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UK Newswire Archive

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BBC journalists on strike today over job cuts

28-03-2013 20:55


BBC Nottingham, London road, Nottingham

Many BBC journalist from the NUJ and technicians from BECTU walked out for a 12 hour strike today.  The action is part of their ongoing campaigns on pay, pensions, continuing job cuts, workload and bullying issues. Output was affected on local and national stations both radio and television, much being replaced by recorded content.



The NUJ said: "BBC journalists and their colleagues have walked out at noon today (Thursday) to begin a 12-hour strike against a damaging cost-cutting scheme imposed by management. The action has severly disrupted the BBC's schedules and will have a knock-on effect on Easter programming.

BBC NUJ members have gone on strike together with technicians and other members of broadcasting union Bectu over compulsory redundancies, excessive workloads and bullying and harassment within the corporation.

The BBC News and BBC World channels both switched to a pre-recorded broadcast at 12:00 when the strike began. Since then both channels have broadcast a mixture of live news bulletins and pre-recorded programmes. A shortened One O'Clock News was broadcast at 1pm while there was no World at One on Radio 4.

The action is a consequence of the BBC's so-called Delivering Quality First (DQF) initiative, a cost-cutting programme which will result in the loss of 2,000 jobs across the corporation. The strike will affect BBC sites UK-wide. All NUJ and Bectu members are also observing a work to rule."

Michelle Stanistreet, NUJ general secretary said: "The impact of the cuts has meant that members are struggling to be able to get their work done and to maintain quality output. The BBC has a special role as a public sector broadcaster and it is the people who work here – not those who are running the BBC -- who are passionate about doing a good job."

"This should send a strong message to Tony Hall, the incoming director general, that we need to have to put a stop to the cuts so we can sit down and have a proper discussion to address the issues. We cannot have a situation where members are paying for the BBC's cuts with their health.


BBC journalists and colleagues walk out on strike today over job cuts and bullying


National Union of Journalists (NUJ)


Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union (BECTU)


Earlier Piccys:

BBC NUJ Strike Picket 5th Nov 2012


NUJ - BBC - Events in Nottingham



Photographer - Media: One Eye on the Road. Nottingham.  UK



Member of the National Union of Journalists [NUJ]


"It is not enough to curse the darkness.

                                   It is also necessary to light a lamp!!"




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Bedroom Tax Song

28-03-2013 14:54

nationwide call out

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Summer action camp against Shell

28-03-2013 13:17

Smash Shell!
Come to Mayo on the 21st of June for a week of action against Shell.
Whether you've been to Rossport before or this is your first time, this is the week to come.
Check website for updates & more information.

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Pitchfork Library open this Saturday

28-03-2013 12:54

Just a reminder: Pitchfork Anarchist Library will be open as usual this Saturday between 2pm and 6pm.

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Campaigners Heckle Iain Duncan Smith in Edinburgh

28-03-2013 00:55

In a plan so cunning it could have been painted red and called a fox, 3 Edinburgh activists managed to smuggle themselves into a conference on welfare reform being held in The Kings Hall of The George Hotel in Edinburgh and disrupt the keynote speech being

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New British Union - contact your local fascist today

27-03-2013 21:17

The New British Union (NBU) is a fascist cult led by BNP reject Gary Raikes. They view themselves as a revival of Mosley's British Union, dreaming of thousands of blackshirts marching through the streets. In reality they're barely more than a few easily led fools and some school kids that Gary has been grooming, but they're still fascists who think they can organise openly and as such it seems sensible to cast a wary eye in their direction.

Recently the NBU kindly posted contact details for their 'District Officers'. Here's a wee bit more info on a few of them.

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Why Gove needs to go!

27-03-2013 18:55

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South London benefit gig on Easter Sunday with Captain Hotknives.

27-03-2013 18:19

He's back!
We've been dormant for a while so it seems only fair to return with a blinding showcase combining our top act and some new faces at our favourite venue. Headlining is the utterly brilliant and extremely funny Captain Hotknives with support from Feralus (all girl folk threesome) and Grant Sharkey (Comedy double bass maestro) we'll also have our charity raffle with the worst prizes in the universe (Teen Wolf 2 on VHS anyone?) and a late bar as the following day is a bank holiday. All proceeds will go to the extremely worthy REEL NEWS team to continue their guerrilla war on the corporate media. Details and links below. E-flyer attached bring yourselves and your mates!

