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UK Newswire Archive

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Boycott Global Capitalism For Promoting neo-Nazi Filth

03-02-2006 11:21

Anti-racists and anarchists are coming together to boycott Google, Amazon, and E-bay, for stocking neo-nazi material from their UK-based servers.

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Apocalypse NOW

03-02-2006 10:58

Permaculture, Permaculture, Permaculture, do it now, learn, build.
Find local public spaces and plant seeds, any seeds, just do it.

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Griffin escapes........

03-02-2006 10:09

Far right leader Nick Griffin released

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Are we running out of oil or not?

03-02-2006 09:51

Anyone who has been reading up on the issue of peak oil will know the question is not whether we are running out of oil but rather when we will find that extraction levels start to decline and we can no-longer extract oil fast enough to meet growing demand. In response to Bush juniors pathetic state of the union address yesterday, Royal Dutch Shell have claimed that the world was nowhere near to running out of oil. At the same time, Shell, the world's third biggest oil and gas company, announced record profits for any British company, nearly £13billion ($23billion). Their profits are up 30% thanks to inflated oil prices and compare well to $22billion forecast for BP next week.

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03-02-2006 09:35

Propaganda dominates the media today and the worst offenders are the many and diverse advocates of selective freedom who in truth are hostile to freedom of speech when that speech exposé their lies. This poverty is making us all the poorer and truth must be tolerated again.

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Pictures from Osaka Homeless Liberation Demo, Japan!

03-02-2006 05:10

Rallying Support!
Here are some pictures of the Street demo and also the intervention in Osaka City Hall. 28th Jan 2006

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2nd Renaissance

03-02-2006 01:34

Entire stock of knowledge to be accessed
This story was published in September 2004 and it was a big secret. I received it on disk but I think it should be public by now anyway. It is interesting to look back at it and in terms of today's world some two years on. I will link each chapter as I go along over the coming weeks.- The Old World Order - Happy reading!

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Capitalism or a Habitable Planet

03-02-2006 00:37

This article is about the topic raised by Robert Newman in "Capitalism or a Habitable Planet" - is it possible to avoid climate chaos by radically reducing greenhouse gas emissions while we still have the dominant system of capitalist democracy?

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Peace Vigil to commemorate the fallen British soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

02-02-2006 23:57

Most people were strongly in favour of pulling the British troops from Iraq.
Images from the Peace Vigil organised in Aberdeen on February 1 2006 , as part of dozens similar ones across the UK, to commemorate the 100 dead British servicemen and the thousands of dead Iraqi civilians, since the invasion and occupation of Iraq in March 2003.

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Arts Picture House threatened by Wetherspoons

02-02-2006 23:43

Wetherspoons on Regent Street (Cambridge) is applying for a music license so it can turn into a Lloyds bar, which will render one auditorium in the arts cinema unusable. The arts cinema shows lefty stuff occasionally and lets groups put on their own films at certain times, and is generally a better thing than a bigger chain pumping out horror.

Objections can be placed before tomorrow (Friday) by emailing .

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Sat 18th March 2006 - The Blair Witch Impeachment Project

02-02-2006 22:12

44 days and nights of preparation to go. Get your glad rags ready!

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Protest the cruel circus!

02-02-2006 22:11

Tiger caged at 'Great' British Circus
The Japanese Water Gardens in Stapleford, Nottingham have repeatedly hosted the Great British Circus, which has a record for animal cruelty. Nottingham Animal Rights are asking the owners of the Gardens to ban this circus from their land until it stops using animals in its acts.

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In 2006, Voting Fraud is the Keystone Issue

02-02-2006 22:09

Tell the world that "you're mad as Hell and you aren't going to take it any more
Not only do they want to remain in power and keep their ill-gotten booty, many of them want desperately to stay out of the federal slammer. Accordingly, there may virtually nothing that they might not resort to in order to avoid this outcome. Things could get very nasty.

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Anniversary of Lee Kyung Hae -- Report from Korean Farmer's League

02-02-2006 21:15

Kyung Hae in Cancun
Remember the struggle! Remember Lee Kyung Hae!

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Swansea vigil against the war

02-02-2006 19:48


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G8 Genoa Diaz Trial: British Testimonies and a Personal Report

02-02-2006 18:19


Last week the final British witnesses gave their evidence in the Italian court case against 29 police officers accused of crimes relating to the horrific raid on the GSF Diaz school in Genoa, when Italian police stormed their way into the school and savagely beat scores of people. In the building opposite the police immobilised the grassroots media, smashed equipment and phones, stole video tapes and took the hard drives of the volunteer legal team's computers.

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It's the Enemy You Can't See...

02-02-2006 16:40's Nathaniel Mehr on the reaction to George Galloway's eviction from the Big Brother house (from 27th January).

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On the ground at the Diaz trial

02-02-2006 16:21

An account of the British Diaz vicitms testimonies from the back of the court and on the street.

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US vote fraud again: NO paper trail in coming 2006 elections

02-02-2006 14:59

Associated Press today: ''The state does NOT have time before the 2006 elections to equip electronic voting machines with printers that make a paper record, so voters can confirm that their ballots were recorded accurately."

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KHOODEELAAR! The Brick Lane London E1 Area Question to LibDems

02-02-2006 14:22

KHOODEELAAR! The Brick Lane London E1 Area campaign against the Crossrail hole plan/scheme Bill is waiting for a clear straightforward answer to the question they have put to a Liberal Democrat Councillor on the London Borough of Tower Hamlets about that Party’s position on the Community’s demand against the Crossrail hole.
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