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UK Newswire Archive

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EDL To Invade Doncaster

28-04-2011 11:55

The fascist thugs of the EDL are to invade Doncaster on Saturday the 14th of May 2011, chanting racial abuse and making Hitler salutes. Anti-racists must defend the town centre from the racist scumbags.

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Shift Magazine Issue 12 - Editorial

28-04-2011 11:41

So that was it. We had ‘our’ moment, ‘our’ J18. March 26th was the day that the emerging anti-austerity movement had been waiting for, and there were certainly parallels (both political and aesthetic) to the heydays of the ‘movement of movements’, as little as 10 years ago, when black-clad anarchists turned their backs on the marches of global justice coalitions to smash the windows of McDonald’s, Starbucks and luxury hotels.

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Off Market Squat Still Open

28-04-2011 11:25

The Off Market squatted space in Clapton has re-opend after the police raid this morning.


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Muriel Cole

28-04-2011 11:25

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Week of Action Against Atos: Call for Solidarity

28-04-2011 11:19

Disability activists and benefit claimant's groups are calling for protests and actions around the country targetting Atos Origin in the week beginning on 9th May.

Previous days of action against benefit cuts have seen protests, pickets and occupations of Atos Origin across the UK including London, Leeds, Glasgow, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Dundee and many more.

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Poster/flyer for next OARC film screening.

28-04-2011 10:52

On the 8th May OARC will be screening three Guerillavision films: Big Rattle in Seattle, Captal's Ill and Crowd Bites Wolf and then inviting a debate on whatever happened to the anti-globalisation movement.

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Benefit Night for Women's Central Aid

28-04-2011 10:23

Nottingham Central Women's Aid provide emergency refuge accomodation to women and their children who need to escape violence and abuse. Two women are killed each week by a current or former partner, Nottingham Central Women's Aid is desperately needed and we need your help to raise money and awareness to enable it to continue.

Having lost all our funding through goverment cuts we intend to continue the service by working as volunteers to run the refuge.








On Saturday 30th April there will be a benefit night in order to raise some of the funds needed to continue the project.

Held at the Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Forest Fields.

Enjoy a People Kitchen meal, a night of music and dancing, along with a raffle and cakes. Come along after the May Day march in the city centre.


For more infomation or if you would like to hold another benefit gig for us please contact us on Or see our facebook page Nottingham Central Women's aid.

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rat star comrades arrested!!

28-04-2011 10:23

Rat Star Raided, Urgent Message

 london police have raided rat star  before the mayday shindig planned for this weekend. knowing that some comrades from round these parts have visited and been 'relatively' close to those living in rat star, i thought it important to get this news spread.


ring ya mates, see if they are ok........spread the word.

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Facist infestation on facebook

28-04-2011 09:56

English National Alliance attempt to infiltrate animal rights movement.

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London Social Centres raided, arrests at Rat Star

28-04-2011 09:29

At least two London Social Centres raided this morning - police have broken into the Ratstar and Offmarket autonomous spaces. There are about 8 arrests reported from the Rat Star in Camberwell.

At least two London Social Centres raided : If you can make it down to the Ratstar (298 Camberwell Road) near Camberwell Green or Offmarket (121 Lower Clapton Road, Clapton, Hackney) it would still be good to have a presence there.

There are about 8 arrests reported from the Rat Star in Camberwell.

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Police raids community project in Sipson, Heathrow

28-04-2011 09:29

In addition to the Social Centres in London, the police has raided Grow Heathrow community project this morning.

30 cops with riot shields raided the community garden project this morning under the claim to search for weapons.

see also!/transheathrow


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New Film about Stokes Croft Riot - not just riot porn - interviews with locals

28-04-2011 08:57

This is a roughcut of a short film looking at what happened in Stokes Croft Bristol at the beginning of the bank holiday. We have decided to put it up as a public roughcut as there does not seem to be an independent (i.e. non mainstream) account of what happened and why it happened (and it will take a few days to finish it).

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Six anarchists arrested ahead of royal wedding

28-04-2011 08:43

Six protesters who police feared were planning to disrupt the royal wedding have been arrested by Scotland Yard as the officers begin their “pre-emptive strike” against potential anarchists.

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Rat Star in Camberwell Green is being raided

28-04-2011 08:22

The Rat Star in Camberwell Green is being raided by police since early morning.

About half a douzend police vans are parking outside the buildings, while police is raiding all squatted houses in the block. Several people are detained outside on a parking lot next to the Rat Star.

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Royal weding Hysteria

28-04-2011 08:14

The parasites' big day is nearly upon us and the rhetoric coming from the Met becomes more disturbing by the day with a benign but sinister state message warning us no protest will be tolerated but also advising supporters to monitor the weather! Human rights appear to have been suspended, civil liberties no longer matter and it’s all okay because we have 364 other days of the year to protest.

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Wikileaks: The Guantánamo Files

28-04-2011 07:42

The LGC's response to the publication of the Guantánamo Files earlier this week... + join us at our monthly demonstration "Shut Down Guantánamo!" outside the US Embassy at 12-1pm on Friday 6 May and then 1.15-2.15p outside Speaker's Corner, Hyde Park

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London Social Centres raided

28-04-2011 07:16

At least two London Social Centres raided this morning - police have broken into the Ratstar and Offmarket autonomous spaces.
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