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UK Newswire Archive

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Oil Price Touches $100 a Barrel; Signal of Pending Oil Shortages Ignored

07-01-2008 10:31

Oil Production Graph
The price for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) oil touched $100 on January 2, 2008, a new milestone. According to, WTI oil price has been giving a very clear signal of pending shortage for over five years now, and in breaching the symbolic $100 a barrel mark, continues to do so. Those driving the world economy have steadfastly ignored this red warning light. In doing so, they are steering the world toward an energy disaster characterized by shortages, high energy prices, inflation, growing inequity, civil unrest and famine.

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"In the State of Israel the Jewish mother is disappearing"

07-01-2008 10:06

The Women in Black are example and paragon of refusal to worship the god of death, refusal to obey the racist laws of the State of Israel .

The action of The Women in Black is in itself the rejection of racist education and the routine systematic poisoning of minds that sustains the schools, the media and the speeches of the nation's elected representatives.

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Dutch Universities Rejecting Iranian Students due to "Nuclear Threat"

07-01-2008 09:47

The universities of Enschede and Eindhoven are no longer admitting any students from Iran. They say they are forced to do so by the government, according to newspaper Trouw.

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Squatters Needed!

07-01-2008 09:03

A new Social Centre in Wiltshire requires volounteers. Accommodation is of course free.

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Friends of Therese & Ngalieuk

07-01-2008 08:46

Notewo Therese Laure and her son Ngalieuk Touko Thed Landery are currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC, facing deportation to Cameroon on Tuesday 8th January at 19:00 on Kenya Airways flight KQ101 from London Heathrow terminal 4 to Nairobi, and onward to Douala Cameroon

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Is Allah leading the march for Jihad to progress for the worlds poor?

07-01-2008 06:36

Is Allah leading the march for Jihad to progress for the worlds poor?
The Muslim world, a large sector of poor humanity is already on the march against imperialism, its imposed oil wars, military occupations and economic domination and environmental and wealth pillaging. Many of these Muslim peoples believe that a democratic Allah himself is on the march too. This adds to their confidence in themselves. After all they have been achieving a great deal of success in their struggles against “Great Satan” in recent years.Understanding "Jihad"

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Tara No Motorway Song

07-01-2008 03:36

TARA Song from the mounds of the Ancestors

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Climate Camp Photographers: A digital exhibition at the Broadway

06-01-2008 22:33

A number of photographers documented aspects of the camp, and the surrounding police actions. A selection of this work, is currently being shown in the foyer [and o/s Screen 1] of the Broadway Cinema, Broad Street, Nottingham.

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TOTAL petrol station demo in Chester

06-01-2008 21:59

On Saturday 5 January, in solidarity with the National League for Democracy (NLD), the Burmese monks and the oppressed people of Burma, members and supporters of Wrexham Women for Peace held a demonstration at the TOTAL petrol station on Hoole Road, Chester, calling for a general boycott of TOTAL until it severs its links with the Burmese military junta.

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NETCU Watch is Back online!

06-01-2008 21:36

NETCU Watch after a few hosting problems in now back and running again!

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Minutes of Manchester NO2ID Meeting, 12th December 2007

06-01-2008 20:53

Manchester NO2ID Logo

Manchester NO2ID has very busy since our November meeting. As well as our regular street stall, we've flyered the Lord Mayor of Manchester [1] at the Central Library, held an emergency street stall [2] in the light of the HMRC data leak, and reached the Information Commissioner himself [3] at an ICO conference in Manchester.

These are all great actions, and thanks to everyone who's shown up and helped out; we've been getting our points across to an increasingly sympathetic public, and also to people in positions of power, reminding them that we exist and cannot be ignored.


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Max Hastings lies about corruption

06-01-2008 20:00

Former Daily Telegraph editor Max Hastings has been telling lies about corruption in the UK. This is a response to his article published in The Guardian Comment section (“When the powerful can live beyond the law, corruption is never far away”, Guardian, 24/12/2007). Incidentally, the Guardian deleted my comments from their website without explanation, despite their boast that “comment is free”!

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Troop News (Three)

06-01-2008 18:15

Anti-war tips and hints for the new year, the Americans are having a stretched out election, Go'd'n Brown refused to stand for election here, so he's still candidate P.M. in waiting, let him wait, but for others, the local elections are on the horizon. Time to organise throughout the wards.How many of them can be removed? Consider replacements, raise the level of discussion, the 'sport' is change.

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guilty untill proven innocent???at nottinghill .org

06-01-2008 11:50

dutie of care
court action
madia articles

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TORRENT: [Animal Liberation DVD] Behind The Mask

06-01-2008 10:44

Behind The Mask
After spending nearly 11 years in prison for breaking into an animal experimentation laboratory to expose animal cruelty, a young man is finally released and risks it all again to save more animals.

Who is he? What kind of a person would risk so much to save the lives of animals?

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Racist attack in Rome. 250 Rroms risk being burnt to death

06-01-2008 10:21

Rome, the place of the fire
250 Rrom citizens had take shelter in the sheds, living in very harsh conditions. The fire broke out suddenly and spread with unprecedented speed throughout the sheds of the derelict warehouses.

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Manchester NO2ID Events, January 2008

06-01-2008 03:41

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Bit of a quiet month this time round, but I expect everybody's still recovering from Christmas!

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Wastwater - Nuclear Twist

05-01-2008 23:27

Wastwater Twist - Drink of the Future
Wastwater - officially Britain’s favourite view is already tainted by the nuclear industry. .... and Gordon Brown wants to plunder it further with more nuclear build in the UK.

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Can we pursue conflict resolution without fully engaging the cultural aspect of

05-01-2008 23:22

In the field of conflict resolution, the legitimacy of this statement is one of the major conflictual arguments of the current academic debate. Can we acheive a meaningful peace without engaging the grassroots level and if we can't, does engaging in conflict represent any major step forward?

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Why do they attack us? (by Latuff)

05-01-2008 22:56

Why do they attack us?
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of the brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed IsraHell's state terrorism.
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