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UK Newswire Archive

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New collective aims to help grassroots events

25-03-2008 15:43

We are posting this to let people know about a new collective designed to help grassroots groups through networking equipment and expertise when it comes to putting on campaign events. But first they need to know what you have to offer...

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Photography protest looms at Scotland Yard (28.03.08)

25-03-2008 15:30

The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) is to stage a protest outside New Scotland Yard in a fight for photographers' rights, sparked by the police's recent anti-terror publicity.

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Rochdale doves descend on Aldermaston

25-03-2008 15:01

Rae Street and Mai Chatham fix the doves to Aldermaston's fence
Rochdale and Littleborough Peace Group took cards signed by hundreds of supporters showing doves of peace and CND symbols to hang on the Aldermaston nuke factory fence.

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Next One Leathers Shuts Down - Fur Campaign Victory!

25-03-2008 14:34

The Fur-Free Leeds campaign has won victories against over 100 stores across the North of England who used to stock real fur and now another has come.

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Fossil Fools Day public actions

25-03-2008 14:32

Although lots of people are keeping their plans under wraps, these three
public demos have been announced (If you know of a publicly announced
action, let us know on and we'll list it on the website.)

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Massive expansion at Farnborough Airport?

25-03-2008 14:30

Following the green light to double weekend and bank holiday flights, TAG Aviation are now seeking massive expansion at Farnborough Airport.

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Labour makes massive cuts in higher education

25-03-2008 14:02

The Labour government of Prime Minster Gordon Brown is implementing significant cuts in higher education.

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White House signals continued Iraq escalation as US death toll tops 4,000

25-03-2008 14:00

The White House delivered a strong signal Monday that President Bush is virtually certain to support a recommendation that the escalation of the US military intervention in Iraq continue indefinitely, despite the rising death toll among US troops.

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Iraq: Five years and counting... (by Latuff)

25-03-2008 12:35

Iraq War
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Roll Up, Roll Up! Join the Fossil Fools Parade!

25-03-2008 12:14

We've all been fossil fooled and now...the Climate Circus is coming to Manchester....
Join the Fossil Fools Parade on April 1st
and take part in fun and games with some of our best known local Fossil Fools!

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Sophie’s death leads to campaigns to end prejudice against Alternative subcultur

25-03-2008 10:49

Tragic murder of Goth girl Sophie Lancaster and the trial of her killers has sparked campaigns to fight intolerance motivated by prejudice about how people dress and to a popular petition calling for a law to protect against attacks.

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Blue Reef (aquarium) Demo in Hastings

25-03-2008 10:26

Support needed for regular demos in Hastings

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Iraqi refugees are forced to wander for years in Europe

25-03-2008 08:54

This Libération article translated from French describes the second hell being inflicted on Iraqis who attempt to get to Britain or find safety in Europe . It describes the way refugees or 'exiles' as they prefer to be called are pushed from one country to another and how European states have created a system which serves to push refugees back to the entry countries of the European Union where asylum is very rarely, if ever granted.

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Team Tibet

25-03-2008 05:08

Still from Team Tibet Film
“Team Tibet” is a short documentary film which follows a group of Tibetans living in exile in India, who want Tibet to be able to take part in the 2008 Olympics.

Filmed August 2007 in McLeod Ganj and Delhi, it asks: Why did they flee Tibet? What is the situation in Tibet under Chinese occupation? What are their hopes for the future of their country, people and cultures? And What about the 2008 games?

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For Road to Peace, Palestinians get very different maps from U.S., Russia

24-03-2008 23:01

That's because the US is only interested in maintaining the illusion that it, and its client, Israel, are interested in peace, allowing Israel to stall ad infinitum while wiping a People off the map.

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Three nuts for Cinderella

24-03-2008 22:52

Last week promised an orgy for everybody who is pissed off with the system and hopes for another life beyond capitalism. Three events promised a badly needed critical food for us.

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Save Tibet! Boycott the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

24-03-2008 21:29

EveryOne Group's Boycott Campaign
EveryOne Group ( is promoting a petition and an international campaign to ask for an immediate halt to the harsh sociocultural repression underway in Tibet, a repression perpetrated by the Chinese authorities towards thousands of innocent people.
The leaders of EveryOne, the authorities and people of goodwill who sign the petition below are promoting the Boycott Campaign of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and sporting and cultural events in the People’s Republic of China. They will also be supporting the “Beijing 2008 Gold Medals for Human Rights” campaign, with gold medals coined by EveryOne Group being awarded to all the athletes who decide not to take part in the Olympic Games out of solidarity with the people of Tibet.

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London Calling! Gig this Saturday

24-03-2008 19:09

No Borders London presents:
An evening of acoustic political sounds following the Second Trade Union and
Community Conference against Immigration Controls

Sat 29th March, 6pm - midnight

@ The Ivy House pub, 8-10 Southampton Row, WC1B 4AE (next to Holborn tube)

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The Role of the CIA: Behind the Dalai Lama's Holy Cloak

24-03-2008 18:53

This incisive article by Michael Backman outlines the relationship of the Dalai Lama and his organization to US intelligence.

In all likelihood US intelligence was behind the protest movement, organized to occur a few months prior to the Beijing Olympic games.

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Anarchist Soma Film screening Tuesday Evening

24-03-2008 18:32

Movimeintos are showing a very special film on Tuesday 25th at The Notting Hill Arts Club.
The film will be shown at 7 sharp, entry is free before 8pm
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