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UK Newswire Archive

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The British Terrorist Plot: Stage Two of the October Surprise

12-08-2006 13:10

According to the leader of Hizbullah, Shaikh Hassan Nassrullah, the Israeli war on Lebanon was approved by the Bush administration to be launched on late September or early October. However, the war was launched prematurely in reaction to the Hizbullah capture of Israeli soldiers.

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12-08-2006 12:49


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RAF Brize Norton Blockade Successful

12-08-2006 11:47

Ongoing action at RAF Brize Norton

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Brize Norton Closed

12-08-2006 11:46

The Military air base at Brize Norton which the americans are using to support the Isreali attacks on lebannon has been closed

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Hezbollah's welfare services ensure grass-roots support

12-08-2006 11:31

In bombed-out southern villages and refugee-filled schools across the country, Hezbollah supporters go door to door, checking if people have enough food and medicine. That is the second prong of the Shiite group's strength in Lebanon, where it is putting up stiff resistance to thousands of Israeli troops in the south.

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Who? Me?! - Israel prepared Lebanon genocide for 3 years!

12-08-2006 10:31

''According to the reports, the Israeli army has been preparing for this war for more than three years. The last exercise took place a month before the war started and included the invasion of Lebanon by land forces.''

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The Four-Frontal War: Covert Operations Escalate in Middle East and the Horn of Africa

12-08-2006 09:20

Civil War Looms in Iraq

"US Generals forsee Iraqi partition" was the unnerving headline penned by Guardian journalists Julian Borger, Ewen MacAskill and Richard Norton Taylor yesterday. They quote the leaked memo to Prime Minister Tony Blair written by William Patey, Britain's outgoing Ammbassador to Iraq, which revealed that "a low intensity civil war and a de facto division of Iraq" is currently more probable than the stabilization of the country. His comments were shockingly confirmed by General John Abizaid, the head of US Central Command, and General Peter Pace, the Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, both of whom warned of the imminent probability of Iraq's slide to civil war.

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Britain Names Suspects in Alleged Airline Bomb Plot; British Muslims Skeptical,

12-08-2006 08:43

suspicion of plotting
Britain has named 19 of the 24 people arrested yesterday on suspicion of plotting to blow up passenger jets flying to the United States and has frozen their assets. We go to Britain to look why many British Muslims are skeptical of the plot and fear a backlash on their communities.

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Thousands rally for peace in Lebanon

12-08-2006 07:00

No excuse for its aggression!
"All those hypocrites who don't call for a cease-fire are accomplices.

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NUS Condemns Galloway Over Hezbollah

12-08-2006 04:58

The Union Of Jewish Students applauded the National Union of Students yesterday for passing a motion at their national executive committee meeting condemning George Galloway for praising the actions of Hezbollah.

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Art of War : Trapped in Iraq

12-08-2006 03:57

Trapped in Iraq
Trapped in Iraq

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Scan Dot Org - 'The Simian Era' mp3

12-08-2006 02:25

'The Simian Era' mp3
1. 'Undressing the myth' poem -2. 'The Simian Era' 29 mins. 128 kb/s stereo 27.6 MB

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U.S. To Rush Cluster Bombs To Israel (Via the UK?)

12-08-2006 02:00

"Israel has asked the Bush administration to hasten delivery of short-range anti-personnel rockets armed with cluster munitions"
"The newspaper said the United States maintained a moratorium in the 1980s on selling cluster munitions to Israel, after it learned civilians in Lebanon had been killed with the weapons during the 1982 Israeli invasion"

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Support Haringey Binman Strike - Picket Monday 14th August

12-08-2006 01:50

Monday 14th August - 8.30am
Ashley Road Depot
N17 9AZ
(nearest tube: Tottenham Hale)

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Lebanese Hospitals Under Threat From Fuel Crisis - Thurs 10th Aug - Photo Report

11-08-2006 23:39

I’m at the Government University to talk to Bilal Masri, the assistant general director of the Government University Hospital. The Government has announced that the hospitals are in danger of running out of fuel for their generators. ‘So far we are doing OK. We think we have fuel for the generators for another week to ten days running at our present capacity. This is about 25% of what is usual. We are saving electricity wherever possible. We keep essential operations like ER and ICU running. Everywhere else electricity is a commodity. If the situation continues to escalate and the Israelis stop the fuel ship from docking in the port, then we could see an energy crisis in the whole country - not just the hospital.’

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Martyrs Square Vigil, Lebanon - Wed 9th Aug - Photo Report

11-08-2006 23:34

Now that the Arab league has left the city, the ban on demonstrations has been lifted. Every night at seven, people gather in the square to remember the dead and discuss the situation.

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Dhayiya. Attacked Again - Wed 9th Aug - Photo Report

11-08-2006 23:26

We heard on the news that the Israelis had yet again bombed the south Beirut district of Dhayiya. After trying in vain to persuade numerous cab drivers to take us there we eventually secure a lift. Soon after we arrive we realised our mistake. We have landed in an area, without first seeking permission from Hizbollah. The fact that there was no checkpoint or local cordon is no excuse. We are now in a ghost town with around a kilometre to walk out, and on our own. The driver has left at considerable speed.

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Activists Help Lebanese Refugee Kids - Tues 8th Aug - Photo Report

11-08-2006 23:22

Today I join activists from the Zico House Social Centre who are on a mission to cheer up the refugee children in this district. The centre had previously been home to a meeting space as well as offices for various progressive groups. The activists have well and truly risen to the challenge that they have been faced with, as hundreds of thousands of refugees had flooded in from the south of the city and the country. They have organised into committees to deal with different aspects of the daunting refugee situation. I am with the group that has formed to help the children of the refugees have some quality of life while they remain in overcrowded centres with little or nothing to do.

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Terrorism: you can get it in a can

11-08-2006 23:18

The Blitzkrieg is upon Beirut, but we are supposed to imagine that little Nazis are flying over our heads.
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