brecha en el bloqueo mediático” a Cuba...

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ID card will be needed to vote, says UK election watchdog

30-04-2007 19:04

Unexpected support for ID cards has come from Electoral Commission chairman Sam Younger, who has told the Times that photo ID should be required at polling stations, and that if (or, in the view of the current Government, when) ID cards become compulsory they would "undoubtedly" be applied in elections. "I think there’s a very strong case for making sure we go down the road of tightening up the identification of polling station voting as well [as postal ballots]" he said.

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Mayday Teachers March in Oaxaca, Government Workers break police barricades

30-04-2007 18:42

On 1 May 2007, as the world marches for Labour Day and Workers Rights, Oaxaca, Mexico, will see Section 22 of the teachers union march on the zocalo.

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A tsunami of racism, Political views Mr Wilders

30-04-2007 17:35

The political views of Mr G. Wilders, the newly elected Dutch MP, who came into power with 9 seats after the Dutch parliamentary elections dd 2006, are not only being characterized by populism, racism and Islamophobia, also they contain elements, which hold a plea for the foundation of a police-state.

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Bluewater plotters and the 7/7 cell: Peering through the crevice....

30-04-2007 15:34

Here we have it, the triumphant verdict. Five found guilty of plotting multiple terrorist scenarios "bigger than 9/11."

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Work as Fetish

30-04-2007 15:25

What is good for the economy and what is good for people diverge more and more! Nevertheless the opposite is drummed into people.. Capitalism only knows the irrational end-in-itself, making more money out of money until the end of time.. Capitalism strikes its own limits.

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Bin revolution gathers pace

30-04-2007 15:20

It takes a lot to get people to do more than moan and groan, and yet axing bin collections seems to have galvanised the masses into action.

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Fires in Manchester City Centre

30-04-2007 14:34

Two fires in Manchester's city centre.

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Mayday as marketing

30-04-2007 14:30

There's something very wrong with the state of anti-capitalism when Topshop starts planting news stories about the WOMBLES to help market celebrity branded sweatshop produce...

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30-04-2007 14:23

The Second Session on the Philippines of the Permanent People's Tribunal (March 21-25, The Hague, Netherlands) marks a historic milestone in the Filipino people's struggle for social justice, national democracy, and true independence from U.S. imperialism and global capital. This brief article sums up the major achievement of the Tribunal, highlighting the role of progressive Filipina women in the fight for freedom and popular liberation.
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