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UK Newswire Archive

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Merchants of Death Walking Tour

14-09-2008 14:14

A brief report on the Merchants of Death Walking Tour organised by London Campaign Against the Arms Trade.

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13.09.08 Seven-day long US Embassy demo

14-09-2008 13:49

UK, London. Grosvenor Square, 7-day US Embassy demo. 2008.
Images from the '7 days and 7 nights for 7 years' demo outside the US Embassy in London.
This was organised by 'We Are Change UK & TruthAction London', two groups who dispute the commonly-held idea that the final fall of the twin towers was caused by the two terrorist planes alone.
(The '7 days' theme was to coincide with the 7th anniversary of 9/11.)

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HLS Financial Demos in London

14-09-2008 13:13

It had been a while since we had paid NYSE Euronext a visit in London, partly because of the awful place that it is to demonstrate and the restrictions of the injunction they have taken out against us, but we were here again today outside the normal terms of the injunction to perform a very loud and committed demonstration.

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Solidarity with Shell to Sea hunger striker vigil at Shell HQ TONIGHT in LONDON

14-09-2008 12:56

People will be at Shell HQ in London from midnight tonight until 8am monday. Please come along if you can...

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Solitaire Captain refuses to communicate with family of hunger striker

14-09-2008 12:50

Today,the children of hunger striker Maura Harrington went to where the Solitaire is docked to attempt communication with the captain of the ship.

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Pulling in the crowds - vegan food fayre

14-09-2008 12:49

The vegan food fayre, held at Liverpool's social centre Next To Nowhere, drew the crowds last Saturday.

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Berlusconi vetoes Oliver Stone "W" movie.

14-09-2008 12:39

"il Festival de Roma" is to be celebrated between the 22nd and 31st of October this year and will include movie premiers as usual. The organisers had they thought pulled off a bit of a "coup de grace" if not "coup d'etat" when they signed up Oliver Stone's "W" a forthcoming global release which tells the story on one young alcoholic's bravery in the face of overwhelming odds to achieve his dream of the presidency of the USA. Alas, festival organisers didn't count on the cinematic interest of Italy's modern day "Duce" who like his forebear realises the power of the silver screen to teach the masses some truth. According to the British distributors of the product Dda it was Mr B. who vetoed the movie arguing it is insulting & misleading - simply "untrue" something the seventh art ought not be. "Mr B knows best." & Roman festival goers aint gonna see the movie.

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ECLN Call Out

14-09-2008 11:01

What will you be doing on the day?

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Noel Edmonds - How 'scarcity' easily leads to racism

14-09-2008 10:59

A horrible example of how a right-wing take on climate change, energy security etc. can foster reactionary mentalities instead of human-centered social change. It's bad enough that some green activists are abandoning an anti-capitalist ecology in favour of green capitalism based on the notion that anything that works is necessary given the likely timeframe of global warming. Worse would be a convergence of green politics and a support for the Tories based on a perceived 'better' green agenda. No doubt this will happen. Get ready!

voting Tory (as the greener party)

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'The Working Class Goes to Heaven': Free film Fri 19th South London

14-09-2008 10:47

The Working Class Goes To Heaven
•Workers Leaving the Factory by Harun Farocki
•The Working Class Goes to Heaven by Elio Petri

Date: 19 September, 2008
Time: 7.00pm for 7.30pm start
Location: The Pullens Centre, 184 Crampton St, SE17

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When the facts speak for themselves

14-09-2008 10:35

Escaping from the State
Do we still need to repeat it? Do we still have to add words to facts
which speak for themselves? The Belgian democracy had to cope with
dozens of uprisings and escapes in its prison and camps. In this way,
prisoners broke the silence and the isolation they're assigned to.

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Brazilian media portrayal of the CIA-backed coup mongers in Bolivia (by Latuff)

14-09-2008 10:03

Bolivia ongoing CIA-backed coup d'etat
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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The New Pearl Harbor Revisited: The Definitive Treatment of 9/11 (a book review)

14-09-2008 09:09

In THE NEW PEARL HARBOR REVISITED, David Ray Griffin provides a brilliant and much-needed companion to his path-breaking and movement-building book on 9/11, The New Pearl Harbor (NPH; 2004). Now, on the occasion of the seventh anniversary of those horrific events, Griffin surveys in detail all the main lines of evidence against the official account of 9/11 to have emerged during the last four years.

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ASBO Hotline

13-09-2008 23:52

Stamp down on anti-social behaviour

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13.09.08 'Free the Cuban five' demo images

13-09-2008 23:44

UK, London. 'Free the Cuban five' demo, Trafalgar Square. 2008
Images from the demonstration organised by the National Committee to free the 'Cuban Five', on the north pavement of Trafalgar square, London, on 13.09.08.
The 'Cuban Five' are five Cuban nationals, imprisoned in 2001 on much-disputed allegations of spying against the USA. Many Cubans and their supporters believe they were actually gathering intelligence about possible terrorist acts against Cuba.

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Letter of goodbye to Van Walsum

13-09-2008 22:58

The ingenuous franqueza and the assumption relief of political conscience of the ex- personal representative of the Secretary General of Nations United for the Western Séhara, Peter Van Walsum

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Cl@ss War bookstall Richmond Sunday 28th September 10-5pm.

13-09-2008 22:12

New/second hand, labour movement, Marxist, autonomist, anarchist, and some other collectables, badges/magazines/postcards etc will be on sale at a large organised event in Richmond, at the train station.

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Scottish Prisoner on hunger strike

13-09-2008 18:06

A Scottish prisoner has been on hungerstrike for 2 weeks.

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Trades Union Congress: Left talk but no fight against Labour government

13-09-2008 17:54

At the beginning of the week, the reports of what to expect at the Trades Union Congress (TUC) at Brighton were apocalyptic.

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Linguistic and Poetic Rights.

13-09-2008 16:49

'There are nine different words for the colour blue in the Spanish Maya dictionary
but just three Spanish translations exist, leaving six butterflies that can be seen only
by the Maya, proving that when a language dies six butterflies disappear from
the consciuosness of the earth."
Earl Shorris.

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