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UK Newswire Archive

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Barking mad Metronet bosses.

06-09-2007 16:40

Peter Percival screams abuse at press and strikers after attacking camerman.
On Tuesday morning a small group of striking RMT members held a picket of the Metronet headquarters in Holborn. By 9am things had become so surreal that to be honest most of those present were pinching themselves to check they were not dreaming…

Its a funny old world.

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Protesters Strip Trident Bare!

06-09-2007 16:39

Nudes Against Nukes
On Wednesday afternoon a group of cheeky protesters demonstrated the naked truth about Trident by stripping off outside the gates of Faslane naval base in Scotland.

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Supporting the RMT strikers.

06-09-2007 14:34

Telling it like it is
Metronet employees are barred by their conracts from speaking to the media or commenting on the performance of the failed private company they work for. Having said that there is no law stopping supporters of the strikers from attending the picket lines and handing out literature like the leaflett seen below.

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RMT Underground maintenance strike paralyses London.

06-09-2007 14:24

On strike for jobs and pensions....
These days it seems that every five minutes the government are reminding us about the importance of our pension. It is given far more coverage than most things. As issues go it seems to be on the agenda every other day with some ‘expert’ warning us to invest in some private pension scheme or else.

So it is the height of hypocrisy for Gordon Brown to be describing the RMT Metronet strikers as “wholly irresponsible” when they are in fact on strike to protect their pensions!? Mr Blair (oops I mean Brown) goes on to call their action “totally unnecessary” when all they are doing is following government advice. And that, by the way, is the same government who introduced the ‘Public Private Partnership’ (PPP) to the Underground to begin with. Which resulted in years of total incompetence by PPP company Metronet. Which has now gone bust threatening everything from safety on the Underground, to massive job losses in the maintenance sector to the wiping out of peoples pensions.

And which chancellor introduced PPP?

Nice one Gordon……

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20 Feminist Fightback conference, 20 October 2007

06-09-2007 14:04

Back for a second year, the Feminist Fightback activist conference is organised by a group of socialist feminists, including the Education Not for Sale student network. It aims to bring together feminists from a wide range of perspectives to debate ideas and develop practical strategies for fighting women’s oppression and exploitation.

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Boycott Israel Campaigners to Hold Vigil in Protest Against England-Israel Match

06-09-2007 13:35

Boycott Israeli Goods Campaign Press Release

Tuesday 4th September 2007

For Interviews and Photos call 07845039980, email

Boycott Israel Campaigners to Hold Vigil in Protest Against England-
Israel Euro 2008 Qualifier at Wembley

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Guns and Butter: 9/11 Blueprint: The Architecture of Destruction

06-09-2007 12:30

Audio 9/11: Blueprint for Truth Front Cover
Interview with Bay Area architect Richard Gage, AIA, about the organization he has formed, "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth". Outreach to architects and engineers; presentations to the public and to professionals; the physical evidence of controlled demolition of the World Trade Center twin towers and building seven. Visit his website at .

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John Holloway and Vittorio Sergi on Black Bloc and more

06-09-2007 11:24

The following dialogue was written following the events in Rostock on June 2, 2007, ahead of this year's G8 Summit in Heiligendamm.

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Britain’s bosses take record £26.4 billion in bonuses: City takes lion’s share

06-09-2007 07:55

For the vast majority of the UK population, the last year has been one of deepening economic hardship, ever-rising debt, bankruptcies and mortgage payments, house repossession and general job insecurity.

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AUDIO - Bristol Tenants and Resident Federation Launched

06-09-2007 03:15

What will replace Bristol's area housing committees? Grahame Simms has proposed some big changes to Bristol's Housing Management Board.

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Video: APEC Climate Action at Loy Yang Power Station (Australia)

06-09-2007 00:47

On Monday September 3rd 2007 activists shut down down part of the Loy Yang power station in Gippsland's Latrobe Valley to coincide with APEC leaders meeting in Sydney. The protest aimed to highlight the inaction on climate change by APEC member governments. A range of cilmate actions have happened across Australia over the past several days.

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Dutch Fascism & Bush-Arroyo State Terrorism Attack Filipino Refugees

06-09-2007 00:19

Dr. Carol P. Araullo, with Rep. Satur Ocampo, in a people's rally in Manila
Colluding with U.S. and Filipino reactionaries, Dutch fascist authorities arrested Jose Maria Sison, a Filipino political refugee, and raided the National Democratic Front International Information Office in Holland last Aug. 27. This is a clear example of State Terrorism working on behalf of predatory imperialist capital. All progressives and democrats everywhere should protest this outrage and support the Filipino people's struggle for justice, equality, and true independence.

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DSEi Day of Action, 11 September 2007

06-09-2007 00:08

1pm Custom House.

Come by bus. Come by DLR. Come by bike. Come by foot. Come by tank.

Get to Custom House.

Invade ExCeL.

Shut down the arms fair.

Bring your friends.

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DISARM DSEi Information and Action Training Day

06-09-2007 00:07

Sunday 9th September 2007, 10am-5pm
RampART, 15/17 Rampart Street, London E1 2LA

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Iraq: Government Death Squads Ravaging Baghdad

05-09-2007 23:20

Death squads from the Ministry of Interior posing as Iraqi police are killing more people than ever in the capital, emerging evidence shows.

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Together We Are: Event in remembrance of Mikey Powell and support of Tony Ford

05-09-2007 22:14

Press release - 5 September 2007
Together We Are: Event in remembrance of Mikey Powell and support of Tony Egbuna Ford

4WardEver, in conjunction with the Mikey Powell Campaign and Indymedia Birmingham, are staging an eventful night on September 7th at the Rainbow, Digbeth, Birmingham to mark the fourth anniversary of Mikey Powell's death.

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Guantánamo: UK refuses to prevent return of Ahmed Belbacha to torture in Algeria

05-09-2007 21:50

A letter from the British government explains, but does not justify the government’s refusal to prevent the return of Guantánamo detainee and British resident Ahmed Belbacha to Algeria, where he faces the risk of torture.

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Palestine INDESTRUCTIBLE! (by Latuff)

05-09-2007 21:28

Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.

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Another Day, Another False Flag Op Foiled

05-09-2007 20:54

Once again, we are expected to believe a handful of patsies—excuse me, “terrorists”—were capable of taking out a U.S. military base, this time the Ramstein air base in Germany, but thanks to the diligent work of Germany’s “special police officers,” these America-hating miscreants were apprehended before they attacked.
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