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27-03-2013 18:16

Is capitalism not slavery? Or has the definition been forgotten?
Why do we tolerate a system so rotten?

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Northern Vegan Festival

27-03-2013 09:32

The Northern Vegan Festival, which is the biggest ever vegan event in the North, is on Saturday April 13, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. at Sachas Hotel, 12, Tib St., Manchester city centre, M4 1SH. There is aftershow from 6 p.m. until late at the Thirsty Scholar vegan/vegetarian pub, 50, New Wakefield St., Manchester city centre, M1 5NP. More info about the Festival on the website and Facebook.

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Atos Mass Read 9th April

27-03-2013 08:03

Looking for people to take part in a mass read of the Atos Monologues on 9th April

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Stop G8 Call for workshops - Ideas Vs Capitalism

27-03-2013 00:55

Grow resistance
Calling all talkers, thinkers, writers, readers, fighters, teachers, learners, artists, rebels, performers, rappers, poets, musicians ... and anyone with any skills, ideas or dreams to share ...

The StopG8 week of resistance is taking place in London on 10-14th June, in the week running up to the G8 World Bosses' summit. As well as action in the streets, the week will include an events programme of talks, meet-ups, films, games, concerts, and more, all over London and beyond.

Please get in touch if you would like to run or take part in an event, if you can help with organising or venues or publicity, or if you just have an idea for something you'd like to see happen. We want this to be big, so we're starting to plan the week right now.

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Call out against the EDL Infidels in Sunderland March 30th

26-03-2013 23:28

This is a leaflet produced by North East Anti Fascists for use in Sunderland and beyond to mobilise against the far right.

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Far right demonstration in Nottingham on Saturday

26-03-2013 22:55

Far right activists, led by Casuals United and Tony Curtis of the English National Resistance, will be holding a demonstration against a Muslim conference in Nottingham this weekend. They will be protesting outside the East Midlands Conference Centre at 1pm on Saturday 30th March.

In response to our previous article asking why they were coming, they have now seen fit to reveal that they are protesting the invitation of Haitham al-Haddad to speak at the conference. Previously they just told their followers to blindly follow their command to oppose the “hate preachers” and none of them asked questions. Blind obedience seems to be as alive and well in the far right as it was in the days of “just following orders” 1930s Germany.

The decision to oppose al-Haddad is not unreasonable, given that he has reportedly described Jews as “the enemies of God, and the descendants of apes and pigs” and believes in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. He has said that should a woman refuse to sleep with her husband, “angels will curse” her and has written in favour of the prohibition of musical instruments. That he is speaking at a family event and passing on these bigoted ideas is very disturbing.

But it is the utmost hypocrisy for former EDL members to be protesting this man. After all, Tony Curtis has supported the NWI recently, even though leader, John “Snowy” Shaw also believes in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and extreme anti-Semitic ideas. Why is Curtis protesting a Muslim hate preacher but not the hate preacher in his own midst? We can also point the finger at Jeff Marsh, leader of Casuals United, who set up the the openly Nazi Welsh Defence League. Even the former leader of the EDL’s Jewish Division quit claiming that the organisation had been taken over by Nazis. The EDL has courted Jews when it has seemed politically useful but is now turning back to anti-Semites for support.

It’s also hypocritical for the far right to criticise al-Haddad’s sexist ideas and lack of respect for a woman’s sexual consent. EDL members have been exposed for promoting rape as a weapon against their enemies and local members were exposed by us for their misogynist and sexually predatory posts. Some of these men will be turning up to “oppose” al-Haddad’s views on women at the weekend, but their own are equally disgusting and backwards. Why aren’t Casuals and Curtis booting them out of the ranks? Maybe because they aren’t brown or bearded enough.

Al-Haddad should be opposed by the vast majority who find his views abhorrent, not this ragtag bunch of far right misfits whose own ideas are just as disgusting. It would be best if both al-Haddad and the racist, sexist, homophobes of the far right were sent packing.

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East Coast rail re-privatisation is a foolish mistake

26-03-2013 22:55

by George Woods

Yesterday, the Government announced it is accelerating the re-privatisation of the East Coast railway, which they say will now take place in December 2014.

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Sussex Uni ‘Pop-Up Union’ to fight outsourcing

26-03-2013 22:55

Workers at the University of Sussex have formed a new union in a bid to halt the outsourcing of 235 campus jobs. The initiative comes from rank-and-file members of the three recognised campus trade unions, with the support of students from the now six-week old Occupy Sussex movement.

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