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UK Newswire Archive

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Boycott to Flor de Caña and Grupo Pellas: The Truth

11-02-2010 15:43

In an attempt to draw attention, ANAIRC has presented data on CKD patients and deaths, which has not been corroborated by any authority or public or private institution of the Nicaraguan state.

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IDF Raids ISM Media Office for the 2nd Time in 3 Nights

11-02-2010 15:30

Nine Israeli soldiers kicked in the door of the ISM media office and demanded the passports of the internationals present. The soldiers confiscated a desktop computer used by ISM volunteers.

Two internationals, Ryan Olander of the U.S. and Nick Bryer of the U..K., were awoken from their night’s rest as nine Israeli soldiers barged through the door at 4am brandishing M16 fully-automatic assault rifles. Luckily, the door had not yet been repaired from a previous raid on Sunday morning. This facilitated their entry and reduced the damaged they inflicted upon the apartment.

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Baltic region anarchist newspaper Bez Granits - 2nd issue is out

11-02-2010 13:26

BEZ GRANITS #2 (January 2010)
In early January, 2010, the Baltic region anarchist / libertarian newspaper Bez Granits (No Borders / Without Limits) has published its 2nd issue.

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Visual Resistance: English translation of an online book on art and resistance

11-02-2010 10:25

Visual Resistance is a free online book/blog on art, design and resistance. Read it at

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Israel cracks down on peace activists at Brussels Holiday Fair

11-02-2010 10:21

Theater against arms trade leads to arrests and charges of falsification.

On 7th February 2010, 8 peace activists entered the Brussels Holiday Fair and impersonated flight attendants of the Israeli airline company El Al. They handed out fake free plane tickets to Israel, which referred to the fact that El Al contributes to the transport of arms to the country.

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Defend the Yarl's Wood Four

11-02-2010 10:09

[Hunger Strike is still strong, 68 women refusing food as of yesterday]

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Camden Animal Lab : [BLISS Lab] UKCMRI meeting joined by Peter Pan

11-02-2010 04:59

Residants at development control forum meeting to discuss the propsed BLISS Lab or UKCMRI projetc were stunned as a photo of a Peter Pan photo was used as background for the UKCMRI "big guns" including sir Paul Nurse of the Rockefeller Insititute, Sir Les head of the MRC, Camden council, John Cooper and a group of seriously angry Camden residents. Tempers flared at the meeting.

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Venezuela: From Revolution sui generis to Fifth International

11-02-2010 02:17

When precise, decisive and incisive ideas become social theory, then, no reactionary force could stop it in its forward march towards victory anymore.

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Colored Revolutions: A New Form of Regime Change, Made in USA

10-02-2010 23:13

Millions of dollars are being filtered from Washington to political parties, NGOs, student organizations and movements that promote US agenda worldwide.

Wherever a coup d'etat, a colored revolution or a regime change favorable to US interests occurs, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and its flow of dollars is there.

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Shut Down Yarls Wood Internment Camp

10-02-2010 23:02

It is time to restore some decency and human rights to the UK.

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UKCMRI tonight displayed pic of Peter Pan and treated Camden with contempt.

10-02-2010 22:53

Tonight's "last chance" formal public meeting & "consultation" at St Mary & St Pancras Primary School hosted by the UKCMRI saw Camden fuming & asking the UKCMRI not to patronise residents. Bizarrely a photo of Peter Pan was displayed while the speakers on stage studiously ignored "difficult" questions & residents. Safety, animal rights and community questions were dismissed & people ignored.

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Editorial: Iranian Expatriates in America – The New 'House Negroes' ?

10-02-2010 22:41

While this editorial is addressing the Iranian Expats in the United States tickled by a 'freedom' event held in San Jose, California this past weekend, the substance of the editorial is pertinent to all Iranian Expats worldwide, especially those chanting "Azadi" for Iran while silently spectating the rapid construction of police-state in their adopted Western nation.

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Lindsey German Resigns from the SWP

10-02-2010 22:27

Another one bites the dust...

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Italy: another Racial Law

10-02-2010 20:42

After the xenophobic security law and the special ethnic regulations in Roma settlements, the government is about to introduce the “residence permit by point-system”. This is a serious violation of human rights that must be immediately stigmatized and corrected by the international political and legal institutions.

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3rd international week of solidaridad with the Basque Country

10-02-2010 19:53

London Basque Solidarity Campaign would like to invite you to the 3rd
International week of Solidarity with the Basque Country. With different events In the SOAS (13-02-10) and the Goldsmiths College (16-02-10).

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Activists Hold Day of Action at Bradford University

10-02-2010 19:26

Twelve activists today held an extremely successful day of action against the University of Bradford to coinside with their first open day of 2010. It must be noted that the Open Day itself was very poorly attended.

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Hunger Strike @ Yarlswood - Reprisals and demo

10-02-2010 18:34

This morning students and campaigners commenced a solidarity hunger strike at theLondon Offices of Serco. Protesters will entertain a constant presencefor2 days between 8am and 8pmto draw attention to the violent response of the centre staff and UK Border Agency (UKBA) to the peaceful hunger strike at Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre, Bedford as a build-up to a London-wide protest held at the same location on Friday at 2:30pm.

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Yemen and The Militarization of Strategic Waterways

10-02-2010 16:21

The islands of Socotra are at the crossroads of the strategic naval waterways of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden (See map below). It is of crucial importance to the US military.

Among Washington's strategic objectives is the militarization of major sea ways. This strategic waterway links the Mediterranean to South Asia and the Far East, through the Suez Canal, the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

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The Importance Of Knowing At Least Basic First Aid

10-02-2010 15:10

OK, so this isn't news, but it's something that I've thought a lot about recently and I think is really important! So please, at least read the title and think about it! I'll try to keep this short...

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Report condemns policing of Gaza demos

10-02-2010 13:57

The Islamic Human Rights Commission today released a damning report of the policing of the Gaza demonstrations in December 08 and January 09.
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