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UK Newswire Archive

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small WORLD interview with Jenny Marketou, multimedia artist

18-01-2006 23:47

Jenny Marketou
Interview with Jenny Marketou, multimedia artist

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Dallas Court Demo, Friday 27th January 2006

18-01-2006 23:21

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! is calling a demonstration/protest for the 27 January 2006 at 10 am outside Dallas Court, Immigration Reception Centre, South Langworthy Road, Salford Quays. This is in support of Eucharia Jakpa and her four year old son Timeyi who have been asked to report 'to prepare their travel documents'. it is possible that they will be seized and maybe later forcibly deported against their will if this happens.

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And finally

18-01-2006 23:11

Farthers for Justice in hilarious kidnap plot debacle.

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The big freeze. over 24 dead and rising

18-01-2006 22:04

Remember at the beginning of the winter when our obliging mass media did our governments bidding and warned us that this winter would be the coldest in living memory and that due to gas shortages we'd have thousand of extra people freezing to death and industry having to shut down to conserve energy? The cynical among you might think it was just part of a government scare story aimed at paving the way for Blairs new nuclear energy plans and indeed so far the UK has enjoys a pretty mild winter. However, things are much much bleaker over the other side of the planet...

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About the FSA-Caracas 2006 and the venezuelan situation

18-01-2006 19:46

º In this interview with the mexican alternative news group La Rosa Negra (LRN-ci), the CRA from Venezuela explains the importance of the Alternative Social Forum, which will take place in a few days, and comments about their activity as an anarchist group.

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Tony Lecomber bites the dust

18-01-2006 19:16

Lecomber the bomber gets the boot from the BNP

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HANDS OFF IRAN Meeting, Glasgow, Thursday, 19 January 2006

18-01-2006 18:03

Ask not what the left can do for us...

nothing! has to be our working assumption until proved wrong by their actions

...but what we can do to stop the planned genocide in Iran?

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Journo Kidnapers demands met!

18-01-2006 17:34

Surprising news is coming in that the U.S. have released the iraqi female held in captivity in Iraq. However, it's just a coincidence that the release should happen at the same time as those holding an american women hostage issued demands that called for the release of said hostages...

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18-01-2006 17:24

his is a signal historical event for it clarifies that Dajjal Bush CAN indeed be held to civilized standards by the judicious application of armed force. The official policy of "non-negotiation with terrorists" has fallen flat on its face and now enters the dustbin of history. It is now time for the mice to demand more cookies to end the torture camps for good.

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Hands Off Venezuela: Building London-Caracas Solidarity at the 2006 World Social

18-01-2006 17:20

From 23rd January the Venezuelan people will be hosting a huge celebration of democracy, with a national demonstration starting off a week of grassroots participatory internationalism, the World Social Forum. Monday's annual mega-demo, which in recent years has evolved into a carnival of "Bolivarian" (Venezuela's mass movement) liberation, commemorates the 1958 overthrow of Perez Jimenez, who is often incorrectly referred to as the country's last dictator. (Venezuela's last dictator was 2002 coup-leader Pedro Carmona, although his reign was quite brief.)

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Sir Bob to save the day as G8 coutries import food from famine stricken Kenya

18-01-2006 16:57

In an amazing U-turn (that will cause jaws to drop on many cynical anarchist anti-capitalist types who were so quick to criticise the well meaning but slightly deluded ex-pop star during his G8 debacle), Sir Bob Geldof has finally seen the light...

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AWE Aldermaston-Laser fac: Planning Comm debates 25 Jan

18-01-2006 16:42

The planning Appl for the replacement Laser fac at AWE Aldermaston is to be debated on 25 Jan 2006.

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Zapatistas Will Not Attend Evo's Inauguration in Bolivia,Jan 15

18-01-2006 16:38

Marcos: Zapatistas Will Not Attend Evo's Inauguration in Bolivia
By Al Giordano, Narco News

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Polish MEP says gays and the issue 'undermine the EU' !!

18-01-2006 15:58

MEP's debated homosexuality on Jan 16th. They demanded
better protection for LGBT people across the EU in the light of recent attacks and some new (Eastern Euro) countries bans on gay parades and civil partnerships etc(Poland/Latvia etc)
However,a Polish MEP defended its 'position'. (See 1 & 2)

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Winnipeg: International Call to Action

18-01-2006 15:24


The following is a call to join Winnipeg in opposing the occupation of
our city by an imperialist army, the Canadian Armed Forces. At the
bottom is an article from the Winnipeg Free Press with details of the
planned urban-warfare exercises.

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Ilan Pappe Talk

18-01-2006 13:08

Title: "Zionist Fables from Left to Right: From Herzel to Sharon"
Name of Lecturer: Dr. Ilan Pappe, University of Haifa, Israel.
Venue: Physics Lecture Theatre A (46:3001)
University of Southampton
Time: 17.30
Date: Fri 24 Feb 2006


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18-01-2006 13:01

The hidden threat to all planetary life from US use of depleted uranium weapons in 4 wars

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Grandmother assaulted at Oxford Lab demo - witnesses needed

18-01-2006 12:39

At the animal rights demo against the Oxford vivisection lab on Saturday a number of people were assaulted by the police.

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Brick Lane London E1 Area against Crossrail hole Bill on local Council

18-01-2006 12:37

The community in the Brick Lane London E1 Area demonstrated against teh Crossrail hoel attack Bill in London’s East End on Tuesday 17 January 2006. That was to mark the start of the MPs ‘scrutiny’ of the Bill on that same day.
Organised by KHOOODEELAAR the demonstrators demanded the Crossrail hole Bill be redrafted by dropping the direct and indirect provisions for the hole and related attacks asa contained in the Bill.
The KHOODEELAAR campaign described Tower Hamlets Council and its controlling group as mainly responsible for bringing the Crossrail hole attacks upon the community. KHOODEELAAR has issued a final legal demand on the Council today Wednesday 18 January 2006
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