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UK Newswire Archive

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101 uses for a 'preparing for emergencies' booklet

13-08-2004 00:14

campaign - send them back (freepost) and let them know what you think of it

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Se Vende este Cine

12-08-2004 23:15

Se Vende este Cine

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Arrests for all offences proposed

12-08-2004 21:31

All offences could prompt arrest under Home Office proposals

Police in England and Wales could be given powers to arrest people for minor offences such as graffiti or litter.

Police can currently arrest people only for crimes with sentences of at least five years, meaning breach of the peace is often used as a "catch all" offence.

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British Journalist Held at Ben Grurion

12-08-2004 21:14

A British journalist has been detained since Wednesday at Ben-Gurion International Airport after security forces denied her entry into the country on the grounds that she is a left-wing activist who could not be objective in her portrayal of local events and who could unknowingly assist violent organizations.

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Venezuela Election-Day Special available on the KU

12-08-2004 21:00

On Sunday, August 15th from 4:00 - 6:00pm PST,
that is 1:00 - 3:00 am BST of the following day,
KPFK will broadcast a special program on the Venezuelan Recall Referendum with exit polls, election results, interviews with Venezuelan government officials, opposition representatives,journalists, and activists, with live simultaneous translation when necessary.

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EU - Hands off Venezuela (8.3.2004)

12-08-2004 20:27

European parliament discusses a resolution against Venezuela - 08.03.2004

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Please help save Joan Shurland from death in Jamaica

12-08-2004 18:51

Joan Shurland
My friend Joan Shurland, a disabled mother, is faced with deportation to almost certain death in Jamaica. She has already lost 2 sons to gun crime, she witnessed the murder of her younger son and was herself shot in the head by the murderers. Please read this news item and sign the petition at BLINK (see link) to help save her life.

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more harrassment folks

12-08-2004 18:40

A man was hospitalised late on Saturday night last after he was beaten around the head with rifle butts by members of a British Army/PSNI patrol.

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An invite to Demo G8 UK 6-8th of July 2005

12-08-2004 18:03

The G8 (Group of eight most industrialised nations) Summit will be held at Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire, about 40 miles/70 kilometres away from Edinburgh, in Scotland from 6-8th of July 2005.

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Implementing the Nicaragua Plan in Venezuela

12-08-2004 17:41

The International Republican Institute:
Implementing the Nicaragua Plan in Venezuela

International Republican Institute (“IRI”): A U.S. based non-governmental entity founded upon suggestion by former President Ronald Reagan, the IRI is a major recipient of NED funds for various projects around the world. In March 2002, just one month before the April 2002 coup d’etat, IRI received an impressive $300,000 grant from the NED for “Strengthening Political Parties” in Venezuela. IRI received an additional $116,000 in February 2003, at the culmination of the 64-day opposition imposed lockout that devastated the Venezuelan economy. One of the main political parties participating in both the coup and the lockout, Primero Justicia, is a major benefactor of IRI funds. IRI’s massive financing for its Venezuelan projects has almost exclusively been funneled into developing and strengthening political parties to oppose the Chávez Administration. IRI also maintains close contact with the U.S. Embassy, which has also been a backer of the opposition’s undemocratic tactics.

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US revealed to be secretely funding opponents of Chavez

12-08-2004 17:34

The NED awarded a significant $53,400 grant to the Venezuelan group, Súmate, in September 2003, for the sole purpose of promoting a campaign for a recall referendum on President Chávez’s mandate. Súmate was established solely with the objective of removing President Chávez from office prematurely through a recall referendum, and has no credentials or history to evidence its accomplishments or democratic ideals. Nevertheless, the NED willingly handed Súmate the $53,400 needed to fund the entire referendum campaign and to develop propaganda encourage Venezuelans to vote against Chávez.

(repost of article on Indymedia 20.07.2004 )

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Coups R US: Haiti and Venezuela

12-08-2004 17:21

An argument that the CIA is involved in Haiti and Venezuela and the techniques and criteria they use in overthrowing governments.

repost from 03.03.2004,

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Brighton peace camp

12-08-2004 15:25

Peace camp in Brighton against local arms dealers EDO/MBM from Sunday 29 August-Thursday 2 September

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european venezuela infolist

12-08-2004 15:23

on german indymedia, i found an article about an introduction to the current situation in venezuela at the pga meeting. this just a brief summery, you can read the whole article in german on

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Brighton Palestine vigil

12-08-2004 15:04

24 hour letter-writing vigil in support of Palestine in Brighton.

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Pictures of Sunday Vigil

12-08-2004 14:57

Spot the climbers...
Pictures of Sunday's Lantern Vigil...

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Truth is coherent

12-08-2004 14:48

I'm a hopeless liar. Not to say I do it a lot, but the opposite. I'm so
hopeless at the game of lying I have to avoid it. Unless I have a moral
reason to lie ('No commandant, Anne Frank is not hiding in my attic' or less
seriously, 'Yes, you look fantastic!') I find it much easier not to. Just in
practical terms, lies require a lot more maintenance than truth. If pressed,
you can't rely on actuality to fill in the detail. You have to produce other
supporting lies and these may not cohere with other aspects of reality,
causing you to generate even more lies of increasing feebleness, with
increasing dry-mouth - ugh!

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culture it ain't

12-08-2004 14:33

Paradise Street Development Area, Liverpool
here are the details about the Paradise Street Development Area (PDSA) in digestible form, taken from the Grosvenor site.

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Social housing crisis

12-08-2004 14:10

The Surrey-Hampshire border, southwest of London, is one of the most affluent areas in the country. It is currently facing a crisis in affordable housing.

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National Front to visit Oakington Detention Centre and Cambridge

12-08-2004 14:08

The Nazi National Front are planning to visit Oakington detention
centre this Saturday, August 14th at 1pm, to protest against the presence of
asylum seekers. They then plan to visit Cambridge city centre to hand
out their filthy propaganda.
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