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UK Newswire Archive

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Rumours of our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated!

17-12-2012 16:55

As you may be aware, our plans to host a temporary community cafe run on anarchist principles in Bristol this weekend, have been scarpered after Avon & Somerset Police decided to raid Everything Is Not OK Cafe on Friday morning; evicting the building and arresting the five occupiers.

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Worldwide Children's Revolution Candlelit Vigil Outside Enfield Council Offices

17-12-2012 14:33

A worldwide Children's Revolution in every town and village and city on the earth is being proposed by eco-warriors in Britain who are suggesting that the first peaceful candlelit vigil should begin very soon outside the offices of Enfield Council in Enfield, north London, England.
The basic idea is that all the women and children who are concerned about the slaughter of the innocents in wars and other atrocities should remember the victims peacefully in continuous candlelit vigils everywhere as 2012 is drawing to a close and the New Age is about to begin and Christmas is approaching.

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Starbucks Xmas PR Fail

17-12-2012 14:22

Starbucks Xmas PR Fail
Starbucks Festive PR Fail

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British Empire Subvertizer (Bristol)

17-12-2012 12:55


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European Police Congress in Berlin

17-12-2012 12:55

In February 2013 the 16th European Police Congress will be held in Berlin. According to the numbers of the responsible organiser, a publishing company for administration issues, around 1.600 participants coming from more than 50 countries attended the last congress in 2012.
Cops, politicians, enterprises and other VIPs meet there once a year to coordinate their interests. While members of the administration get free access, normal journalists and people have to pay around thousand euro for registration. Enterprises with commercial interests pay per square meter for exhibition ground. Well-known brands were present the last years.

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Atheist Census is back online!

17-12-2012 06:27

Atheist Census is back online! (after Doe attack)

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Climate: Arctic Thermostat Blows Up

17-12-2012 05:30

The Arctic thermostat for the world is broken, with record heat & emissions in 2012. Warning from UK Tyndall Centre. Four speakers from Arctic Methane Emergency group film: Peter Wadhams, James Hansen, Natalia Shakhova, David Wasdell. Plus interview with AMEG member Paul Beckwith from University of Ottawa. How polar ice-melt derails climate of Nothern Hemisphere, heading for uncontrollable heating. Radio Ecoshock 121219

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Out Of The Rubble - Fundraiser

16-12-2012 23:29

Refugee Camp - Winter season

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Battle of Bexhill Begins

16-12-2012 21:47

For full article with links - head here

Anti-road protestors in Bexhill were ambushed by an early start to the tree-felling on the controversial Bexhill-Hastings link road this week, but they rallied and over three successive days of direct action have put a spanner in the works.

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Nobel Peace Prize Winner joins Assange Solidarity Vigil at Ecuadoran embassy London

16-12-2012 19:57

For the past 6 months we have maintained a daily vigil outside the Ecuadoran embassy in solidarity with Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and the people of Ecuador
Ecuador has granted political asylum to Julian Assange. The embassy is located next to Harrod's
in Knighstbridge. London. It is surrounded by British police.

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Solidarity demo at Morton Hall detention centre

16-12-2012 18:55

The latest in a series of solidarity demonstrations was held outside Morton Hall detention centre in Lincolnshire today. Two minibuses of people set out to let the nearly 400 detainees know that they have not been forgotten this winter. We spent over an hour moving round the perimeter chanting and making noise so that they would hear us. Some people climbed trees so that our banners would be visible to those inside.

When we got back to the main gate, prison guards and the police panicked and started shoving people off the road to make way for a Reliance transport van. Reliance are responsible for moving detainees around the detention system and to airports (although not directly from Morton Hall).

The indefinite detention of migrants has come under fire this week after the governments' own inspectors criticised the length of time people are being detained and how some detainees have "simply been forgotten". One Somali migrant has been held for 9 years after he completed his prison sentence.

It has also recently emerged that Lincolnshire could be marked for a second immigration removals centre. Officials have said that HMP Lincoln could be converted to a detention centre for migrants.

The intolerable conditions for migrants in detention have meant that unrest has frequently broken out in the detention estate over the years. The last solidarity demonstration at Morton Hall took place as detainees undertook a mass hunger strike and rooftop protest against their conditions.

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Occupied Friern Barnet Library in court Monday

16-12-2012 16:20

Supporters of Friern Barnet People’s Library in Barnet, North London, are to return to court at 09:30 on Monday 17 December as Barnet council seeks possession of the building and the surrounding green land.

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Growth and Infrastructure Threat Back-As Clause 23

16-12-2012 15:15

Tomorrow Parliament debates the Growth and Infrastructure Bill again at the Report stage. Clause 21 is still there, unammended, but now as Clause 23. LAON's PR 18 outlines why we still oppose this clause in the Bill.and urges you to write to your MP asking them to support the proposed ammendents to this Bill either tomorrow or before the 3rd Reading

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earth cabaret at occupied friern barnet library

16-12-2012 13:36

accordianist rodney
last night, more than a hundred locals and other visitors filled the occupied library in friern barnet for an evening of 'save the library' cabaret. the occupiers face court on monday and tuesday as the council tries to evict them and close down the library.

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Enfield Council violently attacks eco-warriors and a bloodbath is possible

15-12-2012 18:39

A terrible atrocity occurred at our site in Enfield north London England, on Thursday 13 December when a small army of Enfield Council officials, police officers, and large men wearing black clothing and balaclavas stormed into our home and started dragging thousands of pounds worth of vehicles out into the street.

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Second Battle of Hastings: Day One... Protestors 10, Road builders 0

14-12-2012 23:51

Despite a massive numerical advantage, contractors failed to fell any trees today in a battle of wits set against torrential rain and high winds in the Combe Valley. Join us tomorrow for Round Two!

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EDL Coming Up North

14-12-2012 22:46

Edl have announced thier next two national demo's one in Manchester one in Newcastle

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Youth Led Christmas Family Fun Day

14-12-2012 21:18

A group of young people are holding a fundraising and awareness event in order to challenge the negative stereotypes concerning their age age group on 3 issues that they are most passionate about. Free Family fun day in Bedminster, Bristol, BS35JJ on the 16th December 2012 at 2.00pm-8.00pm.
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