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UK Newswire Archive

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Art of War : The Electronic Age

16-06-2006 03:54

Diebold Voting Machines
Diebold Electronic Voting Machines

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Bath subvertisers celebrate new look sainsburys

16-06-2006 01:22

Sainsburys celebrated the launch of it's new look store with a lgarish billboard campaign. Bath subvertisers celebrated by using the billboards to highlight the pland sameness and cheap crapiness of supermarkets.

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Options for Asylum Seekers?

15-06-2006 23:46

Arriving by boat and dumped off shore
Minister Vanstone talks about 3rd country options for asylum seekers arriving by boat and dumped off shore. Currently there are 230 Iraqi's who have been rounded up from Lombok and Sitibondo camps where they were being "cared" for by IOM. They have been transferred to a building in Jakarta- not hotel where again IOM are "caring" for them. Australia is paying IOM to warehouse these human beings.

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"Our Military is Being Treated as Human Fodder" - Mother of Soldier

15-06-2006 23:39

Police in Eugene, Oregon have arrested 21-year-old Army Specialist Suzanne Swift for refusing to return to fight in Iraq. Swift served in Iraq for a year but decided she could not return and went AWOL. Not only did she feel the war lacked purpose, Swift said her superiors repeatedly sexually harassed her while serving in Iraq. We speak with her mother, Sara Rich.

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a day of seriously disorganised police farce

15-06-2006 23:21

'bliar' and the copy of the magna carta
court appearances for brian haw, barbara tucker and the five jericho protestors. mark barrett's magna carta burning outside downing street. barbara tucker's 29th police 'report', and lots of bungling police.

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ECO - CENTRIC The Australian Nuclear Debate mp3

15-06-2006 22:47

No Nukiller
The nuclear debate we HAD to HAVE [ again!!!]

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About the police raid at the collective farm “Novy Put’”(“New Way”)

15-06-2006 21:26

Russian police reveal the true nature of their ilk worldwide with the deliberate targetting of anarchists at a collective farm in Russia.

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Basic Rebel Clown Training (Brighton 24/25 June)

15-06-2006 19:37

The Army Needs You
Calling all Fools - The next Basic Rebel Clown Training will be held over the weekend of June 24th and 25th in Brighton on the south coast of England.

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No M1 Widening Protest

15-06-2006 18:09

There was protest on 15th June at the Highways Agency exhibition at the Don Valley which presented their plans for the widening of the M1 and M62.

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Unexpected Guest Drops in on Iraqi Prime Minister

15-06-2006 17:57

Guess who’s coming to dinner? The President of the United States. But for the U.S. media, this peculiar party crashing by President Bush was a Big Moment, not an embarrassment.

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Police raid Thames narrowboats

15-06-2006 17:55

Police raided narrowboats on the Thames thinking that they had been hijacked by suicide bomber terrorists.

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Urgent action needed: stop Begum being deported Satuday the 17th!

15-06-2006 16:55

Begum Must Stay! - Begum Belongs to Dover

Begum is an Indian rape survivor who does not wish her full identity to be revealed for fear that her abusive ex husband will find her and kill her if she is forcibly returned to India.

Begum faces deportation to India on Saturday June 17th on flight AI 102 at 9.45am from Heathrow Airport.

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Urgent Letter from Chile

15-06-2006 16:37

News About the Student Struggle taking place in Chile - Call to action to organise a protest at the Chilean embassy.

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Why did George Galloway perform in Parliament in such a low key way?

15-06-2006 16:35

George Galloway the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow made a rare appearance in the UK House of Commons on Wednesday 14 June 2006. Rare in the sense that his presentation was low key. Much lower key than many of his comments on the same subject, the Crossrail Bill, had been. In the course of the past five months, at least until Monday 10 April 2006, George Galloway’s comments made in the constituency have been emphatically unequivocally opposed to the CrossRail Bill. It was logically expected therefore that when his turn came to formally speak to his own petition lodged in September 2005 against the Crossrail Bill, he would maintain the standard of arguments and democratic outrage that were present in all those other comments he had made against the CrossRail plan. But Galloway did not maintain that standard in his presentation in the Hosue of Commons Crossrail Bill select committee yesterday..

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PRESS-RELEASE: HUNGER STRIKE in protest agains human rights abuses...

15-06-2006 16:22


Government policy is aimed at destroying hope among detainees.
Tonight, we want to show them that there are people out here who care.

Please join the Campaign to Close Campsfield and Oxford Students to
Close Campsfield/Student Action for Refugees (STAR) TONIGHT, Thursday
the 15th of June, for a vigil 21.45-22.30

Meeting for lifts outside the Taylorian Institute on St Giles at 21.20.

Bring musical instruments, candles, jamjars...

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reminder: PN all-dayer in London this Saturday

15-06-2006 16:21

flyer thingy
Celebrating 70 years of radical publishing, Saturday 17 June will see an all-day event - from 11am-midninght - at the Square, marking Peace News's birthday.

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Palestine Today

15-06-2006 15:41

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Thursday June 15th, 2006

Army arrests three residents from Nablus and invades Kofer Harres village near Salfit also Army arrests one resident from Attil village And four residents from Hebron Meanwhile Unknown gunmen abducts a resident in Khan-Younis town in the Gaza strip

Those stores and more coming up stay tuned.

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Bristol Planet Picnic!

15-06-2006 15:05

Pre-Climate Camp Picnic- Bristol Sunday 25th June

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15-06-2006 14:51

The Council have refused Bradford PSC a stall at the Mela on the advice of the Police. They have stated the Mela is a family event but have not given us any reason(s) as to why our stall would be unsuitable or unfamily friendly.

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Matilda is a cave! Squatter's Filmnight

15-06-2006 14:31

Film Night on Friday 16th June in Matilda, starting 19.30h.
Featuring the classical squatter movie Themroc (see beneath) and more delightful films.
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