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UK Newswire Archive

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A rap-song for Thomas Schulz, aka Schmuddel

01-07-2009 23:14

Thomas was an antifascist punk. He was killed at the 28.3 2005 by a
joung Nazi-Skinhead in Dortmund, Germany.
To remember him two members of the antifascist youth group AJB from the
neighbourtown Bochum put an antifascist rap in internet.
You will find a MP3-version of the song and a short selfmade video on

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Zionist Disinfo Site back online!

01-07-2009 20:58

Lee Kaplan, Zionist extremist, serial liar and would be accessory to murder has got his site back online after it being pulled for soliciting the murder of ISM/PSM/Free Gaza activists.

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Prague, CZ: Manifest of the Milada squatters to yesterday's events 1.7. 17:30

01-07-2009 20:36

Regardless of the results of the negotiation there is going to come an adequate answer to the eviction of Milada, which is going to hurt institutions responsible for this action.

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Color Revolutions, Old and New

01-07-2009 18:39

Daily Telegraph, 16 June 2009
After Iran's June 12 election, days of street protests and clashes with Iranian security forces followed. Given Washington's history of stoking tensions and instability in the region, its role in more recent color revolutions, and its years of wanting regime change in Iran, analysts have strong reasons to suspect America is behind post-election turbulence and one-sided Western media reports claiming electoral fraud and calling for a new vote, much like what happened in Georgia and Ukraine.

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Terrorism Act 2000 Urgent Please Read

01-07-2009 17:24

Stopped at Birmingham International airport

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Daniel Obachike 7/7 number 30 bus bomb survivor is found out to be a fake. .

01-07-2009 17:21

Daniel Obachike wrote a book called The 4th Bomb claimimg that he was on the number 30 bus which was blown up on 7/7. He has also claimed that founders, members and supporters of We Are Change UK are a front for the MOD. This includes Andy Baker, Garetth Newnham and Toseef. He claimed to have "hard evidence" that they are working for MI5 / MOD. Last night he was to present this.

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Palestine Today 070109

01-07-2009 16:12


Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for Wednesday July 1st 2009.

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Animal Rights Gathering in North Korea

01-07-2009 14:40

Animal Rights Gathering in North Korea
The well-known exiled North Korean painter and animal rights activist Latuff, who is living in Brazil produced a new copyright-free picture in support of COALITION FOR ANIMAL RIGHTS IN NORTH KOREA IN EXILE (CARNKE). The picture shows some courageous fighters of the ANIMAL LIBERATION ARMY - KOREAN PEOPLE´S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC (ALA-KPDR) at their clandestine animal rights gathering near Pjoengjang zoo in 1985, planning an attack to liberate tortured galapagos-iguanas, who are abused for perversions like games, similar to spanish bullfights.

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Defend the SOAS 9 - Home Office 30 June 2009

01-07-2009 14:17

A demonstration outside the Home Office in Marsham St, London called for an end to the hounding of migrant workers by the Borders Police and for the release of Marina Silva, the SOAS cleaner still held in Yarl's Wood, as well as the return of those already forcibly deported.
Pictures copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall.All rights reserved.

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OZ Catholic Workers to Resist Military Excercise & Af/Pak War

01-07-2009 12:37

Talisman Sabre 09
is a biennial exercise that involves 20,000 U.S. & 7,000 Australian troops, fighter jets and warships, it is taking place in July in central Queensland, Australia.

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3 July: 9am: Demo in support of Mahmoud Abu Rideh at the High Court

01-07-2009 11:11

Subject to a control order since 2005 on the basis of secret evidence he and his lawyers cannot see, former victim of Israeli torture Mahmoud Abu Rideh has been driven to despair. He has a hearing at the High Court in London on Friday 3 July to allow him to leave this country (he cannot even do that much) to escape this arbitrary, unfair regime.

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Shut Down Guantánamo! demo: Friday 3 July, 6-7pm, outside US Embassy

01-07-2009 10:53

With less than six months now to make good on his promise to close Guantánamo Bay, the fate of the remaining 220+ prisoners at Guantánamo is as uncertain as ever. President Obama must close Guantánamo Bay and ensure that prisoners are released to safety after their very long and illegal ordeals. No more indefinite detention without trial or charge...freedom and justice for all!

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PUBLIC MEETING: Shaker Aamer: The Last Londoner in Guantánamo Bay

01-07-2009 10:44

President Obama has pledged to close Guantánamo Bay but the future of the prisoners held there are as uncertain as ever. After seven years, without trial or charge, Shaker Aamer must be returned to his family…

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The No Borders demo in pictures.

01-07-2009 09:56

The first road block after leaving the camp.
Well so much for all those blood curdling corporate media reports about the 'riot' in Calais. The Daily Mail retained their first prize for the most absurd prediction by saying that the protesters planned to smash through the border controls and lead the refugees through 26 miles of channel tunnel?!

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CCTV for Forest Fields approved by City Council

01-07-2009 09:42

A letter has been received by the anti-CCTV campaign saying that the state surveillance plan for Forest Fields in Nottingham will be going ahead. It needs to be resisted.

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London Picket against Honduras Coup

01-07-2009 09:29

Embassy with flag and police
Protesters gathered outside the Honduras Embassy in Gloucester Place, London on Tuesday evening (30 June 2009) in an emergency picket against the reactionary military coup in Honduras on Sunday 28 June.
Pictures copyright (C) 2009, Peter Marshall. All rights reserved.

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Press Release - Campaigners to enact the Bloody History of ITT Today

01-07-2009 08:54

Smash EDO Press Release

Wednesday 1sth July

Campaigners to enact the Bloody History of ITT

for more info call 07538093930 or email

Demonstration at EDO MBM/ITT, Home Farm Road, 4pm

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I.D. Cards For Foreigners Only

01-07-2009 08:12

The announcement that no "UK Citizen" will be required to carry an I.D. Card, was given a brief and apparently uncontroversial sub-clause "except for foreign workers".

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churchill statue converted to sri lankan extermination camp

01-07-2009 07:55

Audio jamcam - by cover of night
in a bold occupation at 2.30 this morning, a woman from has converted the parliament square churchill statue into a mock-up of a sri lankan death camp. she intends to stay there as long as possible to highlight the plight of hundreds of thousands of tamil civilians facing threat of starvation, rape, torture or murder.

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Governor Of Queensland ignores judicial corruption claims involving brother

01-07-2009 06:26

This article is about government inaction on judicial abuse and corruption allegations by an unrepresented teenage victim of severe school bullying and education discrimination.
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